Tucker: 2020 Democrats and the victimhood Olympics

Tucker: 2020 Democrats and the victimhood Olympics

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  1. Hate tsunami you hit it out of the park again Tucker. Most of my family's brainwashed Democrats I'm always trying to give them a little bit of Truth but it just don't seem to work they are so bad as Trump haters that they will not believe anything good that he's done and believe the mainstream media because that's all they watch and it has made my life very uncomfortable. It sucks being and open-minded Republican in 2019 especially since I am white and over 40 now! I can't believe I am seen as the enemy because I believe in a higher power that's not Allah

  2. My own father said I need a job on Fox News because all I do is spin Trump. At least he admits my arguments are good LOL

  3. Does Tucker ever have anything constructive or positive to say? All he ever does is complain and criticize. The people who watch him must really have such a sad existence that is only eased by the tearing down of others. With his tremendous ratings, it makes me sad how many unhappy people there are out there.

  4. Wait, so now millionaires are victims now? It seems regressives look for oppression and find it where it doesn't exist. They're all pulling a Smollett. A white guy could stand there, stabbing themselves with a kitchen knife, telling their voters they were attacked. And regressives would say "See, look at the stab wounds, how can you say that white people aren't doing the stabbing?". Never have i seen so many dumb human beings.

  5. Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same. The sooner y'all realize that the sooner you get your country back. You are all smart enough to think on your own, you don't need turds like this red faced shill. Start making your own decisions about people on the 'other side' and you will realize you are all on the SAME SIDE.

  6. So he is saying that God loves what he has called an abomination? I'm sorry but I don't think so. Ah at Bible did he read?

  7. There's a limit you know; tolerance and compassion do not translate into being governed by persons of non-binary gender identity. Sorry; it's just the way of the unenlightened;…as a country…we aren't past radicalism yet…even the so-called moslems are bound by canon to not support homosexuality…it's forbidden behavoir. There is no mention of persons of sexual ambiguity, born that way; so that is the only area subject to interpretation

  8. Want too see what the entire country will look like if these crazy Democrats win- Look at Seattle a once great city- now ran with "compassion" so citizens and business owners get robbed and then told by the city council to deal with it. The council ignores its own citizens outrage to protect the criminal and drug addicts.

  9. "The Pornstar Presidency"? Does Buttigig have a problem with porn stars??? WELL! It was God who made them porn stars, so if Mayor Pete has a problem with who they are, he doesn't have a problem with porn stars, he has a problem with GOD.

  10. Dems should save their campaign money and repay social security fund. That will show good will toward the American people. Trump will win without question.

  11. Patterns repeated is nothing but habitual work of the mind that becomes body itself. Memory is what you think you know but in reality the mind is Intelligent that needs to be used daily with facts and not emotions.

  12. Nope couldn't feel the hate from pence… but I can definitely get it from you Tucker maybe you should stick to just the news and keep your opinions out of it…

    Truckers now a dem on the fake news band wagon…boycott boycott boycott

  13. Pete Butt , is worshiping the wrong god ! LOL ? He’s in for a real shock ! Maybe he should read the Bible!!!

  14. Pence was just expressing his religious views. However, certain group of people may get personal about such view. Like 50-60 years ago, there were churches teaching black and white don’t mix, but people who were in inter-racial relationship certainly would get personal about that religious view.

  15. Tucker's a clown, but even a clown can get a thing or two right. Nicely done, Tucks. But here's the problem, Tucks, you're attacking the beta male, who has no real chance of winning in the primaries.

  16. Hope you’re saving your exorbitant salary to pay for some much needed plastic surgery. When the disgraced mob boss is thrown out of Washington, you are going to need a new identity.

  17. Yeah that's what its all about folks, I am a victim so vote for me or I am going to cry on national TV, don't you care ? look at my tears, I am crying like a baby so please vote for me

  18. The law is the law, and it has to be followed. But Booty-Judge is no more married to "his husband" than a beast-o-phile is married to his llama.

  19. Oh my freakin' goodness, Tucker, your satire and sarcasm is the best in the business! If you'd lived 140, or so years ago, your name might have been Mark Twain. This is how people should get their news! Thanks for the smile.

  20. There is going to come a time when I need to become extra cheesified. I can handle a little bit of cheesery from time to time. I mean you gotta get by. But I'm going to need to step up my cheesification levels. It's going to be a challenge. And I don't think this is the best time in my life for a full cheese transformation. I hope you understand. Best of luck, scratcher.

  21. I am so upset right now I hope you talk about this I'm a senior citizen barely making ends meet I live in Inverness Florida I just got home from the grocery store there was a Mexican couple ahead of me at the service counter and I didn't pay too much mind to it until like they couldn't speak a bit of English they were trying to figure out if somebody called them to send money and they said no then I got very angry when I heard what they were sending back to Mexico $1,000 are you kidding me what are the $1,000 to help bring some more over here and the coyotes are getting $7,000 per person. We're giving them food stamps and housing and everything and they're sending their money back to Mexico this has to stop please somebody help us I took a picture of them if you want to use their picture on the news that these people sending that kind of money I would love it should be against the law to send money to another country right now we are being invaded by these people wake up America President Trump is absolutely right and Congress has got to let him go he would have put a stop to all of this now we got 25,000 more coming

  22. Lots of the democratic party have "I feel" in their arguments. Rarely any facts, so they are better suited for advice columns not politicians.

  23. If there's no hate crime, make one up. When there's no real feud, make one of those up too. There is a pattern going on here.

  24. You Trumptards are so pathetic. You are so stupid and brainwashed you can't see that he doesn't care about you. He is laughing at you that you are dumb enough to support him. After he loses in 2020 you can all crawl back in the holes you came from

  25. The sooner you stop fighting and let them have their way, the sooner their stupid crap will implode. Fighting it is only raising tensions and making the inevitable kaboom that much worse…

  26. my god you people are brainwashed. If only you could see how much propaganda this is, the left has problems with PC culture but my god all of the sane republicans are either dead or retired, the current party has chucked out principals with trump and only cares about maintaining power at all costs, while lining their pockets before they retire soon.

  27. Tucker is the best Fox has to offer. Please make sure Tucker stays on air or I will cancel my cable subscription.

  28. These Dems are people who grew up privileged and after they couldn’t make it in the real world, they go into politics to keep living a privileged life. Using minorities for their own personal gain. Lying to everyone to get votes. They only care about money.

  29. No one whines more about how unfair the world is then Trump. He is a true Man Child. Tucker Carlson the epitome of hypocrisy

  30. I grew up in a wealthy home. Always had a nanny, a driver, a cook…
    Just you name it and we had it!
    I went to the finest schools… Got a high paying job and everyone likes me!

    Including the Vice Pres-Ah-Dent!

    Oh God I'm living the American Dream, I'm such a victim, won't you vote for me?

    "Excerpts from Bobby Brown Goes Down."

  31. I just realized something interesting. During some of the most horrific episodes in history like the Inquisition and the Salem witch trials the truly evil ones were those in charge. They would create a Boogeyman to demonize their opponents in order to gain control. The same thing is being done now. The evil people in charge have created a boogeyman they call the far-right. It's a way of deflecting from their own evil and projecting it onto others at the same time

  32. Democrats: Humans are inherently good.
    Also Democrats: Western civilization is inherently evil.

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