Triple H wins his first WWE Championship: Raw, Aug. 23, 1999

Triple H wins his first WWE Championship: Raw, Aug. 23, 1999

Mankind counters again and
another right hand, hammering away.>>Mankind is coming back, [INAUDIBLE].>>Knee to the face.>>Mankind sucks.>>[LAUGH]
>>And Triple H now.>>He can’t suck too bad,
Rock, he’s the champion.>>Here’s Triple H now, cover,
there’s two and a kick out by Mankind.>>How about Michael Cole
contradicting me?>>Michael Cole, The Rock is
gonna come right over there and slap that goofy haircut right off you.>>Rock, I’m just-
>>And then give it back to shut your mouth. You just don’t do anything but
sit here and enjoy The Rock’s electricity
emitting from The Rock.>>And here’s Triple H now hammering away,
WWF Championship on the line, we are live.>>If you realize Michael,
The Rock is out here for one reason. To show the entire world that
The Rock should be in there getting The Rock’s WWF title. They want The Rock as their champion and
they call for The Rock.>>And Triple H better watch it,
he just shoved the referee. He doesn’t wanna blow
his title shot that way. Mankind hammering away now. And Triple H again backing
Mankind into the corner and what a right hand by champion.>>You gotta wonder what kinda plans
that Triple H has for Mankind. Is it the same as he had for Austin? Is it the same as he had for JR? Is he gonna cripple Mankind?>>He’s a desperate man, King. Desperate men do desperate things. Mankind clothesline, cover now. Here’s two,
Triple H again gets the shoulder up.>>My gosh.>>What a match up. Triple H wants it, you gotta give
him that Rock, he’s obsessed, he wants the championship.>>The Rock is giving nothing to nobody,
Triple H is gonna cry like a woman. [SOUND]
>>Watch out, look out, here they come. Both men over the top rope, Mankind and
Triple H laid out here in front of us. And now Chyna’s, what’s Chyna doing? Chyna trying to get into the ring,
distracting the referee, argument ensuing there. Mankind, Triple H-
>>Get up.>>Getting back up to their feet. Look out now.>>Watch it here.>>Tripe H tossed onto the table,
right into the lap of The Rock.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Shut your mouth and do your thing, go ahead.>>And Shane with a chair from behind. Right into the back of Mankind,
but Mankind still on his feet. Triple H chair, down goes Mankind.>>Right there, right there is Mankind.>>Did you see that?>>Right there.>>No, Triple H just laid
up The Rock with a chair. The referee was distracted.>>Whoa, Rock.>>The Rock is out cold King. The Rock is out, Shane is tossing Mankind.>>Look at Shane.>>Mankind is out as well.>>Look at this.>>Referee pulled out of the ring. Shane just cold cocked the referee.>>Triple H now, Mankind in the ring,
Pedigree time, Pedigree time. He got it Triple H with a Pedigree.>>This is unbelieveable.>>Will it be, will it be?>>Yes, yes. [SOUND]
>>Triple H, Triple H with the WWF title.>>Finally, right here, right here.
>>The winner and the new World Wrestling Federation Champion,
Triple H. [MUSIC]

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  1. 2:53– Fun fact, not only was this Triple H's first WWE Championship win, it was also Lilian Garcia's debut as a ring announcer that night.

    Heck of a first day on the job, eh?

  2. Wow thanks WWE for making me feel old. That aside Triple H is one of the greats and I can't wait to see what he has in store for NXT on USA.

  3. Triple H became my favorite for a long time. I didn't know much about him before Smackdown hit public tv. I was too poor to afford cable back then so I missed all of this.

  4. Mick Foley helped bring the best out of just about every main Attitude Era Superstar. Rock, Austin, Taker and Triple H.

  5. The video is 3:16 minutes long coincidence I think not and thats the bottom line of that because stone cold steve austin said so

  6. WWE is so annoying keeping up there PG era BS reshowing a Attitude Era match and not showing the head shots… get over yourselves and lets see some of this in 2019… m,aybe you would get some of your fanbase you are clearly losing to AEW back and not half sell all your shows. NXT is the only show keeping WWE afloat because of this PG era BS…

  7. I still love to hate HHH. They guy is such a wonderful shitheel (even though he repeatedly tried to be a cool heel)

  8. My favourite of all time. The game, the King of kings, The cerebral assassain, tripleeeee hhhhhhhhh. U are that damn goooood?????

  9. It’s always bothered me when HHHs opponents raise their arms up for the pedigree before he physically hooks them himself.. it looks so tacky. And it still happens to this day.

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