Un frère – Full movie (2018)

Un frère – Full movie (2018)

Kids, do you need to pee ? Yes daddy ! Five minutes will be enough, Bertille? Yes, yes ! Oh, fuck ! What’s going on? Sylvie lost the baby Oh shit… How long had she been pregnant ? Almost three months That’s terrible… If you’re not playing give it to me ! Who lost the baby? Stop the car as soon as you can,
I need to call her Mom… Who lost the baby? It’s Sylvie, a family friend You’ve seen her once when you were 3 or 4 And… How did she lose it? Hm… The pregnancy didn’t go well She had a miscarriage You know Tom, before I had you
I had a miscarriage too, like Sylvie Sadly, it happens, that’s how it is Can you imagine ? You could have had a big brother, or a big sister Stop there ! Oh, yeah, I need to fill the tank anyway So kids, use this time to go pee Yes ! I did it ! Damn it feels good to have arrived ! Shit ! What ? Look, there’s water everywhere Wait a minute kids, don’t walk in here Yeah, and don’t put the luggage down It’s everywhere It’s a complete flood And huh the fridge is down Let’s take a picture for the insurance company Are we going to the beach ? No Bertille, we’re not going, can’t you see there’s water everywhere ? Honey do you think Serge is here ? Not on the week-ends Anyway, I hope there’s nothing in the bedrooms Oh no, not the bedrooms! We’re boarding ! Looping ! I hope there’ll be some crabs ! But there’s no crab in the pond In this case, if I find some, they’ll be all mine ! Why did you bring your cars ? I’m gonna make a loop in the sand You’re going to ruin them No ! Wanna bet ? Next stop… The pond ! Arrival in three minutes ! Bertille ! Bertille ! Yes ! It’s almost noon, we’re gonna go home Okay ! Did you get all your stuff ? Huh… I don’t know Oh no… I’ve lost a car What did I tell you Bertille ? But I’ve played with it earlier… Look it’s lost now, we’re not gonna find it Come get dressed ! Alright Rho… My shoes are full of sand It was my favorite, on top of it… Do you think that someone will find it ? I don’t have a clue, Bertille Wait ! Sorry ! Sorry ! Where did you find your car ? Because I think it’s ours, we lost it at the pond Who do you think you are ? You think I’m a thief ? No no no, not at all, it’s just that… It’s just that what ? Do you have a problem, fucker ? It’s MY car ! Fuck you, it’s mine ! Not at all, look, it’s missing a headlight, it’s ours Are you crazy or what ? You want me to punch you ? No no it’s alright it’s alright ! Don’t touch me, you want me to kill you ? No, no, stop ! Little whore ! It’s alright ! You play tough so now grow some balls ! Let go of my brother ! Come on, get out of here ! What a jerk… Who does it belong to ?
I don’t know It was on the floor Maybe it’s his, it must have fallen out of his pocket There’s 60 euros. You know what Bertille We’re not gonna tell anything to mom and with these 60 euros we can buy as many cars as we want, ok ? Hmm… But if it’s his, he’s gonna come back.
Don’t worry That’s 30 euros for me and 30 euros for you.
Yeah, yeah. We have to hide it, I know a great hiding place ! I’ll take care of it Bertille Ah, was it good at the pond ?
Yeah Come on Bertille, set the table please.
No ! Oh come on, it’s your turn, don’t argue !
It’s always my turn ! It’s Tom’s turn ! Bertille, listen to mom ! Bertille ! Tom ? Are you here ?
Yeah Where did you hide the money ?
I’m not telling you now otherwise you’ll repeat it.
I’m sure you put it in the comic book ! No I’ll go to Darty You’ll take the kids to the market ?
Yeah, yeah Bertille, stop the piano and come to the table ! Oh no ! Why do we eat croque-monsieurs again, seriously ? We don’t have the choice, we eat the left overs If you eat well, you might get a dessert.
Oh ! A Danette ? Yeah, for example !
Ok, I’ll eat Out of the office from the 1st to the 31st of July It’s crazy, no one’s available !
Well, good start for the holidays… Come on kids, let’s clear the table and go to bed Psst, Tom Who is it ? I don’t know Ok, I’ll go see mom Be more quiet Go away Mom ? Dad ? Who’s the boy ? Mom, who’s the boy ?
Shh ! Sylvie is sleeping in the next room Sylvie ? The one that has aborted ? Yes ! Shh ! They arrived yesterday night,
so I let Philippe sleep in your room Yeah…be nice to him Because they’re going through a lot I can count on you, right kids ? Tom ? Where did you hide the money ?
Oh will you stop Bertille ? As usual, you’ll keep it all to yourself and I won’t get anything Anyway, I will look everywhere and
I’ll keep everything to myself ! Tom ! What should we do ? Should we play a game ? I’m gonna see mom Too bad… How are you ? Did you sleep well ?
Yes, fine, I manage to rest Because you’ve arrived late yesterday…
Yeah, really late I swear, it was hell to get out of Paris Oh yeah I know… Morning Felix !
Morning Tom ? Did you sleep well ?
Yeah Wow ! It’s crazy how much you’ve grown ! You know what ?
I wouldn’t have recognised you ! How old are you now ?
15 years old 15 ? Oh yeah ?
Actually, you’re only 2 years apart with Felix But I was sure it was more No, no. We just celebrate it in June Ah… Hey, Felix ! Your phone Sorry, I have to answer to something.
What did we say ? Two seconds !
Now we’re having breakfast ! But I’m not hungry, thanks ! Here we go again… Texts… texts…friends Eh ! Where do you think you’re going ? You know what we’re gonna do ? You can just go all together to the pond
with Bertille this afternoon Sorry, I’ll be right back. He better not do this
during the whole the stay Tom…don’t be foolish with him Besides, Bertille’s with you,
so take it easy, okay ? So cool ! No one’s here ! Hey, Tom ! Can I use the pedal boat ? It’s not ours Bertille
Oh pff… What are you drawing ? People and landscapes Show me ? Hm, you draw well
Thanks It’s because I’m entering
a Bachelor of Applied Arts Oh…I’m gonna kill her Who ?
My mom ! She’s sending me 50 messages a day
and then she says I’m always on my phone My mom also had a… She had a miscarriage Oh yeah ?
Yeah, just before I was born Do you have any brother or sister ? No, but I should have It’s the second time she has a miscarriage Is is nice to have a sister ? It depends And you spend every summer…
(his phone is ringing) Yeah, hello ? What do yo want ? Yeah, fine we’ll be there ! Bertille ! Yeah ?
We’re leaving Ok ! So I’ve added some mustard, some nuoc mam, huh… Yeah yeah, totally We had agreed no Nintendo DS during meals. Here, confiscated That’s unfair…
Give her some salad please Ok, give me your plate Bertille
I don’t like salad, stop it ! Come on, you have to eat some And do you have any friends around here?
No, not really There are some neighbours but they’ll arrive in August
Hmm But there are some cool things to do around, right ?
Yes there is Rayol ! What is aureole ? Raaayol. It’s the large beach with lots of crabs and waves as big as THIS. It’s super nice ! I’ve been there many times
Oh yes, you should go by bike ! I’ve fixed them all
Only mine is still not working That’s a really good idea This way, we can go to Bertrand’s have a little beer tasting What about me, can I come with you ? On top of it your son is a drinker ! Congrats ! But I can come along, no ? Yeah, yeah, if you want Felix What is the rest of you doing ?
We’re going to the beach ! The weather is not nice enough to go to the beach, tomorrow would be better no? So, kids, what are you doing then? Are you coming with us ? We’re leaving at 2pm I’m coming with you, that’s for sure Come ooon, smile, it’s not so bad We’ll go to the beach tomorrow, alright ? Where’s Tom ? He’s outside i think If you want there’s some coke
I don’t like coke I want to go to Rayol ! Well Bertille, let it go or we’re going home Tom ! Tom ! Do you have your head in the clouds ? Hm no Look what I got ! I found it in the basement, it’s open But if you want, you can go get another Well maybe one bottle is already enough ? I don’t know, it’s half empty… Well nevermind
Wait what are you doing ? I don’t know, aren’t we going there ?
What about Bertille ? Have you ever been drunk ? No I have With some tequila And the bottle is worth 25 euros dude We totally need to get another one It’s sour Hey, yo, what are you up to ? Well we’re drinking
Can we join you ? Yeah, yeah, if you want to
I am Iris and over there she’s Pauline Hi !
Hi So… Why are you two hiding like this ? Our parents are right there and the bottle is stolen so… Wouldn’t you rather go sit on the pontoon ?It’s nicer Yeah because right now you look a bit like trzmps, you know ? We were really good before you came Chill out, it’s a joke We’re going, are you coming ? By the way, do you smoke a bit ? Come on Tom ! And, huh, shouldn’t we go buy more bottles ? No don’t worry, we’re good Are you from here ? Hm no, we’re at the camping there with some friends
By the way what’s your name ? I am Félix
What about you what’s your name ? Tom ! Okay ! Come on let’s settle near the boat By the way, how long are you staying here ? Hmm well 10 days, I mean, until the ball What, there’s a ball? Yeah !
Do you have cardboard for rolling Iris ? Yeah here you go Thanks But don’t put too much weed, we need to keep some for tonight Sit down, no ? If you wan there’s some room here ! You okay ? I… I might go, Bertille is alone I might go see her You can stay a bit… Chill, you can go back later Do as you want Tom No but I’m gonna go Okay no worries, we’ll see you at some other time Yeah that was cool Bye !
Bye ! Man, you have to drink some Fine Flore, it’s really good ! It’s a local beer, right ?
Yeah ! Ah, yeah It’s nice I think I’ve drunk seven beers, no ? Oh come on, relax, we’re on holidays Oh wait, Felix has texted me
Yes I know, he is with Tom They are on their way home
Do they have the keys ? They are on the rock ! Bertille ! We’re leaving ! Yes yes wait for me, I’m coming ! Tom ! Wait for me, I’m coming with you Didn’t you want to stay with them ?
No, no, I’m good Here, help me finish it, we can’t go home with this It’s strong I think it’s okay Here you go You’re holding on?
It’s not funny, the world is spinning You didn’t throw up everything earlier Come on, throw up !
No, no, I don’t want to ! Are you sure ? Yeah You alright ? I’m better I’m taking you to the shower, we’re gonna clean up. Come on help me Okay, take this off for starters We need to hurry The parents are gonna be here soon Follow me Open your mouth Wider ! It’s not too hot ?
No it’s okay We’re gonna shampoo you good, like at the hairdresser’s Does it feel good ? Yeah… Okay let’s wash it off Perfect Your turn now Like this ? Why are you looking at me ? You know, I notice when you look at me Have you ever kissed a boy ? Have you ever kissed a boy ? Hmm, no Do you want to know what it feels like ? Close your eyes So ? Okay, ket’s hurry, the parents are on their way Stop it Tomorrow, we’re going to Rayol ? Daddy, hey oh ! Tomorrow we’re going to the beach, right ? Yes, we’ll see This beer is so good We were right to get two boxes of it Tom, eat, you haven’t tried anything Eh, Félix ! Félix, are you asleep ? No !
I need to show you something We found this on the ground with Bertille yesterday, it’s 60€ No way? Nice ! What are you gonna do with it ? Here, I give you 20 This way we split in 3
You sure ? Yes, it’s better this way, we all have the same amount No but it’s not my money No, no, no, it’s better like this Good night ! Bertille For the 60 euros, I thought that since Felix is with us We could split in three, so that we are together No, no, no! Bertille! I found them so I decide what we do with it It was near my bucket, it’s not fair. It’s always the same anyway What is going on? Quit it, Bertille I am the youngest and I am always getting scammed, never you There is a bunch of stuff I wanted to buy What’s going on Bertille, is it because of the 60 euros ? I can give them back to you if you want, it’s not a big deal You want it? Take it No Tell me what can I do to make Bertille happy You see, if each of us have 20 euros we are together I’m not talking to you anymore! Okay, let’s try something else We can put the 60 euros in a common jar like some kind of treasure, you see? So that we can buy stuff together We don’t have 20 euros each but 60 euros for all of us Okay? It means I can buy something that costs 60 euros? Well…. I don’t know I know! A Nintendo 3DS! It doesn’t cost 60 euros It does, I saw it once Come on, let’s go Kids, did you lay the table? Yes we did lay the table Don’t be disrespectful Yes, dad Here, Félix That’s for me?
Yes That is one good looking bus It’s not a bus, it’s a limousine Well, that is one good looking limousine, then You know what? I’m actually really good at drawing cars. You know how to draw cars? Sport cars? Sure, give me a sheet I’ll show you You can draw so well! Can I have it? Can I have it? Can I have it? Can I have it? Wait, let me sign it Here you go! Mom, mom! Look at what Félix draw me! You can draw? Not at all, just convertibles Otherwise I suck at this What are you drawing? Show me Is this me? Well…yeah Why didn’t you draw my face? You had your head down Will you draw something for me? Well…yeah. What do you want? Would you draw a picture of me? I can try O kay, nice That sucks, there is no crabs Stop whining, Bertille. We can’t find them everytime We could make a sand castle Yeah! A giant sand castle You want to make one Bertille? Yes Tom, can you give us a hand? I you want but uh… We should go somewhere else,
the sand is too wet here I can add some decoration with the rake Whatever you want to do, Bertille The sand is not too wet here? No I think it’s good, it’s comapct You are ruining my decorations You will make them at the end So what do I do? I widen the moats We have to strengthen the walls so that it doesn’t crumble I know! I will fetch some water for the moats Good idea, Bertille You are lucky to have a house by the sea Where do you spent your , usually? My step father was an expat We moved around all the time in airbnbs, stuff like that He lives in India but we will move to Poland next year Have you ever been to India? Yes, several times You’re lucky Where are you? Wait, I’m almost there I think I feel you You do, I can feel your fingers It’s weird Yes, it’s fun Quick! The sea is rising, we must protect the castle! Oh, you’re right! I’m going to make a wall. Move over Bertille Give us a hand, Bertille! No, I’m finishing the castle No we have to protect it first! What can I help you with? With your hands Old school Why do you have the shovel? Because I am the older one No, it is Félix actually The castle is going to die! Kids, let’s go home! It’s not working What are you drawing? I’m trying to draw your portrait but I can’t, it’s not really convincing I can pose for you, I might be easier Fuck, it’s not working. Mom, your charger is not working! Nervermind You’re going like this? Yes. I don’t know. We are going to the bal.
I’m sure you have better clothes that this old tee. Don’t you have a shirt? I don’t think so Wait I’ll find something for you T his one is nice Won’t I look like a tourist? Tourist my ass, arrogant Parisian boy Come on, get up You roll up the sleeves, just like that This one too You watch your hair too See? You’re handsome You’re going to seduce all the ladies Dinner’s ready! We’re coming I’m going downstairs What is the first thing you look in a girl? Uh… Her eyes, I guess Her eyes? Well, yeah But that sucks Why? Hello? Yeah, we’re going to the bal with Tom Oh come on, 12:30! 12:30! Come on, I’m 17 Fine, midnight. Yes, bye. It’s here Where are you going? It’s this way I’m not going to this dumb bal Come on, Pauline is throwing a party But we said to the parents we were going to the bal As you want, I’m going to Pauline’s w-wait! Hi guys! – How are you doing?
– Hey Félix Iris, look who’s here Hey, how are you doing? How was the party without me? Aren’t you drunk? Tom! How are you? We’re behind you Anouk! No, no, no Come on, I’m helping you with her Give it back You don’t know her, we don’t care I’ve been talking to her for a week As I said, you don’t know her She just want to suck your dick Give it back! Hey, what’s going on? Anouk is fucking things up on Tinder Dude, look at all the girls here! Get off Tinder for a minute, you’re annoying You want your phone? Yes Well no Anouk! You really think we can meet people online? Sure, why? I don’t know, isn’t it sad? No I don’t think so That is how it happened with my ex And it doesn’t prevent you from meeting people in real life What was her name? I wanted to ask you something Are you siblings? Why? You think we look alike? I don’t know, there is a little something Come on, be nice to your big brother Hey, cousin! – How are you doing ?
– Good and you? Guys, this is Handsome Leo Well, we know each other Have you met already? yeah, we’ve met at the lake Oh, shit Leo! Do you hear? What did he do? Nothing – Are you sure?
– Yes, don’t worry Come on, let’s go dance No, I don’t really like to dance Come on Watch me Follow my lead Come on, relax! Watch your arms Relax! Félix, it’s almost midnight We should head back home Okay, wait. I have to pee Follow me Iris’s friends are nice, aren’t they Don’t you want to stay a little longer? Shouldn’t you go pee too? Our parents must be so drunk right now.
I’m sure they will be home late We can go dance one more time No, I’m going to go If they come back What time is it? Five to midnight Okay, go home I won’t be long either Tom Are you sleeping? No Told you they aren’t home yet You did not stay? No. It was a mess Cops came over Why didn’t you stay? I was tired What did you do? Nothing Do you have a girlfriend? No. I never had one And a boyfriend? No What about you? Speak louder I can’t hear you Bertille is asleep Crawl into the bed, I can’t hear you Is there enough room? Sure, don’t worry What were you saying? What about you? Do you have somebody? I thought But actually she doesn’t care about me What do you mean? She told me she wanted something casual and limited It’s not fun is it? Yeah, that’s weird At least she’s honest I want to smoke Don’t you want to go outside? But it’s raining We can go in the tree house Pass me the lantern Is tha t a cigarette? No it’s weed Iris gave me some. You want to try? Don’t worry it’s really not strong Here It’s a really nice place here I was wondering How come you never had a relationship? I’m sure there is plenty of people that secretely like you I always was the youngest in school There all one year older than me there is this guy in my class, he was 18 and he had a beard – Really?
– Yes What about you? Do you have one? No, nothing It is not bad actually. You won’t have any pimple And uh… You got some hair down there? Well… Yes, a little bit Come on, show me I don’t mind, I can show you Come on, your turn Oh yeah You have some I feel so light Do you like it? Yeah It’s weird It’s spinning a bit though Do you hear? Crickets It’s nice here isn’t it I think the parents are home I don’t want to leave Come on, we will have a good sleep I bet Not bad.Two You’re so good, you did at least five How are you doing? I can’t Wait, let me try Don’t worry, you just have to train. Look See? I did like three It’s hard Let me take another one My turn No, look Like this What is this thing? It’s a ball A wooden ball Attached to a rope And a piece of wood What is it for? I’ll ask them I can’t do it Don’t scratch, show me No, it’s bad Look what I found It’s a cup and ball game Look Tom I found a bup and call game What is this game? I don’t know it Show me your drawings Mind your own stuff, Bertille How does this thing work? They’re great I’ll show you Bertille I’m not quit satisfied
– Why? I think I can do better Come on, let’s go home I take my bucket Here Bertille Give me my towel Don’t forget anything this time
– No, I i don’t forget anything Everybody make mistakes I can’t do it This game sucks
– Let me show you The rope has to be still And so has the ball And then you throw! So cool!
– Okay your turn You have to be focused I have been focused for at least 1000 years Félix? How are you doing?
– Good and you? Yeah, bit hangovered but I’m okay To bad you didn’t stay last night, it was such a mess Really?
– Yeah I’m going out with some friends, you want to join us? I have to eat with my parents actually I call you at 2:00?
– Yeah, sure Great. See you
– See you Look Tom! I almost did it!
– Good job, Bertille Félix, could you show me again?
– A t home okay? Hold my hand You’re alone? Where are they? Bertille went to her surf class And Félix went to see some friends Why isn’t it burning? It burns easily usually Fuck Fuck it Are you okay? No Don’t you feel sometimes that you are totally alone? I can go get you an ice cream if you want That would be nice, yes Here Get in the bed Here I could be with a bunch of people I’m always alone Even when you are with us? No, with you it’s great I always wanted to have a little brother or sister I can give you Bertille, you’ll see After a week you won’t stand her anymore
– Don’t say that You want some? Thanks Here
– No it’s okay you can have it Give me your hand Is there somebody?
– My father is cooking outside Do you think he heard us?
– I don’t think so Tom! Outch! Can you go fetch a bag of charcoal, please? Yes, i’m coming! Fuck I hurt my head Do you have enough money? Tom!
– Y es, I’m coming! Fuck, that hurts How far is the supermarket?
– It’s close We’re almost there. Just after the slope Wait, get off Follow me Where are we going? Have you lost something, boy?
– No, no, no What are you doing in my field?
– Hurry! Wait, the bike! You pricks! Do you think she’s still here?
– Why are so stopping? Go! Here, let me try something else. One, two… Try it Try again Almost there. Here let’s try again. One, two… Don’t you want to sit with us, kids?
– No, we’re good There is this girl in my class, she got pregnant
– For real? Yeah. She had an abortion, she was 16 All the school knew about it
– For real? Bertille, do you know what abortion means ? Of course I know what it means What does it mean then? Well it means that the mission has been aborted You are not telling what it means here
– Yes I am Mom, mom! We can say “Miss ion has been aborted”, right? Yes, we can See? And how do I know this? Thanks to Pokémon blue I’m not staying with you, you guys are not intelligent enough I hate when she does this Tomorrow is my last day Really? You’re going to India after that? No, I’ll go to Bordeaux to see my father But uh Next year I might move to Poland My step father thinks that the distance caused the miscarriage I so don’t want to go Maybe you could stay in Paris with us I should ask my parents That would be nice Don’t you want to go inside? Mosquitos are eating me alive Sure Are you doing a jigsee puzzle?
– A what? A jigsee puzzle.
– It’s called a jigsaw puzzle We can you something else if you want Do you know how to play tawot? I’m messing with you We can meet Iris at the lake If you want Seems tricky It’s a 1000 pieces It’s been here for ever. We never finished it It’s boring I like it What are you doing?
– Sorting the edges These two go together I think I’m not sure I can’t find edges
– Here, I made a pile If you find pieces with boat part on it, give them to me Okay You are doing a jigsaw puzzle? Which one? The Big Wave by Hokusai This is a nice one. We’re going to sleep. Good night
– Good night Can I play with them? No Bertille, you played the whole evening with your DS. Let’s go to sleep Yes You never look at the picture?
– No, it’s too easy We won’t complete it before going to bed What time is it? Almost 2:00
– Really? Don’t you want to go to sleep? It’s my last day tomorrow Sure I’m so ugly C an you tickle my back? Yes What are you doing?
– Bertille, go to sleep! Are you kissing? Bertille, be quiet. The parents are next door Why is he laughing? Bertille Go to sleep Why do I have to sleep and you don’t? You know what Bertille? We are all tired So we are all going to sleep, okay? Okay Good night
– Good night Look, look! I did it! We didn’t see, it doesn’t count
– Yes it does count He’s joking Bertille. We believe you, don’t worry Okay We can proceed by elimination No.That would be cheating Can you do it Tom?
– Do what? The cup and ball game I don’t want to right now Why? god, I can’t find the right one Félix, do you think we can play the cup and ball game with the feet? Uh, I don’t know I never tried Although I think it might be hard I think it’s not possible, unless you are a monkey What do we do today? As you want We can go to the beach Reyol or Gauret Reyol! Please, Félix, reyol! There This one was a pain in the ass Well done Lunch is ready!
– Coming! Bertille, can you put your plate in the sink? Okay, let’s dive back in This one not here… Can I see the picture?
– No Bertille Why?
– Because that’s cheating We’re going to a friend’s, are you going to the beach? Yes
– Okay, we leave the keys under the rock Okay Where is this one going… I’m sure they’re going to their wine brewer friend We brew beer, Bertille
– Well, no Anyways Bertille, do you have a boyfriend? Yes. I have four. No, five You have several?
– Yes One at the judo class, two at school One at my swimming class And that’s it That makes only four Wait, I have two at my swimming class! No, two in my judo class, that’s it Which one is your favorite? I mean, the one you want to marry and have kids with By the way, where are the 60 euros? We spent them Bertille. We bought ice creams Coke, candies… It did not cost 60 euros
– Yes it did Bertille As usual you spent it all and I had nothing First, it was for the three of us Then, you spent it all Quit it, Bertille No, see, I won’t because I said quit it! Okay, okay, I stop You’re still doing that jigsaw? It’s your last day Félix, it’s sunny Yes, we’re almost done Wait There is a piece missing I have it! I wanted to complete it, so I took it There I’m going to tell mom Mom, mom! We completed the puzzle! I’m going to take a shower and call Iris She told me she was doing something tonight tomorrow we leave at 9:00 Félix, so be back for midnight Okay! Do you have the bottle?
– Yes, it’s in my backpack Good? Yes
– Let’s go These bikes suck How is your saddle? It’s okay Mine is to big Come on, one hand, one hand! Come on Tom, try it I’m scared Come on, focus The other hand now Watch out Don’t worry Shut the fuck up! Are you okay?
– Yeah, don’t worry, I’m fine I’m fine, I can walk Wait Help me walk Let’s go?
– Are you sure? Yeah, don’t worry I’ll hold my bike You’re dumb It’s not me it’s the bike
– I told you It’s was a nice crash at least, wasn’t it? Are you kidding? Don’t go too fast
– Okay let’s go Hi guys! Look what Tom brought us No way Yes, that’s great! Very nice Pour me a drink Don’t you want to sit, Tom? Yes, yes Watch it, okay?
– Yeah, yeah Hey dude, how are you doing? I’m good Sorry for last time I was a jerk Sorry
– It’s fine Are you from here? Yes. My house is a 20 minute ride from here
– Nice Do you have a light?
– No Dude, you have a light?
– Yeah, here There is this chick flooding you right now Which one?
– The purple one Don’t be a jerk I like her
– Yeah, she’s hot What about Sophie? Give it back. Don’t be a pain in the ass
– come on, killjoy Look guys, Valentin is high! You’re quit drunk aren’t you?
– I am so not drunk Don’t you want to make the virgin smoke?
– Oh yeah You smoke? What is it?
– Test, you’ll see Don’t be scared Take this. Put your finger here And take a deep breath. Ready? Dope, right? Don’t make him smoke that, look how young he is
– It’s fine Dude are you all right? I’m out of cigarettes. Do you know where I can get some? There is a shop on the other side You dare?
– You give me one? Sure Guys, Leo and Bapt are going to swim across the river to buy cigarettes, they’re so dumb Oh shit! Wait for me I’m coming Félix, are you coming?
– I can’t I hurt myself with the bike Ow, poor you Tom, are you coming? Hurry, cousin!
– Coming! Tom! Are you coming? Sure
– Nice! Tom you don’t have to do that
– It’s fine, it’s not far Are you sure?
– Yeah And all the way back too?
– Yes, give me a break Come on, Tom! Don’t think, dive! Really you don’t have to Leave me alone, you’re not my big brother! How are we going to bring the cigarettes back? Tom, don’t go! Come back! Tom what are you doing? I’m scared of water
– Shut the fuck up, Leo! It’s not funny Are you leaving? Tom you suck. Prepare the towels, you faggot Oh fuck it’s so damn cold! I’m sorry, I don’t like you doing this I have no business being here anyway
– Don’t say that Come on
– I should have left you alone Cover up Let’s go home, you’ll catch cold Good night
– Good night I thought you were grounded
– Yes, but I help clear up the table Can you put the DS on the nightstand please?
– Sure My pillow Good night Good night
– Good night Félix? I’m not sleepy Me neither Move over I don’t want you to leave Me neither Can I hold your bag?
– It’s too heavy. Hold my hand How long are you staying for?
– Until late august Don’t you have Facebook?
– I’ll see if I can create an account Yeah, that’d be great Bye Bertille Bye Be nice, okay?
– I’m always nice Wait What is it?
– You’ll open it in the train Is it my portrait?
– you’ll see Come on Félix, let’s go Well, then… See you Oh shoot!
– What is it? Three kids have drowned last night, near the pier Were they from here? Yes There was a girl. They were 17 Can you imagine the parents? Félix!

100 Replies to “Un frère – Full movie (2018)”

  1. Félix c'est plutôt: chill, tranquille, (fumeur et tout se qui va avec)

    Tom c'est plutôt: timide, observateur, se méfie des gens.

  2. That first love , that awakening ,that frustration that desperate need and longing. Something I think we all share to some degree. Beautifully done .

  3. This is just the best love story i can find on youtube honestly; great acting, great writing and great cinematography with pro and amateur almost voyeuristic scenes. Fingers crossed they make a sequel with Tom visiting Felix in Poland, they clearly have the views to know it's worth it 🙂 10/10

  4. Great film!!! Felix gave him a lot in that summer holiday. Brought him out of his shell. European and LatAm films are so much better than american "preachy religion hide that sexuality"… films !!! so glad I'm an expatriate

  5. Very beautiful upload, l really enjoyed it to the full, well done ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. I enjoyed every aspect of this sensitive and beautifully acted film. It was done so tastefully and there was such a lot of unsaid emotion in it. Easily one of the best films I've watched in a long time. Merci beaucoup. ☺

  7. Me encantó esta película!! ES HERMOSA!! ❤❤❤
    ¿Pero por qué al final no quedan juntos, por qué las películas que veo los chicos nunca quedan juntos? ?

  8. Ce film est juste incroyable, j’ai vraiment aimée, c’est bizarre parce qu’on arrive à se mettre dans la peau des personnages, et puis la fin est magique je trouve vraiment un très très très bon film 😉

  9. the visit, the bikes, the "i dont want you to leave", and the goodbye at the end gave me call me by your name nostalgia

  10. Beautiful movie. Felix is the typical Frenchman that fools around with other guys, fall in love with you, but don't think he is gay. I have met more then my share of this kind of French guy who lives in the straight world but fool around behind close doors. Will most likely get married and have children.

  11. This movie is beautiful. I saw myself in Tom's place for most of the movie. Because all my (Relationship) passed in almost the same way. The only thing that sets me apart from Tom's character is that he has met someone, who ended up giving him a little love. I used myself from the beginning to the end. Congratulations to the actors and the director of this movie because I'm verry sensitive but the only love stories that made me cry before this one , are "A STAR IS BORN"  "TITANIC" and "OUR OPPOSITE STARS".

  12. I’m glad I found this movie..( I will never find better movie than this.. this movie will be forever in my heart…)

  13. J'espère qu'il y aura une suite on l'on voit plus l'histoire d'amour entre Félix et Tom et où on voit aussi leur coming out aux parents ?❤️

  14. This is one of my favourite past times. There's something about French films, that sense of whimsy, delicateness, and serendipity that makes one crave for more. I've been looking for a film like this for a long time: gay shorts seem to capture what a lot of mainstream films do not about love. This encompasses much more than the traditional boy x boy narrative. Hoping there will be some more inclusive (girl x girl, nonbinary, trans, all that) from other world cinema outlets available on this platform.

  15. let me know when the full soundtrack to this incredible film comes out. I have spent two weeks looking for the first and last song everywhere where only it is possible.♡♡♡

  16. ไม่เข้าใจตอนจบง่ะทำไมทอมได้ยินข่าวเเล้วต้องวิ่งตามรถไฟที่ฟิลิกซ์ขึ้นด้วยอ่า

  17. don’t end on me there I need a part 2 or something else come on…

    ne m’arrête pas là, j’ai besoin d’une deuxième partie ou de quelque chose d’autre …

    hör nicht auf mich da ich brauche einen teil 2 oder was anderes komm schon …

  18. Igual piden respeto pero no entiendo porque no me dan el mismo respeto ?? tuve la oportunidad de ver la película antes y no está tan censurada igual que pena porque creo que su página web respeta a los usuarios que somos los seguidores gracias

  19. Me sorprende que siempre me responde en otros idiomas y no sé dan el tiempo de respuesta en español

  20. Anyone notice the parallels with "Call Me by Your Name" there's a lake scene, shirtless seduction, books, he draws, bicycling, a secret room (tree house/attic) someone visiting from out of town, the unsure about his sexuality guy has to leave for another country and just so much more.

  21. It's crazy that if he didn't have that bike accident he would have gone in the lake with them and Tom would have maybe followed

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