Ultimate Streaming TV Comparison | YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling, DIRECTV NOW, PS VUE, FuboTV

Ultimate Streaming TV Comparison | YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling, DIRECTV NOW, PS VUE, FuboTV

Yeah Doc, I have this
recurring nightmare about redoing our streaming services
roundup over and over again. What do you think it means? Can’t be good. Wait, we’re doing it again.
We’re doing it again? We’re doing it again. Okay! We’re doing it again. Yeah, we’re back because six months ago, we ranked DIRECTV NOW
number one among streaming TV services because, frankly,
we were ignorant hacks. Okay, not really. But things are changing really fast in the streaming TV world, so we
need to re-do these rankings, it seems like constantly. So, a year ago, Sling and
DIRECTV NOW seemed unstoppable, but now, they’re stalling
out or they’re shrinking, while YouTube TV and Hulu Live
have been growing like crazy. So, the question now is
whether you should follow the crowd and jump to one of
those, or if the other services are still just fine. So,
let’s dive in and find out. (upbeat music) Now, before we get
started, don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell icon, if you like what we do here, because we’re here every
Wednesday and Friday with another video just like this. So, we hope you’ll join us for those. Anyway, let’s get started on this one. In recent weeks, we’ve gone
into some detail on the state of Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, YouTube TV, Hulu Live, PlayStation Vue, and fubo. I think I got them all. Just check out this
playlist right up here. You can go into detail on any one of those individually if you’d like to. Anyway, today’s comparison is
all about live TV streaming. So, we’re not really talking about Netflix or Amazon Prime, or regular Hulu, or any of the other
on-demand streaming services. We’re also not including
Philo in this roundup, even though it is, in fact, another live TV streaming service. But Philo is fundamentally
different from the rest. It may be the perfect
stand-alone service for you, but most of the time, what we hear is people using it really
well as a $16.00 add-on to YouTube TV or Hulu Live. Something like that. Basically to get your Viacom channels and a few others to fill
out your channel list. Anyway, now that we’ve
surveyed the major players in the current market, I think it’s time for some final recommendations. Or at least as final as it can be in an industry that’s constantly,
annoyingly changing. Now, spoiler alert, this
is basically gonna be a tale of triumph, at least for
the moment, for YouTube TV and Hulu Live, and a tale of woe
for almost everybody else. But let’s go look at the details. If you follow me over here, I
wanna talk to you about price, because frankly pricing is
one of the first questions anybody is gonna have when
it comes to these services. So, let’s tackle pricing. The best pricing on the market right now goes to YouTube TV at $40 bucks a month. (record scratch) I wrote this video weeks ago. We are literally five minutes
away from posting this and just found out that,
yes, today was the day that YouTube decided to bump that price to $50 bucks a month. So, so much for whatever
I was about to say. The simplicity there is beautiful. Now you can add on some premium channels, but you don’t have to
worry about paying extra for more simultaneous
streams or a premium DVR. And I can hear you saying already, “Hey Craig, Sling is cheaper.” And that’s technically true, you’re right. With the Orange and Blue packages
on Sling at $25 bucks each you can go cheaper. But the channels at Sling
are strategically arranged to make you want the combo
which is $40 bucks anyway. And if you do any
add-ons, it’s going to be just as expensive or more
expensive than anything else. Now Hulu is also really good
on price at $45 bucks a month. But while there’s only one plan, which we like, again, simplicity, you have to watch out for
the premium features there. They can add up. $10 buck a month for unlimited
streams, $10 bucks a month for premium DVR, $15 bucks if you do both, plus $4 for the commercial-free version of Hulu’s on-demand service,
it does kinda add up. Now, DIRECTV NOW and
fubo TV have both raised their prices significantly, just over the last few weeks, so now they’re in the $50 to $70 range. And DIRECTV NOW even made good on their promise to thin the content in exchange for upping that price, so I don’t think they’ll be
winning many new converts. PlayStation Vue continues
on its merry little way as an expensive service. But, honestly, I should
probably take that back because now, compared to all the others, it’s not even that expensive anymore. Certainly not the base package anyway. Now let’s talk about the DVR situation. First of all, here’s the deal. Every time I give out a compliment to a DVR on a streaming service, everyone seems to come out of the woodwork to tell me why actually, it’s bad. And, frankly, you all have a point. Every one of these
services comes with a DVR, but each of those DVR’s
has some restriction that will probably frustrate you. PlayStation Vue, for
instance, won’t let you fast forward through Fox channels. Sling doesn’t let you record
Disney-owned channels at all. Hulu and fubo make you pay extra for a DVR with decent storage. You see where I’m goin’ with this. Anyway, if I gave the DVR crown to any of these services, it would probably have to be YouTube TV which, at no extra charge, gives you unlimited
storage and lets you keep your recordings for nine months. It does still sometimes swap
in an on-demand recording for your recorded one, so you
have to watch commercials. But, yeah, it’s happening less. So that’s nice. Anyway, I’ve been saying this with cable and satellite
providers for years now. But now I’ll say it with
the streaming providers, don’t make DVR your deciding factor when you’re deciding
between all these services. Just think of it as a nice bonus. Now if you’re just watchin’ by yourself, you probably don’t care too
much about simultaneous streams. But if you’ve got a lot of
people in your household who want to take advantage, you’re gonna worry about that. So, let’s start with Hulu. If you’ve got a large
family that wants to watch, then Hulu is gonna be your best option. They can do unlimited streams for an additional $10 bucks
on top of their normal price. Otherwise, it’s just two
simultaneous streams. PlayStation Vue technically
gets five streams at a time. But, honestly, that is so complicated, like I talked about in that
video, it’s effectively three. Sling gives you only one
stream on the Orange side and three on the Blue side and
if you get the combo package then you do get four simultaneous streams. But, again, only one of those can be from the Orange channels which, by the way, includes ESPN. So that’s weirdly complex there. Fubo and DIRECTV NOW both include just two simultaneous streams and you can use just one more if you pay $6 bucks in fubo’s case and $5 on DIRECTV NOW. YouTube TV allows for
three streams end of story. We could wish for more, but it’s also kinda hard to beat that simplicity. Now let’s talk devices. Yes, you will need
something like this Apple TV in order to watch any of these services. The good news is that you can assume that with all of these services, they’re going to be available
on most every device. Even PlayStation Vue is available on a variety of devices,
not just PlayStations. So, if you’re using a Roku or an Apple TV or an Amazon Fire, a smart TV, whatever the case is,
most of these services will be available on most devices. But there are a few exceptions to that, that you’ve gotta watch out for. First, if you’re using
an Android TV device like the NVIDIA Shield or some smart TVs then DIRECTV NOW and Hulu Live are out, not an option there. Regular old Hulu has an Android TV app so I have to assume that they’ll add one for Hulu Live before too long. But we’ll see. If you wanna watch on a game console, the Xbox is gonna be spotty. But the PlayStation, the
device, the PlayStation only allows you to watch PlayStation Vue. So, go figure. The biggest omission though, in my opinion, is that there is no YouTube TV on Amazon Fire devices. That one’s kind of a bummer. But, here the exceptions
kind of prove the rule. Whichever device you wanna use, you’re gonna find something to watch. Now, channels are obviously
extremely important. We wanna know which channels
are on which service. You guys are always
talking in the comments about which ones are your favorites and where you can watch them. So what I want to do is take all this and rank these services for
who has the best channels. But frankly, that’s impossible because it’s such a subjective thing. You guys are all talking
about different channels and which ones are your favorite. And the channel selection
is all over the place among these services. But here’s what I was able to do. I took the top 10 most
watched basic cable networks just to see which streaming services had those ones at least. Now I looked at the $40 to $50 range as close as possible for
all of these services. So, for instance, we
have Sling’s combo tier, the Blue plus Orange at $40 bucks, but PlayStation Vue’s lower tier at $45. That’s the best I could do for trying to compare apples to apples. And what we see here is that they are all over the place with
their channel selection. The last thing I will mention is that, frankly, channel count doesn’t matter because what should matter to you is, well, what matters to you. So, whatever your favorite channel is, here’s what I want you to do. Hit the description below and
look in the channel section and I’ll have some links
to each of these services and all the channels that they provide. So, if you wanna go check out
whether your favorite channel is included on whichever service, we’ve got all those links there. We’ve done the work for you. You just need to hit that link and check on your preferred channel. All right, so the bottom line here. Because of its simplicity, YouTube TV might be the
best all around service, especially when you add
Philo to the mix as well, to round out its channel count. Hulu has more add-ons to worry about so price-wise it can
get a little bit much. But it’s also a great choice, especially if you want
unlimited simultaneous streams and Hulu’s great on-demand service. Honestly, those two are
so close that next week we’re gonna pit the two
of them against each other and see which one comes out on top. As for the others, Sling is okay and if you wanna hang on to that, I won’t really fight you too hard but DIRECTV NOW, fubo, PlayStation Vue, because of their price hikes,
the channel counts involved, the device availability,
they’re gonna have to make some pretty significant changes
to get back into the fight. But that’s just my opinion. I wanna hear what you have to say as well. So head down to the comments below. And, although I know you
don’t need this encouragement, let me know where you think I’m wrong. But also let me know
where you think I’m right. And on you’re way down there,
give this video a like. Make sure you’re subscribed
and hit that bell icon so you know when the next video comes out. Like I said, we are here
every Wednesday and Friday. So we will see you on the next review. (bright techno music)

100 Replies to “Ultimate Streaming TV Comparison | YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling, DIRECTV NOW, PS VUE, FuboTV”

  1. Only place we save is on the cable box cost. The service it self is getting very close to the same as regular cable charges.

  2. For me I think Playstation Vue is the better deal especially since I don't see HBO on the list of availability for YouTube TV.

  3. HGTV shows up as included in my YouTube TV package. The graphic shown in the video indicates it's not included (which would be a deal breaker for my family)

  4. Excellent review above, but I spent a TON of time researching this not long ago, so I share my info that is in addition to above. FYI Spectrum has a newer service where you can get all from an app (cheap Roku works best) live. Can't record, but all is on Demand. Not bad for 1/2 the price of Youtube of HULU, etc. Most OnDemand is 1 day later, but occassionally up to a week later. $26/mo. NVIDIA Shield with downloading IPTV and Kodi is FREE but takes some ability to follow directions to set up (TroyPoint is good). You have to pay for IP Vanish ($5/mo), which you need with it. I also had Philo ($16/mo) with my OTA TV (+ buy Antenna). You can record the OTA on PLEX ($5/mo) with a HD Homerun box (which used to be good, but they killed their live TV, so you can't get the cable channels now). So have it all for $16/mo +$5 with Philo/Plex you can have almost all but light on sports, if that is your thing.

  5. I was shocked to see that YouTube has jumped to $50, but was also surprised to see out of no where, my bill from Hulu prices went up. And now, like Sling, they are charging me extra to add on extra stations. I'm not too enthused with Hulu's live TV. At this point picking a livestream is basically picking and choosing which one has your favorite channel. Hulu is about $50 with tax anyway.

  6. Thank you you really helped me out… you literally answered all of my question…now going to watch YouTube vs hulu…..I'm leaning towards hulu…..big family

  7. I pay only $10 a month for YouTube TV. How? YouTube TV allows you to share with 5 other family or friends in family group, with 3 simultaneous streams for each. I have invited 3 friends and co-workers to join my group. $40 divided by 4 is $10. Come June each member's share Will be $12.50 with the rate hike. Still can't be beat.

  8. I'm paying 180 a month for minor cable DVR and internet.. I really need to cut DVR and cable replace it with something else. Really hope this helps clear my mind.

  9. We watch: HGTV, CNN, BBC, Discovery, History Channel, FX, TBS along with the local over the air ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and PBS. We have gone with Spectrum Cable TV Select since seems to be the only way. Still looking at $45 to $50 per month. At least we are no longer paying for junk like Fox News.

  10. YouTube TV is coming to Amazon devices. Google and Amazon have patched things up and will now cross pollenate technologies on Chromecast and Fire devices. They haven't announced just when the YouTube TV app will be in the Amazon store, but it'll probably be within a month or two. For now, you can just use a sideloaded a YouTube TV app on Amazon Fire devices and it works perfect.

  11. Too many streaming services. I might as well go back to cable. It'd be cheaper than paying for multiple streaming services. These companies are going to drive customers BACK to cable.

  12. You are all a bunch of suckers paying for video content. Sucker. You could, (but you won't) just pay nothing, and install Brave Browser, and watch endless content on YouTube, for free, with zero ads. you could. But you won't. You're welcome, even though you won't. You could also, but you also won't, just please send me that wasted $1500 per year in sat TV or cable bill in cash. And I'll put it to better use. Namaste B!tches.

  13. Good job – except the opinion about DVR. I used ROKU for Sling, Direct TV, and Hulu. Sling and Hulu have a great user interface on DVR; Direct TV DVR sucks. I don't like when I fast forward that you can't tell where you are. You will over shoot the commercials on this. This is sad, because Direct TV had the best channel that I like for the price. I Sling didn't have ABC and Foxnews. These are kind of basic channels. Direct TV fixes their primitive DVR, and I would switch to them. Once you get used to skipping commercials it is hard to go back.

  14. I use Hulu, but for me, the best two are YouTube TV and Hulu.
    I've used sling TV, direct TV now, YouTube TV, and I'm currently using Hulu.

  15. I have Sling TV, blue + orange package, and am able to watch Nick and Hallmark. No idea where the info in that chart came from that omits those as an option on Sling. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. Why so many ads on Philo?? That's fucked up. Can't fast forward them. I was watching Two and a Half Men the other day. In 26 minutes, there had been 4 commercial breaks of 3 minutes each. what do you do to jump past them? Saving them didn't work for me.

  17. Great info. I have a real problem with Apple TV not working on my Sony 4K without the box. Seems this fall 2019 there may be changes to that (and at what price). Still looking at the YouTube TV to include local programming.


  18. My guess is that these companies send representatives to a meeting of companies. They decided which company will increase their service next. In the end it will be a slow but steady rise to cable company pricing.

  19. Which one has the most Spanish channels ? Need to get rid of directv $95 a month because I only have it for the Spanish channels because of my parents. HELP

  20. I’m curious to know when you subscribe to Youtube do they increase your price as well when they change increase pricing. Or do you get the locked in price rate of the time u purchased??

  21. Witch one has Adult Swim, Hallmark Channel, MTV, Disney, Nick, HGTV , I just cut the cord and not sure witch stream has these channels or is best 🤷🏻‍♀️

  22. I just switched from Philo to Sling TV, because Sling has a $5 add-on so I get VH1 and Oxygen (among others) and it’s not THAT much more expensive… about $30/mo for Sling Blue with "Lifestyle Extra" package.

    BTW: Philo’s base package recently went up to $20/mo (for new subscribers) with no options/extras that include the Oxygen channel (that I could find).


    The channel line up is always the primary deciding factor for me…and of course, buffering (so far so good with Sling). I need my ID, Oxygen, Food Network, History, Travel Channel, VH1, and BBC/AMC.

    If Sling had Pop so I could binge on Schitt’s Creek, it’d be PERFECT! 😁

  23. Switched from Direct TV Now to Philo, so far pretty happy… Shocked you decided not to include it. It's pretty comparable channel lineup if you don't care about news or sports and at $20 is the best price of any of the services

  24. I went back to spectrum cable for $30.00 dollars more than what you are talking about and got 5 times more content. And that I have home phone service and 400 mgs. internet with the package.

  25. What about IPTV. It's way cheaper and way more channels. It's not main stream so i guess that's why people don't Kno about it. Plus there's so many providers you'll get lost trying to find one

  26. I think PlayStation Vue is better then youtube TV you get 70 channels for $49.99 with YouTube TV or you can get 85 channels for 59.99 with PlayStation Vue I think you get more for your money with PlayStation then you do with youtube TV

  27. My 2 Tivo subscriptions cost $35 just for the schedule. My cable company charges $150. I could afford both Hulu and YoutubeTV

  28. Pretty outrageous that they want that much money for a few channels of tv. It’s not like there’s anything on…

  29. I've had PlayStation Vue for 3 years and it has been almost flawless and I have had no problem with 5 streams

  30. Agree that Hulu Live (+ Hulu On Demand and Hulu's premium content) for one price is pretty much the best. Youtube is also right there with Red included in the price. Add Philo to either one and you are better than most cable subscriptions. – no box rentals, and weird fees, that usually pushed the cable price up by $30+ extra over the announced price – so you basically pay for Philo for free + and save. The biggest problem is finding a good bandwidth provider. I'm using Fios for $55 per month for 200/200, but if anyone knows of a better deal, please let me know. I get 4K streams on Amazon and Netflix, but no content that displays 240hhz compatible on Philo on Hulu live (maybe some on Hulu ondemand)
    On thing to note about Hulu + live TV is that the ondemand catalog is extended when you add live channels. So, so example, The Blacklist is not on regular Hulu ondemand, but it becomes available when you add live channels. Hulu starts to become the best bet when you consider the $5.99 service is included with the live channel price. I have never needed more than 2 steams and the DVR size if fine because of the huge ondemand library.
    The only things missing kind of hurt: NBA TV, NHL TV, NFL Network, Redzone, etc. Those will be difficult to swallow once NFL and NBA seasons start. My hope is that HUlu adds a sports tier that we can add on with those channels and possibly ESPN +.

  31. I’ve used Hulu + Hulu Live, ps vue, and currently I’m on direct tv. Sound quality directv is better.

    Hulu is great for on demand but for live is a bit of a hassle having to go back and forth. Direc tv has a quick guide which is easier.

    Vue is easy to flip channels but so far direct is #1 for me at the moment

  32. I always thought the point was to be more attractive than cable….fail. The cost of all of them is more than they are worth. I, like all others keep paying, but I am frustrated at what we are charged.

  33. I wanna watch every Barca game, some Premier league games, every international soccer game, all NBA games, and some kids channels. What should I get????

  34. The only thing I want is to be able to watch soccer worldwide(Especially champions league and International tournaments )

  35. They are all getting worse, more expensive and the commercials are never ending. It doesn't matter which you use they all force you to watch commercials. Even the Hulu no ad option only eliminates the basic hull ads, you are still stuck with the network ads and you are prohibited from fat forwarding over them. Time to get out an old TiVo box and just record the stuff locally and get the cheapest streaming package possible. Now cutting the cord means getting rid of hulu, sling, YouTube, etc. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  36. Man I thought YouTube TV was our best option but after watching your video maybe it's not. The biggest points I found in your video are that Amazon devices won't get YouTube TV (I have 3 Firesticks) and that YouTube TV doesn't get HGTV (which is our most watched channel). Excellent video.

  37. YouTube in my area now has Food, ID and HGTV along with local stations and Philly sports. Plus it says 6 simultaneous streaming.

  38. I have Hulu right now and not being able to fast forward through commercials on the DVR pisses me off. I tape most of my shows due to my schedule. I"m a big fan of A&E and Hulu seems to have the monopoly on that station. I would switch in a heartbeat to Youtube tv if they added A&E to their channel lineup and love their DVR.

  39. I wish you guys would also talk about which streaming service has the most "cable-like interface". In other words, when I open Playstation Vue, whatever channel it's tuned to opens up and immediately plays – in real time. It's just like cable. Philo doesn't have this. Everything is on-demand and you have to click something in order to watch anything.

  40. I just signed up for YouTube TV cause the price was cheaper than DirecTV Now. Also DirecTV Now screwed me by giving me a discount as a AT&T customer then taking it away 1 year later cause they said i got the discount by mistake. They wanted me to start paying $75 a month for the package i had been getting for $50 a month. Also just as an added update i think this video said YouTube TV does not have HGTV but it does have it now.

  41. I am going back to cable. The studdering on livestreams is too annoying. Seems like an inherent problem with live streaming.

  42. I will not support Youtube Tv.. Why…. due to what they are doing to content makers that upload here .. and their censorship of content. Youtube has forgotten what made them what they are. Now it has become THERE TUBE… Soon you will not see any independent content on youtube… Yep they want to become the next Direct Tv now or Netflix…. So they want to get rid of independent content providers.

  43. Fubo TV has the best Video Quality.
    Tried Sling, Hulu and Youtube TV.
    Tried them all on the highest video quality available. Have a 300 MB connection, Roku Streaming Stick+ and 65" LG Oled 4K HDR TV. Fubo & Hulu have a nice sharp image, both Youtube TV and Sling were unwatchable for me, very grainy picture, not sure how Youtube TV claims 1080P ? Resolution isnt everything anyways, data rate needs to be high as well, also alot of the Aspect ratios on Youtube TV were incorrect ( stretch o vision )
    Here is how i rate them as far as Picture Quality:
    #1 – Fubo TV
    #2 – Hulu Live
    #3 – Youtube TV
    #4 – Sling TV

  44. Cable prices seem comparable but with the fees my bundle of services is $200. a month. Are these streaming services subject to the same fees as cable?

  45. PS vue locks up at least once per day to the point I have to restart it. I just switched to hulu and so far no issues

  46. I have hulu free with my Sprint account. Also have nextflux and Amazon Prime. With prime I have HBO, Starz, Cinemax, boomerang. But I would like something for live TV. I looked at some IPTV deals. But they buffer too much plus you also have the risk of getting your service disconnected because IPTV is frowned upon.

  47. PlayStation Vue recently raised their price so now they're cable at the bottom tier is 50 dollars. This is the third price increase in two years for PlayStation Vue and the reason why I dropped the service 2 weeks ago. I picked up sling at $15 for the first month $25 thereafter streaming on one device which is my phone casting to my TV. All I care about with television is the ID channel with sling offers for their base price so they took me as a subscriber. I'm not going to pay higher than what I'm paying now so as a consumer if the cable company or a streaming provider charges any more than what we're saying now in the marketplace we will stop watching TV. It's not a requirement it's a convenience. Nobody needs to be watching TV as a requirement and why the hell would people go to YouTube to watch TV when YouTube was the reason everybody left TV in the first place? You don't go to YouTube to watch TV, you go to YouTube to get alternative media. This is just another sign that YouTube sucks.

    The only critical issue I have a sling is that is streams in 3.1 rather than 5.1. So with a good stereo you're still going to be sucking on that poor audio quality even with a good receiver.

    So sling with Pluto in which Pluto is a true free TV service that you can get on any device is worth the $25 you would spend on sling and all the other services in my opinion can eat it I'm not paying that type of money or I should just pay for regular cable that comes with my cable provider with my internet. There's absolutely no difference now and the pricing models they've all caught on and they're all screwing the consumer.

  48. PlayStation Vue is definitely ahead of the game in-terms of value and channels. However, their user-interface is pretty sluggish.

  49. David Walker – you are so right! I have cable right now with so many channels I do not want and don't watch it is unbelievable! I would love for them to come out with a package where you pick your own channels too!!!!

  50. I have cable tv cause you don'ty need an internet connection to watch it I have Netflix and Internet that's good enough for me.

  51. I like playstatio vue but it needs to add the viacom channels i currently have Sling and will keep it if Dish Network (Slings onwer) adds the ACC Network on august 22nd or it's back to PlayStation Vue who is adding it

  52. Your a moron if you do any of these people do your self a favor Google iptv providers you get 8,000 channels every local channel on earth and for $7-$10 a month you get all the hbo all showtimes I now pay pay a year for tv what I use to pay a month. These streaming sites are no longer than cheaper cable. Google IT TRUST ME

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