Unboxing My Dream Sim Racing Setup | The Bestest

Unboxing My Dream Sim Racing Setup | The Bestest

– A lot of gamers play in racing chairs. But if you’re playing racing
games, you’re gonna want a high quality racing cockpit, something I’ve wanted for
many, many, many years. Then about a week after I
released my sim racing video, Fanatec hit us up all the way from Germany and said they wanted to give us a RennSport Racing Cockpit,
and a Sparco racing chair, and a bunch of other amazing
stuff to complete the set. I kept it cool, but honestly,
I was starting to tear up a little before I got off the phone. This is a pinnacle moment in my life. So let’s cut some tape. (popping and banging) I hope there was nothing else in there. All right, first box,
let’s see what we got. (upbeat music) Woo, getting anxious already. Boom, BMW Clubsport M3 GT2 Wheel, let’s see what it looks like. Pretty heavy, it’s got some weight to it. It’s got this sweet bag on it. And I have no, I have no nails. Technical, technical difficulties. Okay got the knot. Oh man! This is licensed from BMW,
so all of these buttons, everything’s real,
everything’s programmable. Happy camper right now. (laughs) All right. (grunts) This one’s heavy. Boom! Okay let’s check it out. Boom. So, I am a PlayStation
dude, so this is the one I would be buying. You got the warning lights to go racing, the bottom red lights, and
then green with 180 beats. Come on, I mean, that’s
pretty cool, I love that. Sweet so, that’s there. More nice foam. Okay, got it. All right, so let’s check this out. So this is super nice, super high quality. It’s got the brush aluminum. (squeaking) (laughs) And then we got the big bass. There we go, there we go. Boom, foam aside. Boom. So this is super nice looking. I mean, this is gonna be my
pride and joy on my Playstation. Can’t wait for it. Stoked. (grunts) Next box. More Fanatec. There goes Nolan, Nolan can’t wait. He’s already checking
out all the good stuff. Let’s crack this thing open, I can’t wait. (upbeat music) Boom, more boxes inside of boxes. Unboxing boxes inside of boxes. Phew, another wheel inside of a bag. And this one does not have a knot on it, so I can just get straight to this one. ClubSport Fanatec Drift Wheel. Oh man, are we getting excited. I can’t even wait anymore. Boom, looks like we got
a ClubSport handbrake. Yeah, this thing’s looking nice. The cool thing about this
one is you can mount it. We’ll show you, actually. Let’s open it up first. And then here is the jam. This thing is what ever
racing gamer wants. You want a sweet handbrake. And the cool thing is you
can mount it like this, like a normal car, or you
can mount it like this. This thing… is a dream come true. ClubSport Shifter SQ. Mmm shifter. Yeah and let’s check it out,
let’s just get right into opening this thing ’cause
it’s going to be sweet. Got it, all right. More black foam. I love black foam, black
foam’s so much cooler than white foam. I don’t discriminate against
white foam, you’re still cool. Boom. It’s gonna come with two
different style shifting knobs, so this is one style shifting knobs, this is like the sequential style. And then here is the actual shifter, if I can get it out of
here without breaking it. Boom. Ooh man, this thing is legit. This is all metal. This is all real nice. It’s got this kind of knob which is more of the like box style shifting. I’m in love with it. What can I say? (laughs) Next box. What are we gonna do? We got a big one, let’s go big. Let’s keep going big. (upbeat music) Boom, and I opened it upside down, so I definitely don’t know what it is. Easy does it. Boom, oh these are the inverted pedals. This is the dream of sim racing right here is to have inverted, high quality pedals. Wait wait, “Sorry but it
will not fit in your car”. Damn! (banging) I hope there was nothing else in there. It’s got a nice little Fanatec bag, you could use this to
go shopping, you know, take it to Whole Foods, it
doesn’t have handles on it, but you’ll look like a bad ass. And these are so nice. This thing is proper, so. I could keep talking about
it for another three hours, but let’s move on. (snapping and popping) Boom. It’s gonna be monitor mounts. So these are really nice. I like the finish on these things. (clinking) Just like that, these
will probably go here. (upbeat music) All right, another box. I got my knife. Lets check out and see what’s in this one. Ooh. Sick, universal hub for the ClubSports. Let’s see what it looks like. A whole bunch of little
buttons, you could put little buttons wherever you want ’em. Boom, damn. So this is the button set
up with the quick release that will mount up to the wheel. Super versatile, super awesome. A heavy box here. Boom. Boom. This is the evolution
of their V2 wheel base, this is the V2.5, so it’s
even cooler and better than the previous model,
let’s check it out. It says, “Hello”. Hello, Fanatec. Realism. Goodbye. I don’t wanna say goodbye. Toys. Oh, toys. (laughs) Goodbye, toys. Yeah, this stuff is not toys, that’s pretty much what it’s saying. This is real deal, proper,
proper sim racing stuff. (upbeat music) Okay got, let’s see, let’s see what this wheel base look like. Boom, oh man this thing is flossin’. So you can see the inner
workings on this thing, it’s really sweet, it’s
got dual belt drives. Really proper stuff, and I really love how you can see through it,
I mean, that’s so neat. Before I get too carried away, let’s move on to the rest of the boxes. (upbeat music) So I’m thinking we’ll do
the racing seat first, ’cause the cockpit’s gonna
be in a bunch of pieces and we have to assemble that together. All right, let’s just
open the racing seat. (laughs) I hit my chin. Boom. One more big slice. I just want this thing opened. (upbeat music) (bell ringing) (laughing) Almost just knocked over our monitor. Here is the racing seat. This this is super sick, it’s a Sparco. (upbeat music) Ooh. Boom. Sparco Pro-2000. I’m stoked, I wanna sit in it right now, but I’m gonna wait until we
put together the cockpit, which we’re gonna open right now. (rattling) Can I pop this thing? I feel bad popping it
because it’s so nice. All right, last box. This is the cockpit, this
is the thing that’s gonna hold everything we just opened, so let’s check it out. (upbeat music) Boom! So that’s what it’s gonna look like when it’s all put together. I mean, there’s just pieces on pieces, I don’t even really know
where to begin right now. Okay. Let’s see kinda what we got here. I can already tell that
this is like super nice quality stuff, it’s got
the same finish all around. This thing is monstrous. And it looks really cool,
it’s got this cool mesh on it. So obviously this thing is super sick, it looks awesome, there’s
a lot of pieces inside this thing, and rather than torture myself looking at every single one, I’m just gonna go ahead and put
this all together right now. (upbeat music) So this is what the rig
looks like all set up, and it’s just as awesome as I imagined. It’s super comfortable to
sit in, and to be honest, it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I’m so excited to start
testing it out that I’m actually playing live right now on Twitch. You can find the link to our
Twitch in the description below as well as our live stream schedule. There’s also a link down
there to the Fanatec website so you can get yourself
set up with everything you need to race like a pro. Don’t forget to hit that
subscribe button down there so we can continue to do
cool stuff with you guys. Let me know what games you want us to play in the comments below. Thanks for watching. Thanks, Fanatec for
making dreams come true, and we’ll see you on Twitch. (humming engine sounds)

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  1. Great rig ?? Take a look at mine, with Pimax, Accuforce, Heusinkveld, NLR Motion Platform ? https://youtu.be/BWre7eM4ckM

  2. normal people like me don't have 2 grand to blow on that setup. my setup is Logitech Momo and racing deck built out of lumber from Lowes. total money spent 185 dollars…………… playing arcade racing games on my 165 inch projector screen….. priceless.

  3. "Get yourself set up with everything you need to race like a pro"

    Lol yeah only thing missing is the "pro" money flow.. That stuff is at least $10k

  4. You were lucky fanatec gave you all those products,for me buying the v2 base with pedals and gt BMW m3 wheel over $1500 iis now junk because fanatec didn't properly licence it through sony but promoted available to ps4 also,bad fanatec,they made lots of money out it though of a non workable base to ps4,doesn't work on f1 games project carsgran turismo games

  5. It was awesome watching you open all the boxes inside of boxes, like Christmas day. I was so chuffed for you. There's some footage out there of Ayrton Senna in a deck chair imagining driving and changing gear, the same thing you were at the end of the video. That made me smile? What a long way sim racing has come. It's also my dream to have a sim rig like this 1 day.

  6. This is literally my dream setup that I will never be able to own the bmw rim is my favorite Iv looked into buying this stuff and it’s way to expensive

  7. I'm looking forward to a Fanatic Sponsor simulator. I'm going to finish GT Sport and became Platinum in just few days. You could suggest me anything to acquire a Fanatec simulator like yours? any kind of idea or strategic social marketing? thnakyou so much

  8. I want this stuff real bad?⚑⚑⚑, but I am just an 14 year old racing with my g29 and chair that rolls away, still keeping up with the fanatec boys

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