Trismegistus | Playthrough | slickerdrips

Trismegistus | Playthrough | slickerdrips

hi everyone I’m Tom and today I’m gonna be playing trice megistus the ultimate formula which is a new euro game from bored and Daleks releasing at essence spiel 2019 I am playing a to play game of it today again it’s little glass Marty and yeah what do I need to tell you up front there are static cameras and handheld cameras you can choose between them in the description depending on which one that you’re on and I would always recommend you turn on Klingon subtitles cuz if I’ve made any mistake they’ll hopefully be noted up there also trice megistus is being filmed because it was voted for by my patrons if you would like to have a say on what gets filmed on the channel and help the videos keep coming then it’s slash liquid drips now in the game we are going to be drafting dice to perform actions and sometimes the symbol of the dice is gonna matter sometimes the color of it is going to matter and we are going to be trying to gather materials we’re gonna transmute them along various arrows here to turn them into different things turn them into refined materials from raw for example or something else entirely and we are going to be trying to fulfill experiments get or discoveries published all in an effort to discover the most knowledge and the person with the most knowledge is probably going to invent the Philosopher’s Stone there you have it so in the game there are gonna be three rounds in each round each player is gonna draft a three dice and perform various actions with them so let’s get started with that so this is my player board this is the introductory setup so I’ve been told which artifact to start with which experiment and publication and master work experiments to start off with I have my formulas randomized at the top there I’ll be getting those later on and the first thing that happens on your turn if you do not have a die in your potency track that’s this blue on here then you need to draft a die so we head over to the main board over here and this is your selection of dice so you pick one of these and the potency you are going to get on your board is determined by the number of dice in the bowl you are drafting from so if I was to take one of these I believe this is led then you would get a potency of five there are five dykes in that bowl including the one you’re about to draft whereas if I was to go for this symbol instead I would only get one potency and potency is spent to perform your actions or make your actions more powerful the more that you spend so more is always better but it doesn’t necessarily relate to the symbol that you’re gonna need now just looking at Mike starting experiment Here I am going to need a raw number five every time you see the circular symbol here it relates to the raw form of the material as raw and then there’s refined which is represented by a square so I need to have to be able to perform this experiment I need to have a roulette and a refined female symbol upside down and then I’ll be able to perform an experiment there is also a restriction with it I need to have progressed to at least two on the water track here at least in the two column there are some ways that I can get discounts in that but ideally you would want to have progressed a little bit along those tracks now I’ve seen that an artifact here you can get artifacts with your actions an artifact right here would give me those things that I need so I’m tempted to get that I think I’m gonna go forward this bowl here because it will give me potency five I’m gonna grab let’s say a black one I grabbed it from the ball I place it in my potency track five because that’s the number of dice that were in that ball now you can get Marty as the second player starts off with an ethereal dye token you can spend one of these tokens when you draft a dye to put it in one more so if there’s been four dice in that bowl you could spend an ethereal dye token and put it in the five section instead now we come to actions and there are quite a few actions that you can take you spend potency to perform your actions and there are a couple of free actions as well that will probably get two so you can gather some raw materials every potency that you spend will get you a raw material with just one action but you are limited to getting the materials shown on the symbol on your die so I would only be able to myself more led these material cubes just go in the space to represent which material they are at that moment I could spend potency to get essences now these are very important when you do transmutations converting one thing into another I start off with one of each at the side of the game here I can spend my potency though to get more as an action and it tells you on the main player board which symbol relates to which essence so I would be able to get myself the blue zero essence and there is there’s a player right here it doesn’t really tell you very much I don’t think and the wrong essence is printed on here it says for number four that you get yourself a wheel or is on the board it’s a triangle so we’re gonna be going by the board for any of those kind of things so I could get myself more of this essence which I’ll need for transmutations and will move me along the fire track in this case you can randomize which track is which at the start of the game I’ve just gone with the default setup you can perform transmutations with your potency moving things along these arrows to turn them into refined materials and materials of different types you can recharge artifacts when they’re spent they get put facedown you can spend one one potency to recharge one artifact back to its face up side you can spend one potency to grab an experiment card from out on the board and the final thing you can do is what I’m gonna do right now it’s spend exactly three potency which I wish was on the board next to this artifact space exactly three potency to claim one of these artifacts you are limited to the color of the dye that you took you can see around here there is a black border a white border and a red border around these artifacts and I just want to grab the one that gives me the materials that I need I think so I grab this I spend my three potency so I slide this down one two three and I can put it in any space that I want to around my border I have to be thinking these get activated when you do a transmutation along the arrow that’s above their space so which transmutation am I probably going to be doing is something I need to think about since I have a black dye maybe I’m going to be doing transportations along these black tracks so I think I’m going to but the artifact up in that space there now when you take the artifacts you do get its rewards straight away as a little bonus so I’m gonna get myself these materials here are raw five and a refined lady it’s copper its copper is copper so there we go I have my lead and my copper all ready there and I can activate that again in the future I also get these symbols here you see I have a wind one there and now I have the earth one on the artifact I just took we have publications I started with one and we can get more later on in the game if you have these symbols amongst experience you’ve complete so I’ve when I’ve completed this this is the water element and I’ll have one of those symbols suspend I want to get a fire to earth and a wind I do have one earth and one wind and then I will be able to activate this scoring thing at the end of the game so this will be three points for every water experiments are required throughout the game so it would incentivize me to do more of these water experiments like I’ve got at the start so that’s my first turn I spent three of my potency and I got myself an artifact now the free actions that you can do relate to you can buy a formula one from each category up here with gold you can only do one from each category and it gets progressively more expensive your first costs 1e second costs two so on and so on and they come out here when you fill rows and columns you’ll get bonuses but they can also be activated to trigger a one-off bonus for each of the formula tiles and it’s also a free action to perform your experiment if you’ve reached the right level on your mastery tracks and you have the right materials to spent I haven’t so I’m not going to be taking any of those for reactions we can move on to the next step of my turn opponent reactions so everybody starts off the game with two reaction tokens and they can be spent to take a few reaction actions reactions so by flipping one of his reaction tokens Marty could gain a raw material using the symbol on my die and not his he could gain an essence from the supply again using my symbol rather than his he could do a transmutation using the color of my dye or rather than his and he could recharge one single artifact on his lab bored right now though Marty isn’t going to react he’s gonna go straight to his turn there is lab cleanup involved if your dye is on zero and if you have taken three dice or if you’re on a bonus space none of that applies though so we don’t need to do any cleanup and we can go to Marty’s turn so he has nothing on his potency track and he needs to draft something oh we need another artifact don’t we when one is taken of course so we have that’s gonna give you two essences of your choice when that’s activated once he’s gonna start in a bit of a similar way he’s also gonna take a dye from here but he only gets four potency although he can spend his ethereal dye token it’s with a point if he doesn’t at the end but I think he I think he’s happy with just for power for now so he puts that in at the fourth section on his board and he’s gonna start out in quite a similar way but with a different artifact he’s gonna grab this one here when this is activated it’s got a fire symbol on it and it moves him up the fire track on the mastery section here and gives him three points and he wants to be up in the fire track for not only his first experiment but if he can do his publications it’s gonna give him points based on how far he is up the water and fire tracks so I think this is really gonna help him out and he wants to get this down before he does this transmutation to get the materials that he wants for this experiment it would help if there was an artifact there to be activated so he moves himself up on the fire track here by one space and doesn’t get anything for just that first one and he’s gonna get three points up here there we go had to do a big lean so so I could get a raw material in essence a transmutation it’s got the same symbol as me though I could use my die for it so I think I’m gonna hold on to my reactions for now I’ve only got two for this whole round so far so it’s going to come back to my turn we do need a new artifact that’s going to give you movement on a track of your choice based on how many water export effects you have NASA experiments artifacts okay then I would quite like that because I want to be up the water track but I’ve only got to post so it costs three to get an artifact so that’s out of the question the other way that you’re going to do it is to do some transmutation that moves you at the mastery tracks but what would I like to transmit because I have the right materials so we could be thinking about another experiment to get that I could potentially do unfortunately there are no water ones out for me but what I could do is I’m gonna do a transmutation along here now the arrow that you choose has to relate to the color of your die so I can transmute this roulette in to refined copper by following this arrow there is no refined lead that you can have it’s going to cost one potency to do just one transportation I can do multiple I think it’s tempting to do that actually I think I might do two because you’re transmutations have to be done along a single arrow so we’ll follow the process forward transmutations I’m going to do two of them so let’s spend at the potency now you do them separately but yeah you’ll get the process of doing it oh I think I need to do them as separate actions I’m just gonna do one actually my first one I’m gonna do along this error because I want more essence tokens and my artifact here my starting one can get me more essence tokens so you choose an arrow I am going to transform this rule copper into refine tin I believe this is so this is the arrow I’m going on I could also turn refined copper into refined tin but I’m gonna go for the raw here so this is the arrow that I’m choosing so all transmutations I want to do have to be done along this arrow because it’s the transportation action you can get wild transmutations at certain points when you see this symbol they don’t have to follow the same arrow when you’re doing those you have to pay an essence token or a mercury so this is mercury here raw or refined you can always use refined to pay for or you can’t do it the other way around of course but mercury is you know it’s it’s a it’s a material here but it’s also an essence that you can use but the essence that you spend determines which track you are going to advance in and I want to advance in this water track as much as I can so I can perform my experiment so I am going to pay I can see here this this wheel essence relates to the water element so I am going to pay that to be able to do the transmutation you move your material clockwise to its destination space along its transmutation you need to move up on the track that you spend the essence for so mine was the wheel wasn’t it so I’m on space one off that track if you reach a bonus you get the bonus immediately there is getting more ethereal dice tokens advancing a space on a track of your choice and get a chameleon dye token this lets you for the turn that you spend it treat your die as a different symbol or a different color or both just for that one turn there so I’m going up there if I got a bonus space I would get the bonus but I didn’t if you are going over an artifact though which I am by using this section here you get to activate the artifact if you want to so you can get yourself two essences I think I’m gonna go double wheel so I get two of those in my supply and this is exhausted now I can spend an essence II in the future and an action to reactivate that if I want to that is a choice by the way you don’t have to use that artifact but that is my turn that is transmutation does multi have a reaction to that I think he does yes because he is going to so he needs to flip a reaction token to be able to take a reaction and so he is going to he uses the color of my die for a transmutation it’s gonna be black he’s going to go along here I think because he yeah he wants the refine tin for his experiment so he needs to pay in essence I think he just want to keep going up the fire track and so that needs him to spend the blue doesn’t it so he’s gonna progress on there again to space to which is the requirement of his experiment here he can activate his artifact I think he’s going to know his master work here would like him to have refined copper this experiment out here though would like and have refined copper so I think yeah that’s what he’s gonna choose out of the two options so he grabs a cue and pops it in there so this is now used up and gets flipped facedown done the transportation hasn’t got a bonus space up there so that is his reaction one of two this round and now it’s gonna be his turn I haven’t got 2-0 potency yet so he he doesn’t have full potency he’s not spending his potency is he that’s how you turn a Klingon subtitles so he’s got one single potency here he still needs to do a transmutation but perfect he can do this just fine so he is going to he’s gonna do this transmutation along this arrow here so it’s gonna cost one potency to do the transmutation he is going to slide this along here what is he gonna spend to do it he wants to go up in wind as well no this water not wind so he’ll spend the wheel so he can progress on that track – so he catches up to me there and because he can’t pay the fire one he hasn’t got it he passes over here so he can go up the fire track again and get three more points so he’ll be on six nil now but now this gets flipped facedown no bonus spaces to speak of yet he’s almost at one and that will let him progress in any track that he likes so before or after your main action you can form the free action of perform an experiment and I think Marty’s got all the stuff required to do this so first up you check the mastery track requirement he needs to be at 2 on the fire column he is at 3 so that is fine does he have the materials required a refined tin and a refined mercury yes thanks to the transmutations that he did you can also spend gold gold is wild and can be used as anything including being used as mercury to be used as an essence so yeah he’s gonna grab these two and they are now spent you receive any bonuses from your experiments in the bottom left corner here so he’s going to go up the fire track yet again and wouldn’t you know he hits a bonus and so he takes the bonus immediately which track would he like to move up again he could really advance on this but I think he is going go up in he’s gonna go up in water in case he can get an experiment for water before I can you then will get these five points at the end of the game not right now your completed experiment so this is a fire element marty has got four publications in the future he hasn’t got any publications that require that yet he needs to grab this and slide it under his player board in the fire column see this red one here to show that he has completed that and now this unlocks one of the two formulas in his fire section the other way as I mentioned earlier is by paying a gold or depending on how many unlocked previously with money so Marty can unlock one of these two formulas so the second formula here when you choose to activate this as a free action you can recharge two of your reaction tokens the first one here is grab some more publications I think that’s the one Marty is going to go for so grab this and it needs to come into his lab over here so where would he like to place it you need to be thinking about the rows and columns that you want to activate the bonuses you’re going to achieve so a lot of Marty’s can be getting more reaction tokens and recharging them a lot so I think he’s gonna go up in this corner here he could maybe get a gold out of this yeah that would be nice so he is placing like that and he could activate that right now if he wants to I think he’s gonna do that so flips it face down and the process this is get more publications whenever you see that symbol that’s the action that you are getting you draw two new publications and then discard one from your hand so it could be from the two years true or one you have already like Marty hats or or two here we go then the good news is they’ve got some fire requirement on them and the rewards three points for every experiment that is wind or two points just for every artifact I think that’s the one Marty’s gonna have he’s not planning on doing wind experiments so he’s gonna get rid of that and it goes back into the publication deck and now I think that’s the end of Marty’s turn he has no potency left so this slides over into his used dissection I want to do a reaction now it’s still the symbol that I’ve got now in terms of essence it’s not the symbol that I want in terms of materials that aren’t more LED I could recharge an artifact yeah I’m not particularly bothered I don’t think do I want to do a transmutation along the white line I could I could work towards getting a gold for example and buying some formulas but I don’t think so right now I am happy waiting he’s got two more dollars to go I will use my reaction tokens on them okay it’s back to me then and I wanted to do a transmutation I’m spending a wheel to do it here which sends me up the track that I need to go up on the water track there I am just going to turn another lead into yeah another lead into refined copper so that is going to activate my artifact which I am happy about it gives me a raw lead and a refined copper so I have quite a lot in this area down here not quite as a bonus space yet but I can do my free action now I can spend that lead and copper to perform my experiment because I’ve gone far enough up I get myself an ethereal dye token and a wild transmutation I do have to use that now these are immediate bonuses if you can’t spend them or don’t want to then you lose them so I’m going to have to do some kind of transmutation unfortunately I don’t have any artifacts to x-ray that probably should have used a reaction to react to do this artifact again and done a transmutation but I think it’s useful to have there are a lot of experiments that want you to have refined iron I think that are out on the board so I am going to do that it does lose me mercury but yeah and I can work towards gold if I want to do that yeah don’t get the full effect I haven’t got any artifacts under there but it’s something now this slides over here and I can have myself to refreshed reaction tokens or I can go for two more ethereal dice tokens I think that’s what I’m going to go for I get loads of wild transmutations there I would like some gold day so I’m going to grab two more ethereal dope I think Marty does want to react and yeah he is gonna flip this just so he can recharge this artifact for when he next transmutes over there my die is now all spent up so it goes into that column and we can go back to Marty who needs to choose a die now he would like some raw materials and he wants tin and I don’t think he wants red just yet he’s gonna go for the white which means he only gets potency 3 he’s gonna spend his ethereal die so it goes to potency for instead and the first thing that he is gonna do he’s gonna spend to potency to get himself to raw tin so to material cubes that go down there he’s hoping to do this experiment out here but to grab that experiment you need the symbol of the section that it’s in he needs the what is it here I know it’s the male symbol but it’s iron he needs the iron died to be able to take that experiment so he’s hoping that it stays act but he can go for the wind one as well so he could go for one of the black experiments if he really needs to now I really want to transportation along black so I’m annoyed that my she’s got white again I think I’m gonna use a reaction to recharge this artifact so maybe I’m gonna do a transmutation along here yeah that’s what I’m gonna go for so it’s my turn and I need to draft a dye now I can be thinking about you know I’ve seen whilst he’s gone for red he’s high up on that track he’s gone for you know the the raw tin so he’s probably I could take a reasonable guess that he’s going for that so maybe I don’t want to go there and give him the reaction but he has spent both whose reaction tokens so unless he’s gonna get to recharge some of those I’m kind of safe and it’s got the most potency available I think yeah I’m gonna go for I’m gonna go for black again and I’m gonna use one of my I’ve got three ethereal dye tokens so I’m going to spend one of those to be able to put it on five potency the problem comes though the experiment that I want to do is down here so I want to be up on that wind track so I want to spend the try angular essence that’s what’s gonna be my first action could be just to do the transmutation here and get more triangles yeah so I’m gonna just spend one do a transportation along here to get the other refine tin that I need for that experiment I can activate a artifact here so I’m gonna get myself two more triangles I haven’t spent one who I want to spend a triangle to do this I did have one to begin with and I’m gonna go up on this track because I’m gonna need to be on two to be able to perform that experiment unfortunately though I need to be over there to get that thing I’m just gonna dress that one die to get that experiment I could also this does this one up here that’s doable as well yeah we can we can relax off that a little bit I think we’ll be able to do it Marty hasn’t got any reaction tokens so it’s just gonna go straight over to him and what is his plan he was hoping that I’d take that to do a reaction but he was forgetting that he didn’t have any action tokens either so he can try and get another formula out let’s see he’s got he can grab this experiment for now so he’s close to being able to do all of those things with a with a couple of transportations he could do that he’s just know we’re up this track now getting some more raw materials and advance him further on that track well for now he can just do his transmutations and just trust that that’s still gonna be there when he needs it to be yeah so he needs a refined mercury so he’s gonna do a transmutation he only has one essence though probably gonna have to grab some more essences and yeah he’s only got triangle to spend and that’s not really sending him up the track that he wants and the tin symbol gets you more triangular essence so anyway he’s gonna do a transmutation here spending the triangle which moves him up this track as well cashing up a lot more mastery than I have well this bonus token should be gone when he grabs that but I’m in no danger of being anywhere near that bonus token he is going to travel along here to activate this artifact so that is giving him another progression on fire and three more points so he’s on five now and flipped this / before I forget and he gets three more points so he is gonna be on nine there you go if you didn’t believe me I’m gonna get some points eventually don’t worry and so he’s got the refined mercury that he wants he also needs a silver so he’s gonna have to probably turn that into reaction tokens would really come in handy right now he’s gonna have to refine transmute that to the iron and then transmits it again into silver so that one can use a white die the next one would need a red dye there yeah so that’s Marty’s turn am I gonna react I don’t think I particularly want to react I want a different symbol and what he has to for so I could take this experiment what that really helped me out though I do just need a refine mercury to be able to do that but I need to be at three on here and I’m at zero on the earth section so yeah I’m not gonna react just yet I think for my turn it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have I think I’m just gonna go for two now raw iron because that is quite close to silver on gold isn’t it I’ve got a good red dye for my last one did a couple of transmutations that would be really nice and that’s what I’m going for Marty can’t react of course so we just go onto his next turn now you can choose to draft a dye by the way when you still have potency left it’s just that you’re wasting it and you only get three dice per round so Monty’s still got one to play with what would he like he’s got he probably wants to do a transmutation doesn’t he they get closer to the silver yeah he is gonna he’s got no ass and suspend though azing oh dear well this is gonna make a problem then I think it’s solvable yeah he’ll get essence so for spending the ten symbol for essence you get yourself a triangle so he’ll grab that just so he can do a transmutation next time yeah that puts a roadblock in there am i reacting I don’t think so I’m gonna wait and see what he gets with his last thing with my last reaction token now I am quite tempted to grab this experiment away and do Marty’s kind of going for it and I could hopefully you reveal a water one I can’t afford an artifact I don’t want more raw materials I don’t really want to do transmutation along black arrows I could activate I could reactivate the artifacts and do it again but I think I’m gonna grab this experiment see how that goes because ideally want to do one of each type to unlock a load of formulas when you take one from the current deck which you know they’re the only ones out right now you refill it from the deck and we’ve got yes a water experiment I imagine Marty was just crap that from me to retaliate you do need let’s see he’s he’s not a million miles away he’s got the mercury he’s got the copper he’s got the lead he just needs himself a refined tin he’s not really in a position to get that there he’s almost everybody’s got to get the die to do that yeah there’s a lot of steps to get to there so that’s what’s come out anyway and I spent that’s warm potency to grab an experiment from the section matching the symbol of your die there is by the way we didn’t roll any in the setup but there is this infinity symbol when you draft that you’re potency is still defined by the number of dice in that bowl but the symbol you turn it to is your choice you define it when you get the die Marty is now on his third draft and the last one of the round what’s he gonna go for but don’t think he can complete any of these experiments this round with what he’s got at the moment so I think he’s gonna go for I just want to draft a red one because he know he thinks I’m gonna use his reactions to do red transmutations but getting the water one away from me will probably be a good idea he doesn’t know what X what publications I’ve got you know that are really gonna help me out yeah just in pure retaliation he doesn’t particularly need a red one does he I don’t think it needs a red one at all he doesn’t need Rockhopper though if he wants to end up with refined mercury and so maybe he hoes over here instead yeah he’s gonna go for black yeah so that goes on the three of his potency because he doesn’t have any ethereal diet oaken’s to spend mmm and his action is simply going to be to grab that experiment and so he he’s got a lot in place he just needs he needs the refined iron and the refined tin which yes not too far away from happening he can do that I think next round though of course any experiment card needs to come out and it’s another water one quite good as well I’m quite close to doing that I’m close to needing a new dye although if I got it from over here I would have to take a dye with not very much power in it that’s kind of the downside of taking too long to draft you’re gonna get that’s gonna be fewer and fewer diets left in the middle you know why I couldn’t say dice there so what am I doing with my last essence here now am I thinking about filling this in because I am at zero on that track so I’m probably not gonna do that right away now how far away from that am i I’ve got if I converted one of my tin into refined mercury I’d have that done although doing into the water experiments it’s giving me more water civils but it’s not unlocking any more things and I don’t have the dice to do a white transmutation right now unfortunately to get the mercury that I need so I’m probably not going to get to do on this round either another one I mean so what would I like to do so I’m gonna do a black transmutation I wouldn’t be able to activate an artifact but that’s maybe not such a bad thing yeah let’s get let’s get ourselves so I’m going to pay to go up which track we do with earth maybe doing some of these experiments so to do that I’ll need to spend mercury which I don’t have so yeah that’s that’s a problem well let’s go for sky I’ve remembered my plan sky is wind is the triangle so I’m going to spend a triangle again and a potency do this transmutation can’t activate an artifact I could have used a reaction and done that but I’m not gonna do that just yet yeah that’s my last turn with that dye so that needs to slide over mas he’s got no reaction tokens to worry about that Marty is absolutely gonna spend another potency to grab this experiment that came out right afterwards because he wants to be on 11 on the water track to do his masterwork experiments by the end of the game so hopefully he can do that we refill with the last one out of the deck actually another fire experiment and what he could grab that we’ll see he’s only got one more potency for the whole round whoops I should be on two on this I didn’t move myself up when I did that transmutation so I should probably react cuz mas he’s not getting into the dye and I want to use it by the end of the round I could reactivate an artifact should probably have done that for my transmutation that I just did but I’m too late I could grab myself a rule 10 is it 10 notes cough or isn’t it a raw copper react if it’s an artifact I could get myself a wheel essence not really bothered about that or I could do myself another black transmutation let’s reactivate an artifact so let’s it should have done this before because no nothing’s in this section to be able to do that one let’s activate this one so it reactivates an artifact and that is my second reaction token spent my turn then drafting a die I’m going to draft this sad solitaire die over here and I’m gonna use an ethereal die token so it can go on to rather than just one and that is all for the purpose of growing this experiment which I have ready-made forming and so that’s gonna cost me one I can’t refill the experiment Marty can’t react so we go to his last thing he’s got one we’ve both got one we’re having one more turn each I think Marty is just going to [Music] he’s gonna get himself a raw material so that’s going to be copper for the symbol that he’s got and that is it for him so he sits everything out now he could still react if he had reaction tokens but he hasn’t and for me I could have done this last round but yeah I’ll just do it now so we could do it before my action I have met the requirements to on the wind track I have to I have to refined blue and a refined Brown so I can spend those to achieve my experiment dreams so I got myself one of each essence I’ll grab those there we go slides up here now this is one of the weird graphic designer things it goes in the yellow column you know I don’t know why black experiments yellow column yeah it goes in there though and I am gonna grab this formula out of the two I’m gonna put it here so that I can activate yes so that I can activate I can activate this and have two more progressions but I can save that until I really need it I’m gonna save it but I get myself a gold and two silver so there we go you do the top and bottom and when you do a row you do the left and right bonuses and so I could spend this gold gold as a wildcard and could be used as anything which is really really useful and I’m only one transmutation step away from turning this silver into gold but I could spend it to purchase one of the formulas and fill in more spaces get another reaction token and get some more publications that’s a bit of a waste right now though because I wouldn’t be able to use that reaction token so yeah well hang on to that we don’t need to do it right now we could buy something else I could I could just buy this with the gold and get another gold but the second one you buy cost – I think I’m just gonna save it like that for now and so my actual action so I have I can do a white transmutation I do need a refined mercury I don’t have an artifact under there unfortunately I could get myself a rule mercury should be good I did one that essence the knife and it’s it’s good to have that around as an essence that’s what I’m gonna spend my last thing on so we are done there and I believe that’s the end of the round so at the end of the round no this was a waste wasn’t it everybody gets to I forgot that I’ve done this with my reaction yeah I was running out of things to spend it on everyone gets to recharge their artifact and their reaction tokens so Marty’s to get recharged as well we remove all of the artifacts and Dec 2 is gonna replace these we don’t remove any of these we are going to remove any remaining round one cards at the end of round 2 for now we don’t remove anything we’re gonna grab the the round 2 deck and put one on each space so some of these faces are going to have to to choose from there one bit I forgot to do was when Monty passed first for running out and using all through his doors he should have gone to the first on the next round tracker then I would have gone to the second you slide those up and they are the new turn order somewhat he’s going to be going first in the second round and finally all of the dice come back to the middle here and we roll them again for the new round they’re the restriction that’s you know you didn’t see but he didn’t see the set up is that if you roll more than five of a particular symbol then they get rear old that actually worked out fine though and yeah there’s a nice little selection there are three wild-card Daleks in there as well so there we go that I’m gonna leave it there for this video that was the first round of trice megistus if you would like to see more of the game I’m gonna go all the way through it in part two and you can join me there there’s a via link on the screen in a minute or there’s a link in the description right now or if you’d like to know what I think about the game that will be in a similar situation coming up in a second or in the description thank you for watching this though if you’d like to support the channel and keep videos coming then I do have a patreon patreon comm slash liquor drips there’s a link in the description as well genuinely helps these videos to keep coming and you do get a say on what comes up on the channel as well like this video if you’d like to see other photos there’s hundreds on the channel you can find one hopefully that suits you there as well now you’re over torching this one though and I’ll see you for the next game bye everyone [Music]

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  1. Thanks Tom, this is definitely going on my wishlist. I just first need to recover from my Kickstarter splurge of the past two months before making any new board game purchases.

  2. Reminds me a cross between Alchemists and Potion Explosion. Are these prototype components? The game looks chaotic and graphic design is a bit messy. Granted, they may have been aiming for that kind of look, but I don't think this game is for me. It just looks unfinished with various disparate elements that don't come together as they should.

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