UK Freshman Talks About What It’s Like to be Olympian

UK Freshman Talks About What It’s Like to be Olympian

And with the baton for the Wildcats, the World
Junior record holder over 400-meter hurdles and 300 meters indoor, this is Sydney McLaughlin
of Kentucky. McLaughlin the most decorated high school
athlete in history with the stick. McLaughlin running smooth, has the Wildcats
in the lead. I’m one of four kids and we all run. My sister started and then my brother and
me and my younger brother. I think it’s kind of like a competition between
us. It was kind of pressure, but it was a good
kind of pressure. Going to the Olympics at the age of 16 was
really cool for me. Making the team was just kind of a dream come
true. From an early age, I’ve dreamt about it since
I was like 6 years old watching Allyson Felix and Sanya Richards-Ross and stuff. My dad went to the Olympic trials, having
people that have been there before me and experienced all of that is definitely a good
help in my time going through all of it. The first semester here has been…an adjustment
for sure. It’s been a challenge. Early mornings, late nights, practice throughout
the day. But I think that’s part of being a college
athlete, and I think sometimes we don’t get enough credit for doing it and our schedules
are really hectic. It’s definitely difficult sometimes mentally,
but that’s part of the game. Coach Flo definitely knows what he’s doing. He’s produced a lot of results. You have Kenny Harrison and Kori Carter here,
Omar McLeod, all these Olympians, world champions, I think that I definitely made the right choice. Once you get on campus and you’re actually
living here and you have actual friends, there’s all these groups and meetings and clubs you
can join. I think there’s a lot more than you see from
just looking on the outside. There’s a lot to it, and I think it’s really
cool to have all of those opportunities and different things that you can do besides just
sports and school. My hopes for myself personally are to have
the best transition from high school to college. Many times you hear about people in high school
that are great in high school and then you have people that are great in college, and
I think that I want to be able to do both. I think track doesn’t get as much exposure,
you know you have the basketball team and the football team; I think this year and the
things that we’re going to do together definitely is going to bring out more exposure and put
track and field on the Kentucky map for sure.

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  1. Congrats to Sydney and the rest of the Wildcats for a stellar showing at the 2018 NCAA indoor nationals! A new school record in the 400m and .02 seconds shy of a collegiate record!!

  2. Can you please tell the announcer to shut up. There are more athletes on the track than just her. Folks need to stop biting, because when she is no longer the fastest, she will be forgotten.

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