what does everybody welcome back to the
channel today I’m super excited but my guess myself Howard we made it
I finally made this happen made it happen I’m gonna go ahead say it a
million subscribers yeah I’m about maybe this video it might take back 976 so a
better week I’ll be like a 919 probably is close to a million subscribers some
of you watching in the future and he’s already passed it yeah and if he’s not
through a mill go subscribe to it does basketball challenges plays horse and
we’ve never done a video together so I’m really excited
Caleb I flew up just to film right here in your gym with your face on the
backboard you see it it’s official what other
youtube you know that they don’t face in the backboard myself some mini a horse
game YouTube videos right yes so uh this is coach play it on my channel we do
trickshot boards which means you get up to three attempts okay if you oh but if
I get on my first attempt you have to go in first attempt I’ll do attitude okay
okay alright you are the guest imma let you go first first when a spell horse
loses here we go come on first we go away they don’t know dang Josh he’s
talking the fact he did it the fact he did it was so much easier so I’m pretty
good at trick shots he’s a more fundamentally sound bashful player
played DD to college ball no the end you have crazy layup package which is w my
weakness that was close though that’s one of 10 oh my goodness is a lot of he reversed
it haha yeah he does it very like with ease I know mine didn’t look that I
don’t know that I didn’t look no I’m sorry but but let me see some I’ve never
seen before so so needs happening before so I I have anything that we’re off the
backboard 360 off the backboard I turned out the way but I’m just I’m just a
juggler who learned how to do some trick shots guys all right so now in the range
from the free-throw line oh one step
oh okay Josh you might even you might use action control here on net – but you
get three ten I need possession of this game I believe yes sir now if he were to
get it in less than three no no it just goes to his turn okay you don’t get 11
Hey yay Josh ladies saucy all right so now
it’s your turn my turn my turn fancy dribbling fancy finish he we have
a letter on the board guys before the next round Marcellus and I are doing a
little giveaway $100 gift card of your choosing could be Xbox footlocker Red
Lobster whatever you want one giveaway 100 dollars goes to someone who’s a
Marsellus fan who comments on this video saying Marcella sent me if you’re a Josh
Horton fan go comment on Marcel’s his most recent video say Josh sent me and
theirs to 100 gift cards up for grabs good luck you got it you got a hit on
this one oh my gosh you got this oh I never missed that one three times
le what’s it man he’s a stickler for the line but it look good I’m gonna play him
at his own game you’re gonna do something you can do double under double
under is that a look of concern oh he’s got gas yeah I’m gonna go oh these aren’t things
I’ve never seen these guys catch in the air right yeah yeah oh you got that it’s
gonna Barbara hora hora 7h hor give this you sure you like this
HHH oh yeah oh yeah you got that Josh you got that Josh oh gosh might have a
chance to go you didn’t they stupid at all
yeah that looked good he did into we’re gonna go back to LA and we’re gonna play
horse and josh is gonna do all these lips against me and I’m not athletic but
I can’t do it yep it’s on target Oh three let’s see what kind of do it in
three man it’s pretty good huh it’s on there
this you here whoo is this for wait what do you have an H
oh alright so just a quick recap 8o h Oh hor once he gets s I’m into the game’s
over don’t wonder our dungeon are you justyou
have something to move a half and it game knowing with nuts so you know
attempt to I here’s my here’s my honest assessment your your first leg you spun
the other way and when he did and he gave it to you so I say that counts that’s kind of a leg so it’s just
further out short he does more than oh sure rim s s s so back to you that
looks on target hey way to go bold though like I like you know me it’s a
good-looking run hey thirty Tim to you Josh one opportunity did I just hear
somebody else say mom’s sphaghetti well that’s like it that’s like a thing on
the channel I always say one shot one opportunity always says mom because they
watched the channel you have trace opportunities that’s three opportunities
and you know five tres opportunist that’s three
opportunities in Spanish so from right here there’s a tall hor hor s back to me
time to ball game here man alright so take one are you giving at impact on a
new ball that’s very kind of a jammers hey I don’t care what people say about
you you’re actually kind of cool I would say give him a war on extra all right
here yo Josh that might have it’s been real thank you for having me and have
all these go twos and they just don’t work on this guy thank you for having me
on the channel is me it means a lot I finally made it to juggle in Josh’s
YouTube channel but it’s time for me to eggs this time for me to enter a new
realm of greatness and this is my last thing my last move okay here we go I’m gonna head out I’ll make it in slow motion for me all right yeah also
just hate to you know when it rains it pours
but there’s one attempt so yeah bzzz actually trying to do it no nothing
about that seems easy I don’t know what you’re talking about it’s tough to do it
while you’re just standing but if you jump I huh I don’t makes you think I’m
capable of this you can try don’t Luke Caleb if you lose
this game for me I’m gonna be so mad I’m out you’ve gotten four letters up to
this point and it’s my fault if we lose it’s my fault if we lose even harder
side of the day it’s my father losing you and now Caleb Josh just the least
you said your old friend it for failure ya know well now you’re gonna lose to
that game that’s game the backyard legend I’m calling somebody very
important here hey Marcel it’s how you doing yes I’m doing fine how you doing I
guess I just game with troops on horses gentleman
Josh oh my gosh that was Evan Johnson wanted to do them this is gonna happen
with it and it does involve di puglia anyway we just come here every Monday
once every Saturday sure you go subscribe myself get him to a million
subscribers here are in screenshots for today follow me and Marcel’s Anantara
says when his mouth shut up what are we doing again we are doing in my house
yeah as previously mentioned go to his channel comment on his most recent video
Josh sent me someone that does that could win a hundred gift card of your
choosing could be Xbox could be footlocker whatever you want hundred
dollars and same goes for the other way so if you are watching this video in
your Marsellus fan comment on this video this video said Marcel is sent you yeah
that makes sense yeah for a chance to win a hand our gift
card of your comments click up here for some other videos love you guys we’ll
see you later ha

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