Ulf shatters Shot Put Olympic Record in Seoul 1988 | The Olympics On The Record

Ulf shatters Shot Put Olympic Record in Seoul 1988 | The Olympics On The Record

Shot put has been around since
the very first Olympic Games in 1896. And while most of the original
Olympic competitions had their roots in Ancient Greece, the shot put originated from warfare in Europe during
the Middle Ages. The aim then, as now,
was simple. An iron ball is rested on the
neck and thrown as far as possible above the shoulders without
the athlete leaving the circle. Easy, right? Well, the men’s shot put
weighs 7.26kg or 16lb, which is the same weight as
a bowling ball… ..or 48 bananas… ..or even a young cockapoo. By the 20th century, the shot put had evolved into a sophisticated athletic
discipline. This was the shot put final at the Olympic Games in Seoul
in 1988. The final started off
dramatically, as the world champion
and Swiss legend Werner Gunthor set an Olympic record
on his very first throw. His competitors were not ones
to be left behind. East German Ulf Timmermann
threw 22.3 metres. It seemed each throw Timmermann
took went further than the last. People began congratulating
the East German – but then a young buck, 22-year-old American
Randy Barnes, launched himself into
the international limelight. Barnes was back in fourth
place, but uncorked a huge throw – 10 centimetres further
than Timmermann. In just one day, the Olympic record had been
smashed five times, by three different people. Timmermann had one last throw, his last chance of victory. After a short wait, it was announced that he’d
outdistanced Barnes. There was only
eight centimetres in it, but Timmermann had broken
the record yet again. He’d won the gold medal. While the men had been
putting the shot about since the very first Olympics, the women’s shot put
didn’t take place until 1948. Whoever won at the London Games would be the first woman
in history to heave the hefty 4kg ball
to Olympic glory. The first women’s Olympic
shot put final was a much more cultured affair
than you’d think. French pianist
Micheline Ostermeyer, who had recently graduated from the Paris Conservatory
of Music, arrived hoping to prove she had
brawn as well as brains. She faced some tough opposition
in London. Bevis Reid of Great Britain
was not only the holder of three amateur
women’s championships… but also a decorated
military girl. However, Reid’s hopes wilted
under the expectant pressure. She threw 12.17 metres,
to finish out of the medals. Schaffer of Austria
in the final round. Ine Schaffer of Austria
did much better. 42 feet, 11 inches. She was pipped to second
by one centimetre… Italian Amelia Piccinini
taking silver. Better still – 42 feet, 11½
inches. Few could compete with
Ostermeyer, the descendant of a famous
French poet and a composer. Once again, she let her
delicate hands do the talking, winning gold with
a throw of 13.75 metres. And it’s 45 feet, 1½ inches – the winning throw. At the same Games, she tried
her hand at the discus, something she’d only taken up
a few weeks previously. And here’s Cordiale-Gentile
of Italy – the favourite. The best throw yet. But again, it’s Ostermeyer
of France in front, with a throw of 137 feet,
6½ inches. And there’s the winning throw. And France has achieved
new Olympic honours. Then the traditional… For good measure, she also
competed in the high jump, taking home bronze and the honour of being the
first French woman to win three medals
in a single Games. Ostermeyer chose to celebrate
her success with an impromptu piano
recital. Now, THAT is cultured!

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  1. Why make men and women’s shot put balls different weights, can’t women just throw the same one less far?

  2. “ in one day the Olympic record had been smashed five times by three different people” and that folks is the first time steroids where seen at the Olympics

  3. One day I’ll find me a shot put woman who can throw me just as far and possibly lift me overhead and crush me in between her biceps

  4. The steroid era in baseball started in the late 80’s. Not a coincidence that they also broke the shot put Olympic record 5 times in 1 day in the late 80’s.

  5. The Edera girl weres shades as she trows, if they would have fallen it would have count it it as a scrach. Yet she gets gold and looks sly as she dose

  6. Why does the Olympic channel even make a vid about that. Everybody knows that Barnes, Timmermann, Günthör and probably the rest of the field were doped.

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  9. There are no throws in the shot put (correct/original word is putt, as in golf). There are only puts (putts).
    In fact it is against the rules to throw the shot.

  10. soooo, the program is just gonna gloss over the fact that pretty much everybody here was doping? especially the east germans with their government sanctioned doping program? yeah?….all right

  11. 30년이 이미 넘는 시점에도 깨지 못하고 있는 남여 투척 경기 중 원반 헤머 포환 기록 보유자들이 모두 동독 소련 출신!! 아주 합리적인 의심이 들 수 밖에 없지

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