TVJ Midday News: New School Year Same Crippling Problems – August 20 2019

TVJ Midday News: New School Year Same Crippling Problems – August 20 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot mediacom
concerns this afternoon from the newly inducted president of the Jamaica
Teachers Association JTA or in speed that the new school year will start with
the same crippling problems of last year among them water shortages or reporter
Dwayne Anderson has been covering the JTA Sandwell conference in st. James and
has this report oh and speed officially assumed his new
role as Jamaica Teachers Association JTA president on Monday night what his tone
on issues affecting education was the same as before we should make
educational matters public I will never be afraid to let the cat out of the bag among the matters he wished to make
public the crippling water shortage that gripped parts of the education sector
leading up to this summer break as the principal of a corporate area school he
knows the problem personally and said Russell primary like many others had no
water even up to this week he says very little has been done to address the
water crisis in schools ahead of the new school term and predicts further
disruptions I am afraid that come September to the
schools in the corporate area will have the same issues that they had last year
when we had to close school half days some of the times because there was no
water in the pipe there is a call also from the independent schools that they
need help in terms of chalking of water into their institutions because it is
too expensive to afford when we buy water for $22,000 it cannot serve for a
day according to speed school roads are also
in the plural conditions he wants them fixed by the Ministry of
Education speed officially took over the reins of the JTA on Monday night
assuming responsibilities from dr. Garth Anderson on Chester highs just read
Gabriel in the meantime was ushered into the role as president-elect for the 2019
2020 period doing Anderson TVJ news the parliamentary opposition is calling for
a detailed audit on the state-run career advancement program cap the audit it
says will determine whether the country is receiving value for money prints more
reports career advancement program was designed to provide opportunity for
unattached youths to gain valuable training and skills for the job market
or to further their education but in recent years questions have been raised
about its effectiveness at a PNP press briefing on Monday the opposition called
for a detailed audit chairman of the People’s National Party’s education
commission Elaine foster Allen says despite an increase in persons
registered there continues to be a decline in attendance under the career
advancement program so for example in 2015 just looking at the math we had
total registered over four over over six thousand students in 2019 we have over
10,000 students but the the attendance has been falling off over time in 2016
73 percent twenty seventeen seventy one percent but in 2018 sixty-eight percent
twenty nineteen sixty-six percent and the same perhaps even worse for English
where it moved from 70 percent in 2015 up to 73 percent in 2016 and then since
2017 68 65 64 percent for that reason opposition spokesman on education
Renauld sweets says there are signs the program is not fulfilling its purpose of
course with the numbers goes the expenditure and therefore we
are asking for a full audit of the career advancement program to ensure
that we are getting value for money and that we are addressing the fact that in
many instances the cap program is stymied because it turns out to be a
literacy program because so many of those who enroll whether or not they
attend is because they simply cannot read and write even at that stage the
career advancement program is offered at selected secondary schools private
skills development centers as well as private public tertiary institutions
across the island burns more TVJ news the International Monetary Fund IMF has
declared that Jamaica should be able to withstand a global recession last week
increases in short-term lending rates in America triggered fears that trade
tensions between the United States and China could lead to a recession details
in this report speculation on the issue in the u.s. led to concerns locally that
a recession in the US could have a rippling effect of the Jamaican economy
however I am a president representative to Jamaica dr. constant banking in guano
says Jamaica is well prepared to deal with a global recession I think men
achievement of the Jamaican economy has been the improvement of the resilience
of the economy so the fact that the economy is the mccr economy is more
stable the fact that what we call policy bought for a stronger made this American
economy more resilient as the Jamaican people have been doing the focus should
be on the local economy to adopt the right policies that would
have Jamaica navigate global you know external forces so we believe America is
an economy that is well prepared today in the meantime dr. Don King and Guana
has acknowledged that occurrences in the markets of Jamaica’s major trading
partners typically have an impact on small countries however he says Jamaica
can ensure it is protected by instituting policy buffers so when you
are hit by a shock your level of visitors matter as to how
the shop you’re going to absorb the shock your fiscal will because this
caspase which is essentially your debt different between where you want to be
and where you are today those are elements that are low countries to
navigate those global forces and again the Jamaican economy is much more
prepared today than it was six seven years ago
in the mean time concern is mounting about a slowdown in the US economy The
Associated Press is reporting that a number of us economists appear
sufficiently concerned about the risks of some of President Donald Trump’s
economic policies that they expect a recession in the US by the end of 2021
thirty-four percent of economists surveyed by the National Association for
Business Economics in a report released yesterday said that they believe a
slowing economy will tip into recession in less than two years now that’s up
from 25 percent in a survey taken in February only two percent of those
polled expect a recession to begin this year while 38 percent predict that it
will occur in 2020 or she’d masters TVJ news and it’s time for a break stay with
us we’ll be right back welcome back and we’re continuing the
news attorney-at-law Petersham pani believes that the jury system should not
be abolished as we hear in this report he was speaking in an interview with the
TV joy news in recent years there have been many calls for Jamaica’s jury
system to be abolished according to the Supreme Court of Jamaica a Jewish
consists of ordinary citizens who are able to apply their common sense to the
matter of determining the guilt or innocence of an accused citizen as a
result some persons believe at a jurors decision in a case may be skewed based
on personal beliefs however attorney-at-law British company says
judges have the responsibility to inform the jury of specific terms in order to
avoid being influenced by preconceived ideas a function of the George one of
the main function of a George in a jury setting is to in very clear simple
language explain to the jury the elements in terms of what is needed in
in law to prove the offense and to guide the jury so common sense is important
and I have fun by and large that the jurors are able to appreciate the case
they are able to understand he says there are provisions in place to
maintain a level of transparency in the jury system if there is information and
credible information that the jury might have T into consideration matters
totally unrelated to the facts of the case then you can use that as a round of
appeal if it is for instance that it comes to your attention during a trial
that there has been some tampering with the jury in order on the law a law is
the child judge to make an inquiry and to formally embark upon
that within the trial and to determine these issues mr. Campanella means that
the system is not 100% effective but he believes there is no
justification to do away with it I don’t know yet to encounter a juror that has
served in terms of jury duty and he is regretful who would not for instance
want to return to serve as a juror it is it to my mind it is one of those pillars
of the justice system that should remain a shade masters TPJ news farmers who
suffered millions of dollars in losses following a massive fire in flagman st.
elizabeth are set to receive assistance from government minister without
portfolio in the agriculture ministry JC Hutchinson says details will be released
in very short order mr. Hutchinson is to tour the area today to assess the damage we haven’t got an estimate yet a good
estimate because we sent a drone from rod down there to see what the damage
was like and so by tomorrow we’ll be assessing rack result and we will be
going down there tomorrow afternoon to see forces exactly what the damage is
like and then from here we will get a better idea so we will be able to and
know exactly what assistance we can be giving to the farmers down there but we
hope to give them some more than 200 acres of farmland were destroyed with
the Jamaica agricultural society estimating losses so far at three
hundred million dollars now to a follow-up story the National Environment
and the planning agents in Napa has completed its report on the
discoloration of a river in Saint Mary three weeks ago residents noticed that
the river had changed color to pale red and there was also a foul smell mayor of
Port Maria Richard curry says that the official diagnosis from Napa is referred
to as red tide basically what they are seeing is the cause of it is what is
called algae bloom or known as reptile because the water and everybody we are
not terribly reinforced so the river cannot flush itself
sorry water remain stagnant and I just apparently this algae it has grown more
than it would normally go so that has caused the water to turn red
if we have to get really far that will flush
after heavy showers in Port Maria last week the river was still red but there
is no longer a new de Mayor query says the Municipal Corporation will start
implementing the recommendations from Napa the recommended that we create a
channel not to remove the entire amount of Sun that is blocking a motor River
but just to create a channel or more than one channel so that water can flow
and this flow of water will eventually take away the rest of Sun and it should
somewhat clear the water once there is a flow the Negril Chamber of Commerce says
it’s doing all it can to transform the Negril clinic into a trauma center
president of the chamber Richard Wallace says it’s important that Negril has a
medical facility to stabilize persons if the need arises
since the nearest major medical facilities are miles away and you know
while this facility is not just for tourists where we’re also thinking about
all the the people that reside in the Negro area and also the people that work
in the Negril era because remember if a medical emergency doesn’t have to be an
accident it could be a heart attack it could be an illness and all things like
that and you know people come on vacation and they have a medical
emergency so it’s for everyone let’s forth International Food and Wine
Festival and part of the proceeds will go towards building the trauma center
and other stakeholders are trying to raise funds to upgrade the Negro clinic
to a facility that can you know that can save lives because the closest medical
facility to Negril is either sab Lamar hospital or the newer home hospital in
Lucy I think it’s right so a lot of people died on their way there so so we
figured if we could we’ve been lobbying the government to upgrade the clinic and
we decided that we would raise some of the funds that’s necessary to show the
government that we’re not sitting on waiting on them only we will try to help
ourselves mr. Wallace says last year the chamber
donated 1 million dollars to the building fund and the government has
expressed an interest in helping to upgrade the facility Health Minister dr.
Christopher Tufton says a join for the facility has been completed and the
National Health Fund is spearheading the process and that’s the midday news I’m
Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the
news sports and production teams good afternoon

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  1. There should be a major Hospital built in Negril. We still not seeing any major improvements in the Jamaica's health sector infrastructure and this is dispite the contributions from the Diaspora and the loans to the sector from other countries.

  2. So what all the fees you guys collect do fatten the board members… stop running the schools to make a profit and teach kids can learn under a tree if nnds be

  3. Water is the most important source,JAMAICA is in the middle of water,,mean that water can b delivered to the 4 corners without problem,Away with contracted that truck water,truck brake down big waste,run pipeline in this modern age , let us make long term preparation ,for water to everyone in Jamaica. PEOPLE GET AND DEMAND WATER ,then meter the service so people use it cautiously,..

  4. Why the pnp is always trying to stop the progress of something that is good for the citizen of Jamaica, now the program for the youth s and young people to help them to further their education now they are targeting wanted it to be shut down. What wrong the pnp why don't they love progress especially in helping the youths of tomorrow everything is a bothered to them, let the program be and go take a back seat you are not the governing party, go hold your corner.

  5. THis is a notice for NWC: I heard that the Constant Spring flows constantly and can supply a lot of water for Kingston residents. Please check it out ASAP

  6. why Jamaica school have to be buying water the country that I was born is one of the most corrupt country in the world

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