TUTO Finition FIFA 20 – Comment marquer dans FIFA 20

TUTO Finition FIFA 20 – Comment marquer dans FIFA 20

Hi everyone, today we have the finishing tutorial in FIFA 20 Before starting i have to precis ethat i will only be talking about finishing everything concerning passing and crossing won’t be included sometimes i can say something obvious but please try to endure it a little because there are begginers among us first of all the bases always use the strong foot finesse shots are more precise and better curved but a bit less powerful low shots are well… low, but you lose some percision outside the box it can’t be considered finishing so it’s included in the long shots category so we won’t consider the finishing stats anymore the further your mouvement direction is from your shot direction the less accurate your shot will be a player’s sats make all the difference never shot on a defender that blocks your way never shot in the middle ever and finally a shot during a sprint is always less precise enough talking about bases let’s get to buisness Fisrt: versy short distance if you find yourself in this situation it means that you went past all the defenders and it also means you got way too close to the GK and it became even harder to score the best solution is to put a low shot with average power but if you think there is enough space use a finesse shot and aim it to the near post (1 bar power) you can also use chip shots but they require a lot of precision and power control even if you use aim assist and sometimes a little direction change improves your chances of scoring and by that i mean a little adjustment not a U turn and don’t forget, don’t use too much power because with it comes a momentum and with it the goal keeper will dive straight into the ball and now the Short distance one of the easiest occasions and they are pretty hard to obtain in most cases the defence is already behind you so release the sprint button take another step or two load two power bars and cross the shot to use the strong foot and if you aren’t well placed to use the strong foot switch to a finesse shot and aim for the other post in most cases the opponent will take out his GK then just pass the ball and shot right after and now for Long distance (still inside the box) in this case there are two ways first move in parallel with the goal or head a bit to the inside then load a finesse shot with 2.5 to 3.5 bars and aim for the far post if possible give the player enough time and space to adjust his shot if possible power shots and low shots can also work in this case but i prefer finesse shots because of their curve and las we have the surface corners it gets a bit complicated in here because there are many possibilities first one: head to the post, go back and throw a finesse shot and if the opponent is already expecting it he will leave the near post open so aim for the near post and use a powerful low shot, pretty much a guranteed goal UNLESS YOUR PLAYER WANTS TO MESS WITH YOU if you recienve a pass from the opposing direction and you are in a good position to use the strong foot, throw a first touch shot 2-3 bars of power should be enough sometimes use your instincts, if you think a low shot is more appropriate don’t hesitate and don’t forget to always keep an eye on the goal keeper an eye on the GK because he may change his position or in general just aim for the far post and if you mastered using chip shots and think the conditions are perfect by that i mean your position and the goal keeper’s you can use them with no worries i didn’t even mention the timed finishing this time if you want to know how to use them you can watch my last year’s TUTO and if you don’t know what’s the point in using it to put it simply it improves the power and precision risking everything in the process if you failed your timing and of course i didn’t put headers or volleys in this video because they have more in common with building attacks than finishing and of course dribbling can make as much difference as finishing if used well enough in my opinion the best training is attacking scenarios this way you will learn the bases and how to handle a GK and the defenders at the same time well i think we just reached the end of this video don’t forget to subscribe and put a like if this video was helpful to you we wil meet again for the GAMEPLAY of FIFA 20 so goodbye until we meet next time ! and thank you everyone

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  1. – Tir en finesse: R1 + bouton du Tir
    – Tir a ras de terre: R1+L1 + bouton du Tir
    – Tir lobé: L1 + bouton du Tir

  2. Salut super tuto !
    J’ai acheter fifa 20 et quand je fait un match il n’y a pas le nom du joueur et la barre de puissance quelqu’ un pourrais m’aider ?

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