TVJ Midday News Today: Peter Bunting Commenting on SOE – July 8 2019

TVJ Midday News Today: Peter Bunting Commenting on SOE – July 8 2019

good afternoon I’m Herman green with the
midday news a special welcome to those of you watching online at one spot following yesterday’s declaration of a state of emergency SOE
in the st. Andrews South Police Division concerns are again being raised over the
use of SOS as a means of dealing with a conscious crime problem the concern
follows numerous calls from various sectors of the society for the Andrew
Holness led government to outline a detailed crime plan for central
Manchester Member of Parliament and a challenger for PNP president Peter
bunting the imposition of a state of emergency is more a publicity stunt
speaking with reporters in st. James last evening mr. bunting said he’s not
hopeful that there will be any great results under this SOE the central
Manchester MP and former security minister says the members of the force
are being used in intelligence so that they can identify who the violence
producers are where the guns are and go for them in a pincer like movement this
you know state of emergency approach has been just used for largely for public
relations the the data says that it has not been effective and we need something
more meaningful from the government to respond to the crime situation meanwhile
the private sector organisation of Jamaica PS oj is calling for the
authorities to provide details on the decision-making process in the clearing
states of emergency PS oj president hamid mitchell says the business
community supports their states of emergency because crime and violence
have affected its members however he believes there are other areas in need
of heightened security measures additional activities being pursued
inclined and hotspots management additional intelligence on surveillance
activities because we can just go on putting band-aids on this part of the
cancer that Carlos you noticed so I I support it but there must be more to
make us airport are in need of essential upgrades that’s
according to Transport Minister Robert Montague who says Jamaica’s facilities
or airport facilities lack keifa City technology to compete on the global
stage he was speaking at the 45th anniversary of the airport authority of
Jamaica we have more in this report both phenom and Manny International and
sangster international airports have been leased to investors within the last
20 years and moved the airport authority of Jamaica saw as necessary in
developing and modernizing the facilities however Transport Minister
Robert Montague believes that Jamaica should be leading in innovation but
instead Island is lacking mr. Montague argues that the lack of
urban planning creates major challenges for the country’s infrastructure
he believes America must look at mass transit and other key transportation
issues for the future for Transport Minister says lawmakers inability to
plan especially in the transportation sector please still citizens being
inconvenienced when improvements are made to infrastructure machine masters TVJ news the problematic
Sargassum seaweed is once again impacting Jamaica’s beaches
however tourism minister Edmund Bartlet is proposing that this year the issue
will be fixed he spoke on the matter during a tour of tourist attractions in
Saint Mary on the weekend Sargassum it’s a form of seaweed that almost yearly has
been a problem to beaches in the region the weed washes in in droves covering
large areas of beach both land and water it’s again seen as a threat to the
tourism sector as it has already been seen on beaches in eastern Jamaica this
year we’re concerned because we see that as a clear and present danger to tourism
especially the tourism we understand that is driven by sand sea and so on
noting the importance of the beach experience to the sector tourism
minister edmond Bartlett says it’s a threat to the entire region in addition
to its unsightly nature and hindrance to beach goers the seaweed also has a
distinctly pungent odor which adds to visitors staying away last year the
National Environment and planning agency never suggested collecting the seaweed
for use as fertilizer while there has not been much detail on that suggestion
mr. Bartlett says more definitive action is to be taken this year we have already
started to be proactive we been talking with our partners nipper
and ourselves we’ve been talking with some international bodies that are doing
studies as well so what is the expectation from these discussions this
year mr. Bartlett says he expects an outcome that will bring a solution to
the recurring issue once and for all we think that the meeting of the minds
of all of these key and powerful thinkers will help us to find a formula
that will do two things one will identify and choke off the flow of
Sargassum into our space and second to track it
and to be able to trap it and within our waters and finally to be able to recover
from whatever follows that may come my way of its own accretion on our beaches
we take a break here on the midday news but stay with us more stories when we
return welcome back continuing the news the
government is moving to boost the capacity of the security forces to
monitor communication by criminals the disclosure was made by national security
minister dr. Horace Chan at a news conference yesterday where he outlined
legislative measures to be taken to cauterize crime he noted that a review
of the anti-gun legislation is underway but the government would not be relying
only on that law to suppress gang activities anti-gang legislation will
have his final tour three panel sittings to look at various amendments until we
get to those sitting in fact we’re bringing to the host amendments to
intercept act to provide the security forces with an effective means of using
modern technology to gather evidence in dealing with the criminal enterprises
the gangs they are Don’s and bringing together of guns in the country the
interception of communications at allows the security forces to tap the
telephones of persons suspected or accused of criminal involvement it
authorizes the interception of all communications of a specific person
named in a warrant and enables author authorised officers
to request technical information from telecommunications service providers
under the Telecommunications Act counselor for the Waterford Division in
st. Catherine Finley Douglas is appealing to the National Works Agency
NWA to make adjustments to the newly rehabilitated port Henderson Road in a
recent interview with TVJ news mr. Douglas raised several concerns about
the median being created in the road he claims the median is too low which
encourages motorists especially taxi operators we were hoping that the median
in the center of the road would have been much higher because as it is right
now vehicles are driving over the median one – we’re seeing taxi men work going
towards knucklehead stopping in the center of the road letting off people
who is just crossing and three the fact that this road is somewhat like a new
highway if there should be an accident there is no way that the accident will
be contained on the side that it occurred the intersections are both nog
ahead and beside cannot remain as they are otherwise what they’re only doing
with the road widening is to shift the block from one end to the other and no
arrangement made at the intersection to disperse the traffic wanted it’s built
up in fall in two lanes finally Douglas also says the street lighting is
insufficient which he believes is a recipe for disaster
I am concerned also about the lighting when it was a normal two-way Road the
lighting would have been able to spread across entire corridor know that it is a
dual carriageway the lighting is insufficient the entire left side going
down towards beside will be in total darkness but as it is no it’s an
ingredient for disaster and if we should cry out our talk no it is the best time
to do so so that the National Works Agency can make the necessary correction
– – to this corridor here no the Jamaica urban transit company J UTC’s liquefied
natural gas LNG terminal in Port Merson Catherine
to be commissioned into service shortly that’s the word from Minister of
Transport Robert Montague the Jo TC has acquired five LNG buses and mr. Montague
says more will be purchased the Depot will operate the buses as part of a
pilot LNG is being promoted as a much cleaner fuel than diesel which offers
economic and environmental benefits children who previously had to travel
from south central parishes of the island to Kingston seeking medical
treatment for some air conditions will no longer have to do so that’s because
the Mandeville regional hospital is now equipped with a state-of-the-art
microscope which will significantly aid in those procedures the microscope
valued at over 3.5 million dollars was donated to the hospital by the
manchester wellness foundation consultant in the ear nose and throat
ENT department of the Mandeville Regional Hospital dr. Andrew Manning
says the use of the microscope will change the quality of life for many
children in the region this microscope is going to help a large number of
children within our region to have a better life so currently we have to send
patients to basta Monti Children’s Hospital for the universe the hospital
and a lot of the times they go to na join
within this so this microscope will help to change that dr. Manning noted that
the handing over of the equipment is essential as a number of children across
the island are affected by glue air this refers to a buildup of fluid behind the
eardrum he says this infection has a serious debilitating effect on the
learning process kids with hearing disabilities have a lesser chance of
learning what they need to learn in primary school there were much lesser
chance of going on to high school a much lesser chance of going to college which
means a much greater chance of ending up in prison we going on to news in sports
Jamaica’s men’s and women’s rugby sevens team both finished second at the Rugby
America’s north championship in the Cayman Islands on Sunday the men’s team
lost to Canada in the final 40 to 5 despite the defeat the men’s team
qualifies for the 2020 edition of the Hong Kong Sevens this is the fourth time
in a row that Jamaica have qualified for this tournament in addition by virtue of
finishing second they will now head to the Intercontinental play-off for the
Olympic Games to be played in June 2020 meanwhile the lady crocs lost 1915 to
Mexico in the final they will also head to the Intercontinental playoffs for the
Olympics next year the men’s team will next be in action in
the Pan Am Games in Lima Peru later this month and that wraps up the midday news
I’m Herman green please join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on
behalf of the new sports and production teams good afternoon

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  1. Remember he was in charge of minster of security and the crime he couldnt control it so he is all talk because he could not do better

  2. We need 20 more soe bunting when you was minster 1000 of people was still been kill that why I support the use car we just can't aforward so many new one

  3. Bunting should be the last person to criticize on anyone's crime fighting method, he threw his hands up and cried for his god to rescue him…. we all have the answers when we're on the other side. smhMontague highlighted some good points but what are we going to do to resolve it?…. talking is easy

  4. Peter did you have those strategies when you were the Minister of national security? Wasn't your solution divine intervention?

  5. Buy beach cleaners, give jobs to youths and supervisor and tractor drivers to clean up the beaches., Locals have to get jobs. There are many kind of beach cleaners on YouTube. Invest in beach care.

  6. This con artist
    He was security minister and he basically cried in public about the crime.
    Never felt so hopeless in my life

  7. Seems like Mr Bunting is a professional opposition minister. Can he tell us what was the benefit to Jamaica when he joined protestors marching downtown against crime?
    Can we guess? yes they were protesting against govt inability to curtail crime and as the minister in charge of crime, who was he protesting against?

  8. Peter bunting got robbed by theive and he was in charge of been the minister of national security shake my head boy

  9. Mr Montague what happen to the roads to st Thomas..the single road is a disaster although St Thomas have the most Aggregate….so stop coming down on the AIRPORT Authority..the travellers already over taxed with so many Agency claiming improvements and more…fees are collected…..try fixing St THOMAS Roads…

  10. Peter Bunting need to shut up.. when he.was minister of security
    .. he was not doing better.. it was the.same.. You alzo got rob when u were security minister. Did u do nothing u all PNP IS A BUNCH OF HYPROCRITES….

  11. Peter bunting should shut his chop because all he did was when he was a minister of National Security is cry at least somebody else is trying something else

  12. peter bunting the crime that Jamaica facing right now did not started yesterday, yesterday, it escalated out of hand under you PNP Government, you peter was there as security minister talking about divine intervention , you can fix the crime problem now so why you did not fix it then, you and you PNP crew or a set of hypocritical asshole , and cant even fix one shit you all major achievement is corruption

  13. True true true Jamaica airport's need to upgrade it's full time now Jamaica never been in the back before so why our airport's not upgrade

  14. Crime in Jamaica is the concern of every Jamaican including " former security minister Peter Bunting" .
    Peter Bunting as security minister recognised and understood crime "the MONSTER," he was dealing with. He was not "NAIVE" , so to EMPHASIZE the SERIOUSNESS of it ; he said JAMAICA NEEDED DIVINE INTERVENTION to HELP TACKLE IT. What was wrong with that?.Can't we as a nation rid ourselves of the JLP/ PNP SYNDROME ? Don't we over the years realise that everyone has a solution when someone else is wearing the shoes? Peter is no longer wearing that shoes he passed it over to this administration who thought they could do a better job. However, they are learning the hard way; how difficult crime solving in Jamaica is. Saying this to say that, we all NEED the killings and robbery to stop so at this point it is not about who said what in the past ; it is about what can be done NOW to curtail it.

  15. I waa surprised that they didnt add a transit only lane for buses and taxis whike doung the mandela project…i believe our politicians need to go out into the world and learn more about the updated ways of efficient governance…..look at trinidad whi we compete against more than any other country in the world…they have had a dedicated transit road that brings peiple from the rural areas into port of spain for decades ……thats vision right there…and our politicians are still asleep at the wheel……i swear a thing as simple as people movement and in this day and age they havent seen that vision….very dissapointing espacially to a jamaican living out of jamaica and knowing what need to be done to make the country better

  16. So tell me something why mr bunting never do all that when he was in the position of security them full a shit

  17. Peter bunting is a crab who wants to be in charge,I wonder why he against the crime measures implemented, he might be one of the players who profit from high crime rates in the country

  18. Clean the beaches and sell the sea weeds I pay ten US dollars for a small amount to make my Irish moss

  19. Bunting himself is a criminal use Skeng don to Run JLP voters from Polling stations on election day in Central Manchester.

  20. Monteque Jamaica could have had all those nice things in other countries. Too much Criminals in high places. Do the addition of all the Money we have heard about that have been Robbed my Ministers. Plus the money we don't hear about.

  21. Sticky plaster on gaping wound is no use,SOE 90% of the Country,wishful thinking.Where's the real plan to reduce violent crime or are people at the top benefiting from violent crime.Starting from the top,sack certain curropt police man.

  22. Bunting need to shut up!! Does he think that Jamaican still have short memory!? Well some of the stupid making comments are!! At least this Government is trying!! Bunting and the PNP need to shut up because Bunting show his hands in the air in desperation and talk about divine intervention!!! Shut up Bunting!! Just shut up!!!

  23. Mr Bunting, you are running an election campaign what is your plan!? ? we don't want to here about the Government we already know that they are not doing anything ?

  24. Thats all them doing is slaving Jamaican people and taking the money out the country and not investing in the country back. and the government of Jamaica need to stop those kinds of thing and let foriegn who own companies in Jamaica need to invest back in Jamaica……

  25. How comes authorities do not know who are selling the guns so they can nip the gun trade in the bud?
    The US had a major gun bust in Florida in 2017 and all the the focus was on was who it was sent to. Anyone can screw up someone by sending gun to to that person. Focus was not on the purchaser in the US and nobody in the US will go to jail for breaking such law.

  26. Both parties are clueless as to how to fix what is a severe social crisis in Jamaica. They are busy trying to treat the symptom, crime.

  27. Peter Bunting should stand down with his criticism of the government. Peter is in political mode and dirty water is over his head as it relates to crime and security! Stand with and defend the government crime-fighting efforts for the good of the country!

  28. putting politics one side , mr . bunting is right , the state of emergency is now nothing but a state of joke . my friend got robbed at the stop light in inswood st. catherine , just a stone throw away from the JDFcheckpoint , the gunman then rode right past them on the stolen bike , with the gun in his waist , no attempt was made to stop him , as all the personel who were supposed to be on duty , were busy taking a brake under the tree , a lady was robbed on johns rd. within earshot reach of the checkpoint there . a car load of gunmen drove past the same checkpoint on johns rd . and shot and killed a man not far away from them , a couple was trailed by gunmen armed with m16s all the way from portmore and robbed in the dovecot area . the criminals drove past the checkpoint twice in one night . incidentaly , the robbery in inswood occured at 4pm in the evening . the gunman also passed the inswood checkpoint twice in one evening . to top it all the entrance and exit to the toll roads in and out of spanish town are without checkpoints since early last year , so all who want to transport anything illegal without the possibility of a search , just need to drive on the toll rd. in addition to all this , another of my friend have been traveling to and from montego bay past all the checkpoints since the last two weeks , he has a licensed gun , and he told me , he has never been stopped or searched . what a joke . kmt .

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