Ultimate Thug Life Compilation #55 Sports Special

Ultimate Thug Life Compilation #55 Sports Special

Hey ladies F*ck you How many guys have you talked to that put their weight back on their heels Put your weight on your heels That’s what happens Alright don’t mess with it too much Just trying to make some final adjustments Oh they are coming A challenge here for Roger A young guy here

100 Replies to “Ultimate Thug Life Compilation #55 Sports Special”

  1. Those twats fucking up those men's golf game would be in a hospital if they done that infront of me. Those men could have heart problems etc. All that stress could have caused them to have a heart attack. American kids are turning into little fucking sociopaths who will do anything for 'views'


  2. Soccer players are such fucking pussies. they drop like little bitches over anything then get back up as if nothing happened

  3. A new compilation every day.
    LIES, ALL LIES !!!!!!!
    I SAY!!!!

  4. I'll bet the first kid already had been throwing balls at them, and that's why the girl said "fuk you". He looks like a one of those pieces of sh!t.

  5. Little bitch is lucky he didn’t get his ass beat like his expensive toy car did. Expensive toy car… 😂😂😂😝

  6. Owner of this channel has an autistic view of what's thug life, throwing basketballs at girls isn't, nor is tackling some naked dude from behind.

  7. The little boy wo threw the basketball at the girl riding the bike is probably in prison by now. What a POS. Apparently, ibeing a thug means being cruel, insensitive, and to enjoy hurting' and humiliating others. That's fucked up.

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