Trine 4 – E3 2019 Gameplay Walkthrough | PS4

KAI: Hello. This is Kai and
Antti from Frozenbyte. We’re here with the
new Trine 4 demo. ANTTI: Today we are going to
show you parts of three new levels and some
really cool, new gameplay. KAI: First, we’re exploring a
level called Gold Leaf Garden. This is a level inspired very
much by the Finnish nature in autumn with a fairytale take on
that with a lot of warm colors. First up here, we have
some sort of puzzle. We’re gonna shoot these
roots and make this water flow downwards onto this plant, and
that in return will make these beautiful giant
flowers grow magically. It looks like we have something
similar here with the dry ground and plants. We need to somehow
make that grow as well. So let’s conjure a box, tie a rope to that
which we can walk on, and then finally we need to
redirect that water flow. Maybe we’ll use the
shield to do that. Look at those beautiful flowers. ANTTI: Yeah. Nice. KAI: Let’s tumble these boxes, gather these
valuable experience points. ANTTI: Some platforming
here, avoiding those spikes, and by Charging we
can jump further. KAI: Let’s break these boxes. ANTTI: I think we might have
some secret room behind them. KAI: All right. Let’s break
these roots and check it out. And here we’ve got a
beaming light shining on us. We’ll use that to shine on the
plant as plants do need both water and light to grow. ANTTI: Here it looks like
our way forward is blocked by those huge boulders. But we have a
white flower on the right and the light beam
coming from the left, so maybe we need
to direct the light there. Let’s try to move these
boxes out of the way first. Maybe we can conjure
them, levitate them up there. Yes. And then we can use
the Shield of Pontius. KAI: I gotta tell you, those are some powerful flowers
moving all those boulders. We’ve got a fight on our hands. Charge these enemies. Avoid those charging attacks. So we’ve got some angry
Nightmare Badgers that have these charge moves which we
absolutely need to avoid. There’s also these Satyrs up
there that are shooting these explosive bombs, which
we also need to avoid. They are very dangerous. Let’s shoot them
with some arrows. ANTTI: The last one. KAI: Pontius… ANTTI: Nearly gets the job done. KAI: Nearly gets the job done but now finally
finishes the job. So here we met the Hedgehog
who’s also been troubled a little bit by the nightmares, so
we’re gonna help him out with a little bit of garden work by
finding his lost flower seeds. A lot of times in Trine 4 we
meet these friendly creatures, and we help them out in
one way or the other. ANTTI: Here, again, there’s a dry plant on the
right which needs some water. Let’s secure, first, the water
flow by freezing the handle of the well, and then we
can use the shield. And that’s it. KAI: Nice. It looks like there’s
some kind of storage room. It probably
belongs to the Hedgehog. Let gather these experience
points which we can later on use for unlocking upgradable
abilities for the heroes. And another fight breaks out. We’re gonna smash these
first guys with the sword. Let’s switch to Amadeus and
use the Box Stomp on this guy. ANTTI: Oh, that was a nice move. KAI: Again, these
dangerous badgers, let’s shoot them
with some arrows. Let’s try to avoid
the charging attacks because those are very fatal. I’m gonna charge him myself. Almost hit him. This one did. And, oh. Luckily, we finished the last
badger at the same time as we died, so we kind of won
the fight and respawned at the same lucky moment. ANTTI: And here we just unlocked
the Dream Shield of Pontius. He can make a
replica of his shield, and that comes very
handy as you can see. You can reflect the water or
light in different angles. KAI: Let’s reflect this light
beam to the right here with the Dream Shield and then redirect
it again with our own shield to make this flower
grow on the roof here. Again, these powerful flowers
move these giant boulders. Some spikes to avoid. And here I think you
should switch to Pontius and destroy those boxes. ANTTI: Yeah.
It might work better. And here I think we could
use some good old box magic. Oops. KAI: That’s a
little bit high up. Maybe you can charge
there with Pontius. ANTTI: Nice. Here we have again a
white flower on the right, a light beam from the left, but
we cannot direct the light just like that, so maybe we
can use the Dream Shield. And now. KAI: That works great.
Good job. Let’s break these roots,
create a bridge for ourselves. And another dangerous fight. Avoid those badgers.
Charge them. And here we can use the Dream
Shield to block enemy attacks. So you can kind of
lift that in the air, and it will reflect
enemy projectiles back, and it’s a good way of
the shielding yourself. And Pontius,
champion of fighting, gets the battle finished. ANTTI: And I think we just
found the missing flower seeds. KAI: The first of the three. Next up we’re
gonna play the more. We’re gonna explore a
level called Blueberry Dale. This is also inspired
by the Finnish nature, but instead of autumn,
this is a summer level, which is why
there’s so much rain. ANTTI: But look at the
size of those blueberries. They are just huge. KAI: There’s a lot of
blueberries in the background. There’s also some cool bear
statues that I think are some kind of hint that we might be
meeting some animals in this level. And a forest spirit of
some sort is speaking to us. Maybe they’re
observing our quest. ANTTI: Here, let me
create some counterweight. KAI: And I’ll attach
this rope to the ball. I think that will
keep the door up. And another fight. Let’s shoot some
arrows with Zoya. We’ll use the new Dodge Roll
ability which allows you to avoid attacks by
rolling in combat. And I’m able to levitate
these hedgehogs in the air, and you deal with
them with your sword. I’ll face them as well. ANTTI: And the last one. KAI: And at this
point in the game, we’ve learned a new
ability with Zoya, it’s called the Fairy Rope. It works like this. You can levitate
objects up and down with it. And it comes in very
handy doing a lot of puzzles. For example, this log
here, we can move that up, and then you can collect
these experience points. It’s a little bit similar
to Amadeus’ levitation, but the uses are slightly
different as you’ll see soon. ANTTI: I’m gonna stomp this one. KAI: Let’s go explore this cave. And I think I see a bear here. ANTTI: Should we
help the poor fellow? KAI: Yeah. Let me remove these
thorns from his paw. He’s a nice little bear. It’s like the blueberry
bear, and he’s helping us out. ANTTI: Super cute. KAI: The bear is
obviously scared. I’m gonna use the Fairy Rope to
move that wolf up in the air, and you deal with it the same time as
I levitate this guy down. ANTTI: Nice. KAI: Nice stomp. ANTTI: Okay. I can create an Iron Ball to
turn that platform down. And then some stomping. KAI: And we have
a log on the right with some spikes on the bottom. I’ll use the Fairy Rope
to tie that to this hook, keep it up there, put a box here on the spikes, and then with the grappling hook I think I’m gonna be
able to make this jump. And I think you can do
the same with the Charge. There’s also a
platform on the right. We can use the
Fairy Rope once again. Tie it to this
hook, keep it up there. For this log, I think we
can combine our abilities. If you make a box, we
can tie this rope to it. ANTTI: Here you go. KAI: And that keeps it steady,
allows us to move upwards. ANTTI: Amadeus can Blink. You just saw him
quickly teleporting forward. It’s the bear again,
swimming this time. KAI: Let me swim with the bear. ANTTI: Come here. We need to get up from here. KAI: All right. All right. Let’s make an ice raft
with the ice arrows shooting in the water. And if you make a box, I think we can do
something with the ropes here. ANTTI: Yeah.
Looks promising. KAI: Let me try this out. That was the wrong target. I need to combine it
from the hook to the box. That’s better. And let’s make this kind of
zigzag bridge system here. Watch out for this pit. ANTTI: And watch out for those
green poisonous mushrooms on the right. KAI: Let’s see if we can create
some sort of contraption here with the iron ball and the rope. That keeps that
thing down there. And if I tie this to the hook. Yeah.
That works perfectly. So here we’re seeing
a key on the top right and a door that’s blocking
our path with the red keyhole. So somehow we need
to get that key from up there and onto the door. So I’m gonna use the Fairy Rope
to move this log up in the air, combine it with the box, tie it to this hook, and then you can
levitate the key there. ANTTI: And I can move the key
all the way to the keyhole, but let’s try
something — KAI: Okay.
I know what you mean. ANTTI: One more time. KAI: Yes. Nice. All right. So we like to do
these little tricks. It didn’t pan out
the first time, but third time’s the charm. And we get the key
charged onto the door. ANTTI: And, hey,
it’s the bear again. KAI: He’s eating
his blueberries. Another fight is breaking out. I’m gonna try
something new with Amadeus. I’m gonna try the Box Throw. It’s the Horizontal Throw. Let’s see if I can do it. No. Sadly the explosive
destroyed my box, so I’m gonna switch over to
Zoya using the Blink there. And here I’m using the Fairy
Rope to hold this wolf in place. Good stomp. Team work. Let’s switch to Amadeus and levitate these
enemies to the left. You can deal with them
and block those explosives. ANTTI: Watch out. And one more. KAI: One final guy left. I’m gonna switch to
ice arrows and boom. That’s the last of them. ANTTI: Shall we go
to greet the bear? KAI: Let’s go take
a look at the bear. He seems so happy in the
forest eating his blueberries. This level is called
the Gossamer Grove. And we’re here the find some
help with our quest to find and deal with the
missing Nightmare Prince. ANTTI: There’s a lot
of bloom and glow on this very beautiful level. And it’s this kind of
very traditional Trine look with a lot of colors. KAI: I’m gonna levitate
this plank over here, and you get those
experience points. All right. So the spirit Moonshine
is calling us to find her, so we gotta climb up to
the treetops to reach her. ANTTI: Maybe with the
help of this airflow. KAI: A couple of boxes, a rope. ANTTI: Yes. KAI: Here we’re seeing another
one of those dried plants on the right. So we’ll try to redirect the
water with the use of the plank and teamwork. You use the shield again
to redirect the water, and plants will grow. ANTTI: This level is
one of my favorites although I’m afraid of heights. KAI: I’m gonna create a
rope bridge here for us. ANTTI: Let’s wake
up that flower. KAI: I see we got experience. I really like these
airflows; they’re so cool. They’re flowers. And this is a puzzle
with some moving elements. Let’s try to freeze this
platform in the right place. Freezing arrows. And then I’m
gonna conjure a box, add a little bit of
rope, and here we go. Another fight is breaking out. I’m gonna shoot some ice arrows
while you use the Stomp there. Nice protection. ANTTI: Sorry for
being in the way. KAI: It’s all good. ANTTI: Okay. Several airflows to
cross, maybe with the boxes. One there. And ropes. KAI: Let me pull this branch. These airflows
are kind of close. I think we can just
scoot over, yeah. And there’s
another dry plant here and maybe redirect
the water from the left behind those airflows
with a couple of planks. I think that will
reach the plant. It’s not a flower this time; it’s some kind of
roots that grew away. I’m happy with that as
we can now progress. ANTTI: I think I’m
seeing a crystal wall and maybe there is
a secret room behind it. Are you thinking the same? KAI: I think I am. ANTTI: All right.
Let’s charge. Yes. There’s another
yellow flower on the right which needs some water. KAI: I’m gonna create a
plank for you here on the left. You can stand on top of that. And let’s do some
combined abilities again. ANTTI: Yeah.
With the shield. And up we go again. KAI: Up to the tree tops. Battle time. All right. I’m gonna use Zoya’s Dodge
Roll here to dodge these moving hedgehogs and the bombs. Some ice arrows. Let me switch to Amadeus to
levitate this guy down here to his own bombs. And you can even block and carry
those bombs with the shield. ANTTI: A final touch. KAI: And this here looks very
much like a puzzling operation that we need to perform to get up to the door
on the right on the top. I’m gonna use the Fairy
Rope, and I have a planhere. I’m gonna use another rope kind
of replicating the zigzag rope thing that we
did in the earlier level except with the
Fairy Rope variation. ANTTI: Good thinking.
Yes. KAI: And that was it
for our Trine 4 demo. We hope you enjoyed
watching this and… ANTTI: Stay tuned for more.

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