[TUTO] Finition: Comment Marquer sur FIFA 19 – Finishing tutorial (ENG sub)

Hello everyone, BariEX here and today we meet for the FIFA19 finishing TUTO But before starting i have to give some tips for the begginners Sure it’s something basic but you have to pay attention to the Strong and Weak foot It could heavily affect the shot, its Power, Precision and thus the final result Then make sure the player has the right Shooting Stats And if you know all this it’s time to get started The feature that changed everything in this FIFA: Timed Finishing It can hugely affect the power and the precision Right now many players are struggling to learn it but if you can do it after hours of training you will be a champ And those who couldn’t master it after Several hours of training and hard work Just leave the Default shot to do the job by pressing the shoot button only once Many begginners won’t bother learning it Even good players should make do with it in easy occasions In first touch shots Or any kind of difficult shots you couldn’t master The Timed Finishing is kind of simple to learn but hard to master Start by pressing the shot button to give the order Then press a second time And with the right timing you will increase the Precision and the power And for the second touch, it should be done right before the contact with the ball Several instants before touching the ball Yes it’s very hard and changes a lot Between Simple Shots, Shots after Sprint, Volleys and Headers But the most important is to keep in mind that you must press right before touching the ball You can use the trainer but this is something i would personally avoid Beceause you will be decieved many times when the cursor’s speed changes And don’t try to keep a rhythm in your head because that won’t work either From now on the power bar defines the height of the shot and the perfect timing defines the Shot’s power and accuracy This said, it doesn’t mean you can’t score without timing the shot But you can’t try very difficult shots And this brings us to the Low Driven Shots First you must charge one bar of power and make a perfect timing And now you can do it outside the box Something that didn’t exist in FIFA 18 It means make a quick button press then time your finishing For lon shots it’s pretty simple, use a player with a good long shot Charge the power depending on the distence between you and the Goal And the timing is very important here Except if it’s a very easy occasion By the way a defeault shot is better than an average timed one One more thing a late shot timing equals a default one so don’t sweat it If you want more detailed TUTORIALS about finishing or anything just ask in the comments So this brings us to the end of this video we say goodbye, see you next time and Thanks for watching!

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