Two Minute Guide to the Sport of Curling

Two Minute Guide to the Sport of Curling

Curling the game with the ice
And the rocks And the sweeping
And the yelling Each game starts with a handshake
And a coin flip to determine who goes first Then two teams will take turns throwing 44
pound stones down a sheet of ice The target? A 12 foot house. It looks like
a bullseye. Just under 150 feet away.
Each team throws 8 rocks And the team closest to the centre after all
the rocks are thrown will score the points This process is repeated for 6 to 10 rounds
called “ends” until one team is victorious
It’s just that simple. Or is it? Each team has a captain called The Skip
Like a general on the battle field, he calls the shots to best ensure victory
Stones are delivered with a predetermined rotation so they actually curl as they travel
the ice. Of course this is why the sport is called
Curling! Over the course of each end, players can throw
guards to guard the house… Draws to try and score
Or takeouts to remove the opponents stone The skip then spends the rest of the time
yelling like a crazy person but what they are actually doing is EMPHATICALLY advising their players
to brush the ice in front of the stone Brushing can change the speed and direction
of the shot After each team throws its 8 stones the team
closet to the centre of the house will score OR….
If they have more than one rock closer than the other team, they count as well.
Once all of the ends have been played The team that has the most points wins!
Aside from a few dozen other details that’s all there is to it!

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  1. I wish the video was Closed Caption so it could be used in junction with a power point presentation to hearing impaired students on the sport of curling.

  2. Doesn't really do the strategy justice… Kind of forgot one of the most important parts: scoring means you don't have hammer in the next end. So scoring one point when you have the hammer is kind of like losing the end; it's called a "force".

  3. Can someone tell me is curling easy/fun for children?
    I am going on a 4 feild trips this year for curling and I want to know? Because I'm afraid I will be bad at it and I won't enjoy it!
    Please help!

  4. I'm just here so i can tell the people who tell me to understand the game first before mocking it that I understand the game. And its still shit.

  5. informative…I needed to know this stuff while I'm watching Olympic curling. Didn't know what I was watching, just knew it was interesting.

  6. Why the silly pants, though?
    Also, do teams carry all those heavy stones around to every match, or do you use stones provided by the rink facility? Are all the stones completely equal or are some crappier than others?
    Lastly, isn't this really just shuffleboard on ice?

  7. Hello from Greece. I am one new fan of this beautiful sport. Unfortunelly Curling isn't popular in my country. I watched winter olympic games and many more curling games. I have one question about rules. I learn that in two first steps every team can place their stone as guard BUT the other team in same two rounds cant make takeout in guards. Can touch the stones but cant removes them. So, if by mistake the guards removes what is the penalty? ( im soorry for my bad english)

  8. Lol, very nice fun video! I must admit, the first time I saw curling on tv couple of years ago I thought: "What the bloody hell is this?? This is just as boring as baseball!"
    Now I see it's not boring like baseball at all. Not by faaaaaaaaar….

  9. alright so I guess I'm just going to ask, what happens if the people brushing the ice in front of the stone accidentally touch it?

  10. the way describing women is so so SO typical and misogynous. We have seen so many women on the ice who have poker face, or frown, sharing opinions and trying to make the best strategy. They are professional. Stop putting women into limitation.

  11. So curling is like bocce/boules, only played on ice, with oval-ish stones instead of balls, and (some of) the players have to use brooms to basically "clean" the path that the stone is taking towards the center, or otherwise making it smoother for the stone for having it as near to the center as possible. Got it!

    This is how an explanatory video is made: quick, essential, but at the same time clear and easy to comprehend!! Congratulations!! ^^

  12. I am here because of Netflix Loser series.. had no idea this sport was real but them again I live in the Caribbean… and it's 30°C during the day

  13. im concerned, what the hell are those people doing, like for instance; how can the tall red guy wobble in the middle??

  14. This actually an official sport in olympics
    While bowling is forever an demonstration sport
    How big nation controls the olympics

  15. Anyone who hates on curling has never done it and doesn't understand how fucking difficult it is.

    Edit: This video is fucking weird though lmao

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