Types of Sports Fans

Types of Sports Fans

– I wanna be real with you I
don’t know much about sports so I’m not really qualified to
make this video but I do have a degree in Psychology which
means I’m extremely qualified to act like I know things. What up everyone? It’s your girl Superwoman I
am a toddler, I just I can’t make videos with my hair open
anymore I just can’t because it gets so hot, it’s up to
my neck, I’m sweating, I need more deodorant, it’s a whole thing and the NBA Finals are upon us. Now if you live in some part
of the world that doesn’t give an eff about basketball then
I’m sure there’s some other sport you love like baseball,
or hockey, or soccer, or Tinder. Regardless of where you live
I’m sure you know at least one of these types of sports fans. And before I begin I promise
this is gonna be original okay? I’m not gonna start with the
bandwagon fan that we’ve all heard about and typical
crap like that okay? I’m not starting with that
fan that jumps on board and heads with a bunch of
people to a similar destination. Number one, The Carpooler. Now I feel like a lot of people
get upset at this type of fan because this person jumps
on board and starts supporting a team when that team starts
doing well and I get how that can kind of be annoying because
fans are fans for so many years and then you got
this new person you’re like exsqueeze me? But here’s the thing right,
aren’t sports meant to bring people together? And does it really matter if
someone’s been a fan since today or since a year? Doesn’t it just matter that
they’re supporting their team and showing pride? And most importantly aren’t
these people great because I’m one of them? Now if you know anything
about me you know I’m a huge Raptors fan, ah what up Tasia Rap fans? Now if you’re not familiar
with the Raptors the Raptors are Canada’s official team for the annual Jurassic Park Games. And if you believe that sentence
chances are you’re voting for Trump because you’re
so easily manipulated. Just kidding, no I’m not, no I’m not. You should give yourself a wedgie. And the Raptors are
Canada’s basketball team eh. And I’m a be real with you
I try my best to catch the regular season but I travel
a lot and I have a super busy schedule so I can’t always do that. But when they make the
playoffs I’m all over that ish. I’m attending games, I’m
changing my schedule, I’m dropping guac money on those games. I’m at the Apple Store on a
stool by a computer from nine to five sending emails so I can
cancel my own WiFi and save money for these games. I’m using two pencils as
chopsticks so I don’t gotta waste money on utensils for these games. I put a magnifying glass in
front of an iPhone 4 to watch TV to save money for these games. So don’t be hating on me
because I’m a carpooler because I put in work for these games okay? And also I like to be a part of something. Number two, The Emo. Now we all know at least
one person that talks about sporting events as if they
were physically a part of the team and they say things
like yo we need to win this game, we need to get it together, can’t believe we let that happen. And I’m just sitting over
here like mother effer what do you mean we? These athletes are out here
risking their bodies, getting injuries, putting in work. You sitting on the couch
eating Hot Cheetos and picking that wedgie from the
first part of the video. Who is we? You saying you and Steph
Curry just boys now? Y’all on the same team,
y’all in this together now? You think that if you
were boys with Steph Curry I wouldn’t be enoruaging
you to have boys night at our place more often? You think I wouldn’t be arranging
a Secret Santa with your friends and I? You think I wouldn’t be
making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for your friends right now? You think that if you
were taking selfies with Cristiano Ronaldo and he was
all up in your iMessage that I would be wearing my PJs
when your boys come over? You think I wouldn’t be
shaving these legs, and winging this liner, and investing in
some Febreze for this house, and hiring a gardener if your
boy was Cristiano Ronaldo? Who the eff you talking we? And when their team loses
they’re intolerable because they’re so emotional, and
angry, and they act irrational, and they lash out. I once dated this dude and
every time his soccer team lost straight up homeboy would
hang up on me, run away from home, skip leg day, and
deactivate his Facebook. Like calm the eff down. Like I wouldn’t be surprised
if he went and robbed a bank and then in court he was like
no you know what I was upset and emotionally impacted
because my team lost. But let’s be real he wouldn’t
get off the hook okay? He doesn’t have that kind of privilege. He ain’t Brock Turner. Number three, The Defence. These are the fans that will
go to the edge of the earth to defend their team even if
their team is completely in the wrong. You know what I’m talking about
the fans that are watching a game and they’re just
gonna question every call. What foul? Unbelievable, penalty? Are you stupid ref? Out of bounds? Boy are you blind? Straight up if Jigsaw from
Saw was playing on this team they’ll be like okay he
barely even cut his head off. Show the replay and there’s
just blood everywhere. Come one he didn’t even touch him! Straight up the guy’s getting
wheeled out on a gurney. Look at him, he’s fine. And if the opposing team so
much as sneezes on the bench this person will be
like where the foul at? Where the foul at? Just so loyal, straight up
Brienne of Tarth mentality just like I swore an oath
to the day I die, to support and serve the Cleveland Cavaliers. Brienne of Tar? Brienne of Tarp? Brienne of, is the castle made of tarp? Brienne you know who I’m
talking about, Game of Thrones. It’s the tall one, the
blonde, you know what, you expect me to remember
all those characters? Get the eff outta here, I don’t
even remember all the states in Canada. If you didn’t see anything
wrong with that sentence you’re definitely voting for Trump. But no straight up let’s just
say this sports fan has twins and both of their names are standard. You get it because it’s double standard, you know what I, when I was
writing this I don’t know if that joke was clear or not so
I think I have to explain it, like in a flow chart. Should I put a diagram? Hmm we’ll see, it’s a lot of editing. (heavy sigh) I could just get better at my job. It also sounds like a lot of work. (sighs) I’m hungry. Speaking of which number four, The Eater. Yo you know what I love about
sports right is that you can eat and drink beverages
while watching them. Everybody knows that whenever
you’re watching the game in person or from home it is
customary to have a lot of food and drinks. If you go to someone’s house
and they don’t got no snacks you really need to question
the type of people you have in your life because if you go
to someone’s house and they don’t have no snacks,
you’re getting pranked okay? If they don’t got no snacks
Roman Atwood is hiding behind the couch. If they don’t got no
snacks they don’t like you. If go to watch the game at
someone’s house and they don’t have no snacks you should feel bad okay? Because even Katniss and Gale
shared some bread and they were prepping for the
mother effing Hunger Games. You’re telling me that Jack
from work couldn’t get some chips and dip for you? How hard is it to make some dip? Open your fridge, any two
ingredients, blend that ish together you got yourself some dip. If you go and there’s no dip
you need to dip my friend. (laughs) I just want the chips and dip. (laughs) I’m so weird, that is so weird. No but for real because some
people don’t even care about the game as much as they
care about the snacks and the drinks okay? Some people be drinking
beer and they’re like wait, there’s a game going on
while I drink my beer? What? Imagine a game with no
beer, no beer makes Homer go something something, crazy? Don’t mind if I do! Just kidding I hate beer, I think it, I don’t believe anyone that
tells me they think beer doesn’t taste like piss okay? Beer tastes like such piss. And I know people say
it’s an acquired taste. So is the new Instagram
layout, I hate that too. Number five, the Athletic Genius. This person just turns
into captain obvious during a game yelling out things that
they believe are so easily achievable and no one
else is thinking about. They’re yelling out
things like just shoot it, pass the ball, just kick it. Do you not think that’s
what they’re trying to do my friend? What you’re yelling isn’t
easy, there’s many factors that come into play. Just hit the ball. Just get a touchdown. Just tackle him. Like bro, do you remember
that time you tripped while standing? Get the eff outta here. And do you remember that
time all these people are professional athletes that
are 10 million times better than you and you’re yelling
at them from the safety of your home eating peanuts. Straight up this person is acting like me in a relationship okay? Just demanding things instantly
because we believe they’re so easy. Just read my mind. Just get me fries. Just kiss my neck. Just say the right thing. Just tell me I’m right. What the eff didn’t I tell
you yesterday to grow a beard yet here you are again looking
like Tommy from Rugrats. Honestly be gone. (Humming Rugrats theme song) Number six, The Anti. This is the person who
doesn’t care about sports. They can’t be bothered with
sports, they don’t like it, they don’t get it, they would
rather do literally anything else than watch the game. I’m talking this person
would rather grab everybody’s laptop and cell phone, and
install the newest update, and restart everyone’s ish
instead of watch the game. I’m talking this person
would rather watch Mufasa die over and over and over again
and get emotionally scarred than watch the game. I’m talking this person
would rather be Mufasa than watch the game. This person doesn’t know
anything about the game so they would voluntarily give
themselves rug-burn than watch another period of this
basketball game or watch another basket in this football game. There is it relatable now? I had to include one for
people that don’t like sports there okay I’m so relatable
click thumbs up come on. No but for real I hope all
you sports fans enjoy this video and for those of you
that like curling and think that’s a sport, I hope
you also enjoy this video. Yo if you liked this video
if you chuckled a little bit or maybe you hated it but
you just wanna do a good deed click the thumbs up, comment
below letting me know are you into sports? Which sports do you follow? Let me know, I wanna know,
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spread positivity together in the world and act silly. And do, and do stuff okay. One love Superwoman that is a wrap and zoop. Energy drinks, more energy drinks.

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  1. I like to play Trench, it's this dodge ball mini game we play in gym class where there is two teams, the back row is the "trench zone" so basically when someone from another team hits you, you cross the gym class and go to their trench, then you have three ways to get back into the game.

    1. You throw a ball to your teammate and they catch it
    2. You catch a ball your teammate threw to you
    3. The teacher yells some thing out and everyone in the trench is free and back in the game.

    I always win because I have a strategy, I can stand in the middle of the gym and just go side to side or up and down and the ball will never touch me. Or I hold a ball and try to knock someone else's ball out of their hands. this is the only game I'll be HAPPY to play

  2. Aussies Football Crazy
    I don’t like footy…
    My school had footy day last week…

    If ur Aussie u will get me
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  5. I am definitely the eater. Every year my fam has a super-bowl party, and I NEED DA CHIPS AND DIP. I also don’t care about sports whatsoever, But I have a serious passion for food

  6. Lilly: "I can't even remember all the states in Canada!"

    Me: But Canada had provinces, not states.

    Lilly: "If you didn't see anything wrong with that sentence you are definitely voting for Trump."

    Me: let's out large sigh of relief Thank god!

  7. i just don't care about sports, i can't play them becouse i'm slow and i overheat easily, and i just don't watch them but if i did i would be the athletic genius, i already yell at my screen when people arnt doing thing right

  8. I LOVE Basketball and we have won all of the tournament games and our last one is Thursday and if we win we will be the champs of College Grove bra!!!!!

  9. That 3rd type of fan… that's like, 90% of people who watched the World Cup Final and was angry that France defeated Croatia. And as a Croatian person who supported Croatia (like most of the world was), I can still say… France totally deserved that win. Their penalty shot and free kick was not illegitimate like everyone thought. No unfair refereeing there.

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