Trine 4 – Gameplay Design

Trine 4 – Gameplay Design

(static) (swooping noise) (metallic vibrating) (ominous crashing) (slow, evocative music) – In Trine 4, everything
will be better than before. The levels are more versatile. The puzzles, we have
revamped combat system. We have more boss fights,
which are more challenging, more unique, and for the first time, we have a four-player co-op mode. 2.5 is really the way
we felt the Trine games worked the best. Doing Trine 4 was, we had a
lot of time to think about what we wanted to have in the game. We did a lot more pre-production, for Trine 4 than any
of the previous games. Throughout the game, we’ve
got a lot of cool battles, amazing, creative puzzles, and the boss fights is kind
of where the story takes place in a new level than before. (rocks shattering) – One of the things in Trine 4 is that we are making a long game. We have nearly 20 levels, and some of those are the
longest we have ever created. – Obviously, Trine games
are known for its puzzles and in Trine 4, we are really
taking the puzzle design into next level. We really nailed the feel of the puzzles and the complexity, the variety, and they feel like
really elaborate puzzles which require actual skills and knowledge and thinking. We have designed the puzzles
in a way that actually require, sometimes, clever solutions
to actually proceed. There’s a lot of synergy between the characters in this game. You really need to use
all the three characters to solve the puzzles. – And some of the puzzles
will actually change depending on if you are
playing single-player or co-op. – Trine 4 has completely new enemies, and they are brought to life by Selius, ’cause he’s tapping into
people’s nightmares, including hedgehogs,
and wolves and spiders. The player and the player hero characters have to face their own sort of nightmares, the worst fears that they have. – Boss fights in Trine 4
will have a lot more layers. They’ll have different faces where you have to exploit
the bosses’ weaknesses, and play to your characters’ strengths. – So, we really had a chance to experiment and play with their different abilities and how they behave in combat. And when you face a
bigger group of enemies, you’ll soon realize that there is also a puzzle element in combat. – One of my new favorite
skills from the game is Pontius’ dream shield. – Well, you get the new skills by advancing through the levels, and then, using the experience, you
can upgrade those skills to various new abilities. On top of boxes, Amadeus
can now conjure spheres, which are a more dynamic
object that rolls, and gives you a new way of moving. Pontius will have the dream shield, and Zoya will have a special kind of rope called the Fairy Rope. – And of course, she uses bow and arrow, and in Trine 4, she has
ice arrows and fire arrows. She’s a formidable force in combat. – Trine 4, it’s gonna be bigger. It’s gonna be better, it’s
gonna be more beautiful. We can’t wait to see Trine 4 and the Ultimate Collection in stores! (intense music) (upbeat music) (swooping noise) (pages rustling) (upbeat music)

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  1. Trine 4 (Trine 1-3 too) and DruidStone: the secret of the Menhir Forest have spiders which are not scaring me! Yay!

  2. in the age of madness and chaos, thank you Frozenbyte for bringing this beautiful fantasy to our world.
    the game is a masterpiece. well done.
    I have always been a fan of Trine series since 2009. the story, the landscapes, the graphic, the soundtracks, the puzzles, the characters, everything is perfect…even the enemies!
    I do hope you'll reach out to your rightful place.
    please do continue your great work.

  3. I really like all Trine games so far, but the Problem I see now is that raised level complexity is moving the game from amateur family fun to rather skilled nerdy player base.
    So If the levels are even more complex and require more skill, than it was in Trine 3, this just means I wont be able to have fun anymore playing it with my wife and "son" since they are not even remotely skilled players.
    At some point if a game becomes too dificult for non-skilled people, they just stop playing it and then only nerds will contiune to play the game.
    The same "fate" somehow managed to happen with Magicka. While the first one was quite a Family fun, the second one became a nerds only game.

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