UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End – E3 2015 Press Conference Demo | PS4

UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End – E3 2015 Press Conference Demo | PS4

[SLOW MUSIC PLAYING] Nate, come on. Give me a hand with this. Sully, I think
that’s Sam’s tower. That’s definitely Sam’s tower. Come on.
This way. Pardon me. Excuse me. Excuse moi. How long you think
before Rafe gets here? Let’s not stick
around to find out. Come on.
Down here, Nate. Sorry, pal. I see them. Nate, watch out. Shit. Everyone get out of the way! Oh crap. Sully, a little help. Thank you. I’m good. Whoa. I’m not a hundred percent
sure, but I think they found us. Nate, shotgun. I see him. Surrounding us. Back up.
Back up. I’m with you. Nate, get out of there. I’m going up. Heads up. I’ll take that. Let’s cut through here. Having fun yet? A real blast. Come here, you. Way to go, Sully. Still got it. Come on. Right behind you. You good? Great.
Floor it. How do we get to Sam? We just keep heading downhill. Brilliant. Nate, more of them. Shit. Hang on. Oh, Christ. Get out of the way! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Careful. Jeez. Dammit.
It’s that goddam truck again. Crap. Please don’t run anyone over. Sorry. You know you don’t
have to hit every fence. I’m doing my best. Goddamnit. We gotta shake that truck. Working on it. Looks like a maze here. Well, just keep heading down. Not again. Hang on. Where the hell are you going? You’re the one who
said just head down. Jesus. Coming through. This is really a
great idea, Nate. Do you want to drive? No, you’re doing just fine. See. I got it. Crap. These guys don’t give up. Nate, up those stairs. Here we go. Rafe really wants us
out of the picture. Gee, you think. I think we lost ’em. Nate? Yeah. We can never, ever
come back to the city. Add it to the list. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Watch it. Really? You got a four by four.
Go around. Hang on. Sorry, fellas. First-time driver here. We’ll be out of
your way in a second. All right. Let’s see that
truck get past that. Ah, come on. Cut right.
Cut right. Wait, wait. Don’t worry.
I got this. I got this; I got this. I don’t got this! Holy shit! We’re close. Keep an eye out for Sam. Hey.
I think that’s him. Right there. Hold on. What do you think
I’ve been doing? How do we get to him? Dammed if I know. Just keep following that convoy. There. You think they sent
enough goons after us? Well, we’re still
alive, so maybe not. Sorry about the chickens. Nate, we need to hurry. Come on.
Come on. There they are. You see any way to get to Sam? Not yet. We’re running out of room, kid. I know.
I know. Nate? Nate? Take the wheel. What? Are you out of
your goddamned mind? Yep.
Probably. Oh shit. Oh crap, crap, crap.

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  1. It was sad for me, because it was such a great game, so much to do, but there is only less than 25 chapters But it is a great good game though

  2. I wish there will be a open world game with these awesome driving mechanics and realistic gameplay(except rockstar games ,cuz have played them all)

  3. Who went through Uncharted withdrawl after playing through this game? Like if you mourned the loss of Nathan Drake's asdventures!

    (And don't be sad, though. Nathan made it out alive. He got a happy ending. And the bad guy is offed for real lol)

  4. Came out two year ago from today and still has one of the best graphics, and one of the best games in general

  5. They downgraded the graphics…. and slowed the epic speed down when holding on to the rope when being pulled. -_- which is in the second demo of this part

  6. 1:34

    Why naughty dog remove this feature where Drake throws the bomb back at the enemies like uncharted 3🤔

  7. Дрееееееейк сааааамыыыый лююююбиииимыыыыый пееерсоооонаааааж

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