Tyra Banks – Sports Illustrated 22 Years Later | The Daily Show

Tyra Banks – Sports Illustrated 22 Years Later | The Daily Show

Welcome. -Hi. Thank you.
-And congratulations. -Thank you. -Let’s, like,
just kick it off with that. Congratulations
on not only being on the cover of Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit Edition, but doing it 22 years later. Can you believe it?
22 years later. (whooping, cheering, applause) And, Trevor, it’s about… 25 to 30 pounds heavier. -That’s even more impressive.
-Yeah. -No, it really is.
-(cheering, applause) It really is, because,
like, this is something that I think a lot of people
might take for granted. You know, we’ve lived
in a world where for so long the fashion industry
has determined how many people see themselves,
how they view themselves, how their self-esteem is shaped, and you come from a world
where, I mean, you were on this cover at a time when black women
weren’t represented, at a time when women who had
normal figures and bodies weren’t represented, and now
you’re on the cover going like, -“No, this is my body,
this is…” -Yeah. -Was that scary?
-Um, it was in the beginning, because I’ve got more dimples
on my booty, I’ve, like, I’m heavier, I have
not modeled in a swimsuit heavy. I know how to, like,
hide it up in the clothes, but in a swimsuit?
I was, like, raw, out there. Um, but after that first shot,
I was like, “I’m good.” I wasn’t, like,
putting a towel on the booty. I was just, like,
just letting it go. -You were just feeling it…
-I was gonna say, yeah, -(cheering, applause) -this is,
like, “I’m good,” yeah. I-I won’t lie, when someone…
someone showed me the cover, and I was like,
“Oh, that looks gorgeous,” and then they were like, “Here’s
the one that she did before,” and then I was like, “Oh, when
is that from, like, five years?” and they’re like,
“No, 22 years ago.” You… This is not, like,
22 years of change, though. -Thank you. -What-what…
what have you been doing? (laughter) Well, in terms of my skin,
it’s, like, this regimen called “being a black person.” (laughter) (cheering, applause) MAN (in audience):
Black don’t crack, man! Yeah, totally.
It has not cracked. -It has not cracked at all.
-Yes. -Yeah, but it-it really is
beautiful to see, -Thank you. and-and you came out of
retirement for this. I came out of retirement,
and, Trevor, I was like, “I’m gonna lose weight. I’m gonna look exactly like
that old cover.” -Right, right. Called the nutritionist. I was doing the two liters
of water a day. Went to go visit my mama and
just opened up the Cheetos… And then after that, I was like, “Mama, I just feel like
an ice cream party” And me, her and my son went
to the store and we got eight pints
of ice cream. And we just, like,
played it like piano… ♪ Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do. ♪ But when you,
but when you look at that, when you look at what you did
and when you look at the cover, and you look at the positive
response you’re getting, do you think that this reflects a positive change
in the modeling industry? -Yes. -Because, you know, you
see people like Ashley Graham saying no,
I see positive change. You see a cover like this and it
feels like positive change. -A hundred percent.
-Do you think it has moved? And do you think it’s been
enough? Or what can– -What can we improve on?
-By no means is it enough. But what I love about
social media is that it makes people loud and it forces
the fashion industry that loves themselves and look
in the mirror and they’re like, “Oh, my God, we’re so amazing–” It makes them, like,
look and go, “Oh, my God. “No, we’re not amazing. These people are telling us
what we have to do.” And now people are answering
with their wallets. -Right. -So, today,
if you are not a diverse brand and moving toward that,
I predict… that your brand will cease
to exist. (cheering and applause) I do. It’s interesting… It’s interesting that you
bring up social media because the photographer
of this cover is a black woman. -Is a black woman.
-First time ever. First time ever
that there has been a black photographer
to shoot the cover -of Sports Illustrated,
-That is wild. the first time for a woman
to shoot the cover, the first time for a black woman -to shoot the cover.
-That is wild. I found her on Instagram. (cheers and applause) Yes. Her name
is Laretta Houston, and I found her on Instagram. I said this magazine,
22 years ago, changed my life overnight, and now I want
to pay it forward, and I want to change a life,
I want to shake it up. I want her to be like,
“Oh, my gosh. “I-It’s so amazing what’s
happening right now. I don’t know what to do
with myself.” Hi, Laretta.
Are you shook up, girl? -Are you shook up?
-(laughing) -That’s beautiful.
-Yeah. It really is beautiful to see,
like, the changes and-and the world
that you created for yourself, because a lot of people know you
as Tyra Banks, the model. Some people may know you
as Tyra Banks, the TV host. But, really, what you’ve learned
to do is parlay that success -into other fields
in your world. -Yeah. For instance,
you were lecturing at Stanford. -Right? For three years…
-Yeah, for three years, -I’ve been teaching at Stanford.
-What do you… I just finished this third year
teaching personal branding. So, teaching, but just, like,
normal, average people, -like, personal branding?
-Yeah. Well, average genius minds that are
in the pharmaceutical world and in, you know, law
and consulting -and food and…
-Like, explain to me what… like, how that person
needs to brand or why they would need to brand. So, these are people
that are in the business world, -and then they’re
going to graduate. -Yes. And there’s gonna be
so much competition. And I teach my students that
different is better than better. There are gonna be
so many people -that you think
you’re better than. -Right. However, that personal brand, your differentiate
or what makes you unique… What is your origin story? How are you going to say
and share that? How are you gonna get
the capital, the money that
that competitor wants to raise -that you really need?
-Right. How are you gonna hire
those people that are the most fantastic
employees in the world? How you gonna bring them
to your company? And it’s about what
you stand for that will attract the best. -More money. More success.
More power. -Right. And a lot of my, um, students
are actually very altruistic and in the nonprofit world,
and I say, “Personal brand can help you
make money for your companies and for your nonprofits,
as well.” You can see I’m very passionate
about this. -I can feel it.
No, I can feel it. -Yes. -Yes.
-You are somebody -who does connect
with that idea. -Yeah. And, I mean,
it explains, I guess, why now for this next phase
of your modeling career, which you’re stepping back into,
you’ve got BanX. -Yeah, I renamed myself,
so instead of… -Right? That’s… Every artist gets
to that level in their career. -Yes.
-Like, Diddy, Prince, everyone. -So, now we’re at that
for you now. -Totally. -Totally. -So, now,
when modeling, we now… -When I’m modeling…
Exactly, Trevor. -It’s BanX. -B-A-N-X.
-Okay. And I came up with this
when I was teaching my students. -All right. Why-why change it?
-Yes. -‘Cause everyone… Tyra.
-Yeah. -But now you’re like, “No, no,
no. BanX.” -No, no, no. BanX. -Okay. -Because I want
to go by my last name. -Uh-huh. -To me,
it’s different. It’s renewed. I feel thicker.
I feel wiser. I feel thankful. And that “X” stands for
“‘X’ what you heard about what a model is,
what beauty is, cookie cutters.” We are x-ing that. It is all about accepting
age, height, weight, -skin color, sexual orientation.
-(cheering and applause) And I’m busting open
that door down. So BanX is not just me. That “X” is, like,
the new Wakanda for modeling. “X” all of that. That’s what BanX is.
It’s all of us. That’s amazing. And banks
is where you’re gonna keep all the money you make
from these great ideas. Thank you so much
for being on the show. -Thank you.
-Wonderful having you again. The 2019 Sports Illustrated
swimsuit issue is on newsstands now. Tyra Banks, everybody.

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  1. It's funny how I did not like Tyra Banks watching her runway show. But here she seems so likable and relateable.

  2. Tyra is so contrived which is a shame because I think she has a lot of talent and Charisma in the industry. But every once in a while she'll have a little glimmer of authenticity that I like.

  3. she sounds x1000 more powerful that ever.. when you know yourself and what you do good in this world.. your confidence looks like .. this.. ughh..a QUEEN!

  4. It is very not OK for a grown woman to be in a bikini on top of a magazine. That is public nudity only covering the very basic organs. This is vulgar and should not be celebrated. When did clothes on a woman's body become overrated?

  5. Conveying how much I love this interview is ineffable – In this interaction I can see how Trevor has grown as an interviewer, and how much Tyra has grown as an icon. There are some tricky interviews for Trevor that he can't quite crack, but I've noticed he's at his best interviewing people he genuinely admires and respects. I have always loved the icon Tyra is throughout my life, however there were some instances in her talk show and ANTM days where I found her disingenuous and almost vapid. But I can see how she has grown to deepen her earnest interest and passion in developing the next generation, coupled with being wholly comfortable in her skin and purpose, and encourages others to be as well – That elevates and reinvents the legacy she will leave and gives her icon status in my eyes ????? Great interview!

  6. Black does crack with a poor diet and lifestyle..im always tickled when blacks say they dont crack…i see so many black people veryday with a horrible appearance..dry matted hair sloven attire and hyper pigmented ill skin..

  7. Reason why Victoria Secret has had to close many stores because the head of Victoria Secret said that they have the fantasy sizes and they would not change their brand and so the people Checked them on their bull with their money going elsewhere. We do have a voice.

  8. Why you lying Tyra? Black skin will only get you so far. She has fillers and way too much Botox.
    When she laughed 1:43 the only place that wrinkled was her nose which is a dead giveaway for Botox.

  9. she's prolific, so proud of what she's accomplished and how she has positivelt affected the industry thst first introduced her to the world

  10. She’s so fucking narcissistic. Bitch you’re Tyra. Not Banx. That sounds so stupid. Also if you weren’t so fucking l lazy you could’ve lost the weight

  11. Tyra's gorgeous, funny, opinionated, and doesn't look a day over 21. Awesome…yeah, soooooo nobody is going to challenge the sleeves. That's just happening and we're at peace with it? Alright, cool.

  12. Moffie,laughing u think you talk nice or make people happy,I can change to american accent,and African accent English(stupid JoJo mOnkie)

  13. Ever since I was a teen I’ve loved, admired, and have adored Tyra Banks. ???? Stunning woman, and is such an inspiration. #LoveHerBanx

  14. It´s a miracle she didn´t talk about Naomi Campbell, she can´t do an interview without blaming Naomi for her lack of discipline when it comes to food.

  15. Tyra has really come into her own! I can say that I am truly Proud of her and her success. Keep striving Tyra and keep fighting the good fight.

  16. I was rejected by the judges 4 times during American next top model audition because of my hips … and I was like so skinny at the time . after , for such a long time I hated my hips because I felt that they were preventing me from accomplishing my goals . I think I deserve a chance , a cover on a magazine … I still have hopes

  17. It’s funny how NOW that she’s hit the wall…. Every standard of what she stood by is now obsolete.

  18. Good stuff. However: It’s a bit disconcerting that slim women aren’t considered part of “normal women” (per Trevor’s statement about representing “normal women”). Having known slender women who got picked on for it, who were the way they were naturally, I don’t like the notion of considering them “abnormal”.

  19. Tyra congrats on being exposed on the "Sports Illustrated Magazine" the sky is the limit if you pursue it through other avenues and you has. My sister you are a woman that wears many hats, fulfills so many roles and is a help and strength to millions across the world through your awesome verbal ability to reach the masses by what you say. I use to watch your daily Talk Show and I love you on "Love And Basketball" that is by far an inspiring movie. Tyra keep doing what you do best and that is pointing others to success through your life. God bless you from your sister in Christ in Hammond, LA.

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