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Hey all Im looking to improve my live streams on Twitch and youtube and am looking ofr some
tips if you have them do you do live stream? Where do you live stream , What tools do you
use 🙂 TWITCH TV:
When launched in 2007, the site was divided into several content categories.
The gaming category grew especially fast, and became the most popular content on the
site.[6] The company then decided to spin off the gaming content as Twitch.TV, inspired
by the term twitch gameplay. It launched officially in public beta on June 6, 2011.[7] Since then,
Twitch has attracted more than 35 million unique visitors a month.[5] Twitch has about
80 employees,[8] and is headquartered in San Francisco. On May 1, 2012, Twitch won a Webby
Award called the “Webby People’s Voice Award” in the games-related category.[9] Twitch has been supported by significant investments
of venture capital, including an 8 million USD investment in 2007,[10] an additional
15 million in 2012,[11] and 20 million in 2013.[12] Especially since the shutdown of
its direct competitor in early 2013, Twitch has become the most popular e-sports
streaming service by a large margin, leading some to conclude that the website has a “near
monopoly on the market”.[13] Websites YouTube and Dailymotion have announced moves to host
gaming livestreams as well, but have had a much smaller impact so far.[14][15] In February 2014, a stream known as Twitch
Plays Pokémon, a crowdsourced attempt to play Pokémon Red using a system translating
chat commands into game controls, went viral; by February 17, the channel had reached over
6.5 million total views since its introduction five days prior, and was averaging concurrent
viewership between 60 to 70 thousand viewers, with at least 10% participating. Vice President
of Marketing Matthew DiPietro praised the stream, considering it “one more example of
how video games have become a platform for entertainment and creativity that extends
WAY beyond the original intent of the game creator. By merging a video game, live video
and a participatory experience, the broadcaster has created an entertainment hybrid custom
made for the Twitch community. This is a wonderful proof on concept that we hope to see more
of in the future.”[16][17] As of 2014, Twitch is the fourth largest source
of internet traffic during peak times in the United States, behind Netflix, Google, and
Apple. Twitch makes up 1.8% of total US internet traffic during peak periods.[18] YOUTUBE FACTS:
YouTube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February
2005 and owned by Google since late 2006, on which users can upload, view and share
videos.[4] The company is based in San Bruno, California, and uses Adobe Flash Video and
HTML5 technology to display a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media video
content, including video clips, TV clips, and music videos, and amateur content such
as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos. Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded
by individuals, but media corporations including CBS, the BBC, Vevo, Hulu, and other organizations
offer some of their material via YouTube, as part of the YouTube partnership program.[5]
Unregistered users can watch videos, and registered users can upload an unlimited number of videos.
Videos considered to contain potentially offensive content are available only to registered users
affirming themselves to be at least 18 years old. YouTube, LLC was bought by Google for
US$1.65 billion in November 2006 and now operates as a Google subsidiary.[6]

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  1. i use PC, and i use OBS, right now im using Twitch, and idk if i should stream on yt, because i thought about it, and it might be easier with yt, cuz i make yt vids too

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