Un partido de fútbol. Nivel A2

Un partido de fútbol. Nivel A2

I’m going to a football stadium. I’m going to see a football game of the Spanish League between Barcelona and Sporting Gijón. People sit on the stands. The players are in the field. Before the game, the players of both teams do exercises to warm up. The referees also warm up. After warming up, they’ll all go to the changing room. Then the players come back to the field. The hymn is played and the spectators sing it. The players of both teams greet each other and then take photos. These are going to play in the Barcelona team:
Ter Stegen, Rakitic Sergio, Denis Suárez, Luis Suárez, Messi, Neymar, Rafinha, Mascherano, Jordi Alba and Umtiti. The coach and substitute players are on the bench. The game starts. In the field, there is the goal, the goal area, the penalty area, the penalty spot, the corner, the goal line, the touchline, the half-way line and the center circle. There are fifty-six thousand spectators in the stadium. There aren’t many spectators because today is Wednesday and Sporting’s rank is 19 in the league table. The referee watches the game carefully. The referee assistant too. There are TV cameras. The result is a zero draw. In the minute 8, Messi scored a goal and the players cheered. Barcelona beats one to zero. In the minute 10, Barcelona scores another goal. The fans wave the flags. You can see the result on the board: two to zero. In a team, there are a goal keeper, defenders, midfielders and forwards. Now Barcelona defends and Sporting attacks, but loses the ball. Sporting serves a corner but the referee
blows the whistle to signal Sporting off-game. Sporting scores a goal. It’s the minute 20 and the result is two to one. Luis Suarez shoots and scores the third goal. The result is three to one. Sporting player dribbles past two defences, shoots and the goalkeeper catches the ball. When the referee blows the whistle to signal the end of the first half, the players go to the changing room to rest. During the halftime, many spectators get up, eat a sandwich and go to buy a drink. The second half is going to start. Barcelona replaces Luis Suarez with Alcacer. Alcacer kicks and scores a goal in the minute 49. The result is four to one. A player of Sporting kicks Neymar and commits a foul. The referee shows the yellow card to the Sporting player. Sporting changes a player. The referee decides that it’s not a foul and the spectators protest. In the minute 60, André Gomes replaces Messi. Barcelona players pass the ball. Sporting players try to take the ball. Sporting player makes a foul outside the area. It’s not a penalty. The referee draws a line on the grass. The wall of players has to be behind the line. He kicks, the ball goes into the goal and he scores a goal. The teammates congratulate him and hug him. It’s the minute 65 and the result is five to one. The supporters cheer for the team. He takes a corner and kicks outside the goal. The supporters are enjoying themselves. Sporting attacks and Barcelona takes the ball. They do a counterattack but nothing happens. The ball goes outside the touchline. The player throws-in. He passes the ball but there’s no teammate in the goal area. Rakitic kicks and scores a goal. The goalkeeper can’t get the ball. This is the sixth goal. The important people sit in the box. He tries to dribble past but can’t make it. The referee blows the whistle for the end of the game. The players say goodbye to each other and go to the changing room. The players applaud and say goodbye to the fans from the center of the field. When the game is over, the spectators leave the stadium. Here is the marker, the final result is six to one. This is not a normal result in a football match. The next day I buy the newspaper to read the report of the game. (English translation by Elham Arabi)

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  1. El barcelona ha hecho cambios
    Entra Luis Suárez y sale Alcacer
    Ya vamos por 4-1

    Falta del Sporting sobre Neymar

    El árbitro saca la tarjeta amarilla
    Cambio del Sporting
    El árbitro no saca tarjeta , los aficionados protestan
    Cambio del Barcelona : Sale Messi y entra André Gomez
    El Barcelona tiene la posecion de la pelota el Sporting de recuperarla

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