Uncharted: The Lost Legacy | Exclusive Hands-On Gameplay | PS4

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy | Exclusive Hands-On Gameplay | PS4

Ganesh’s trident… And behind door number two… Aimed right at those Hoysala ruins. It’s an old fortress. Just beyond those waterfalls. Trident mark on the map for you. Let’s see what’s behind the bow door. Another old fortress. Sitting smack dab in the middle of the lake bed. I’ll jot a bow in the map on that spot. Last but not least… the axe door. And another old fortress. Tucked into the mountainside. I’ll just mark that on the map. Whoa. Guess I shoulda looked for a call button before climbing up. Well, was it worth the climb? And then some. Found a few symbols. Really? Yep. Each one was pointing towards a different fortress. Those’ll be the best places to look. Perfect. Okay. I’ll keep an eye out for Asav. Perfect. Not that I’m too worried about him though. You should be. We won’t have the advantage if surprise again. Don’t think he was expecting much from you. Wait, was that a compliment? That, that sounded like a compliment. His guys are idiots, but Asav is… we just need to stay the hell away from him. Hey. Frazer, we’ve got company up ahead. Let’s get a closer look. I say we blow the wall open. See what’s inside for ourselves. Asav’s expert demanded that the sites be unspoiled. Vellaiyargal, always telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. I am tired of picking through the scraps.  Justice requires patience, brother. And a good deal of money! Yes, that too. Oh, so you’re on his side now. I am on the side of logic. And done. All clear. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Don’t recognize this… it’s not one of the three symbols. We should stay focused. Never say no to a chance to make some extra cash. Right. Let’s see what they bricked up in there.  Interesting. Some kind of Hoysala token. Hope that was productive. Just a token of some kind. Old Hoysala thingy. Think we need it? Need? Probably not. Want? Definitely. Never understood the appeal of people like Asav. Easy. He finds men who are weak and offers them power. Gives them purpose. Purpose? Sounds more like bullshit to me. How’d you get tangled up with Asav, anyway? Purpose? Rather not go in to it. He certainly seemed to have a thing for you. Don’t remind me. Proved useful at the time, but… ja. Ah… do tell. Rather not. Maybe over drinks? Not enough alcohol in the world. Look there — one of Asav’s trucks. Looks clear out here. Interesting circular motif. Like the disc. We’re definitly in the right place. Hey, look. Shiva’s Axe. Matches the symbol in the tower. Shiva. He was the god of destruction, right?  Yes– but maybe not in the way you’re thinking. Not literal desctruction, then? That, but also in a more positive sense. Like losing the ego, ditching bad habits.  Shedding old attachments. Exactly. This should do the trick. There. Okay. Going… going… Gone. Let’s get inside. What do you suppose this place was? Hard to say. A fortress? Not the right layout for a temple. Well, in we go. Oh. Sala versus the tiger. Doesn’t seem like a fair fight. Sala won, actually. He was protecting his guru and killed the animal in one blow.  It’s where the name Hoysala comes from. “Hoy” meaning “strike” in their language. No! No, no, no! Whoa! Shit! You all right, Frazer? Yep, fine. C’mon down. Right. Whew. Now what? They’ve left their climbing gear. These should come in handy. Correction. Our climbing gear. Shh. I think I hear voices up ahead. Don’t’ be so stubborn. It’s a reasonable request. Hello, boys. He’ll think I’m weak. A man can’t fight well, if his boots don’t fit. Our cause does not afford luxuries. Well, trade them. I’m sure there’s a man here with floppy boots. I’m smaller than most men. I thought we were talking about your feet? We are, we– Man down! Man down! Safety’s off. Search the area! Hey! Have eyes on them! Here we go! There you are! Shit! All clear. Yep! Oh, my. What the hell is this? We’ll find out soon enough. Okay, let’s see what this does. That statue moved. Well… let’s see how this goes. Well, I’ll be go to hell. That’s elaborate.

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  1. When I see games this good on a ps4 I get really mad at devs because if ND can manage this on a ps4 pc devs need to step up their game. I own pc.xbox.ps4 because of this.

    I guess its all' about the business..pc getting held down by console specs and gpu cpu producers would get poor if every game would be so optimized like uncharted. my 1080 ti would last years

    anyway ND is great kudos. keep up the good work

  2. One small thing i don't like about Naughty Dog is whenever you have a partner in the game they are extremely loud, running around like elephants which makes it feel less realistic when the enemies don't hear that. Sam was so loud in Uncharted 4 and Ellies footsteps were insanely loud in TLOU. Bill was even worse lol.

  3. I have a little story so i was about to play uncharted 4 survival by myself picked nadine and the computer picked chloe is this just a coincidence or ………

  4. they should put Rafe Adler in the game working with the bad guys the reason I say this is because in uncharted 4 survival Rafe says" that the type of challenge I live for and nearly died for"

  5. This game looks amazing and im sure the gameplay and story will be the same. I hope they keep this franchise going. Its my all time favorite. ??? Thank you Naughty Dog.

  6. I'm just talking to myseeeeelf
    Talking to myseeeelf
    I'm just talking to myself

  7. Uncharted became famous by NATHAN DRAKE.
    I don't get ,why he is not in this Legacy? I mean what ''Naughty Dog'' thinks? Honestly I don't like this 2 women who played role instead of Nate & Sully!!

  8. I'm so glad they didn't just copy the mechanics of U4 at least they mixed it up and added amazing stuff to the list, but I do want to see hand to hand combat and not just the ending smack of an enemy, I'm curious if it's the same as it showed as in the very first demo

  9. Claudia Black has an amazing voice. Loved her in FarScape, loved her in Stargate; still love her in video games today.

  10. The only problem with Uncharted series is that the games are so easy. They are made for people who want to get excited with not to much effort.

  11. wow looks incredible on my ks9000. like how they purposefully picked a level with lots of shades of red to show off the wide color gamut. Between the vegetation, Chloe's shirt, heck even the hook on the trucks towing rope would have all looked the same color on my last tv. As far as the textures they easily stand up to anything a high end graphics card can produce yet Scorpio fan boys will tell you the game lacks "4k assets"

  12. Looking at how good the graphics are makes me really excited for TLOU2. It's gonna be breathtakingly amazing

  13. Of course love Uncharted, but this is everything the same but you can control a woman, and it cost to much, it should be cost half of Uncharted 4

  14. So what's new about this game it looks exactly like uncharted 4 besides the female character this must be the "feminist edition"

  15. Guys ive been playing this game and would appreciate if any of u could come and watch, like or subscribe my page please 🙂 will subscribe back*

  16. It's nice seeing that the demo was virtually the same as the final game. That being said, I would have rather had Cutter as the sidekick than Nadine.

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