Triathlon Rio 2016 Olympics Men’s Highlights

Triathlon Rio 2016 Olympics Men’s Highlights

Hey, what’s up, triathletes. Taren here. The Men’s Olympic Triathlon in Rio for 2016
is over. I’m going to run down who won and how the
race unfolded. Stick around. To start the day, it was fortunately not a
very hot race. It was 28 degrees Celsius, 82 degrees Fahrenheit
for you US folks, and only 50% humidity, so it shaped up to be a very fast race. The triathletes started on the beach immediately
crashing into rolling waves that would follow them throughout the rest of the swim. The athletes broke into 3 swim packs. They eventually came together at the very
first turn led by super duper swimmers, Richard Varga and Igor Polyansky. In that lead pack were, of course, the Brownlee
brothers who tend to race from the front in every single discipline. By the end of the swim, Alistair came out
of the water in 4th followed closely behind by Jonny in 6th. My pre-race pick, Mario Mola, was 16 seconds
and 26 places back out of the water. Once they got onto the bike, Alistair and
Jonny Brownlee established themselves as the leaders in that front pack. Alistair wanted to push the pace hard and
started giving people the business very quickly about not doing their fair share of the work. Vincent Luis was also in that lead pack. Between him and the Brownlee brothers, these
were the athletes who were expected to be the cream of the crop. I figured that by halfway through the bike,
the podium was basically set out, but that didn’t actually turn out to be the case. Halfway through the bike, the chase pack was
a minute and 3 seconds down, and it was huge, featuring major contenders, Mario Mola and
Richard Murray. The large size of that pack and the crazy
technical course, which featured turn after turn after turn and one climb that rose 60
meters over the course of 1 kilometer took its toll on the chase pack, eventually leading
into a crash, where my fellow Canadian, Andrew Yorke, went down and decided to run it in. By the end of the bike, the lead pack featured
10 triathletes who had grown the gap to a minute and 20 seconds. Going out onto the run, the Brownlees and
Vincent Luis broke off very quickly and seemed to be the 3 athletes to watch, but about 2
kilometers into the race, the speed of the Brownlees clearly took its toll on Vincent
Luis as he got snapped off of that lead group quickly being passed by Henri Schoeman of
South Africa. At that point, the triathlon was 2 distinct
races. Brownlee versus Brownlee for gold and Schoeman
versus Luis for bronze. Halfway through the run, the Brownlee brothers
ran side by side, elbow to elbow, without a word being spoken between them. Bumping into each other, and after this many
miles and this many years of racing and training together, they must have known exactly how
each of them were doing, but just past halfway through the run, Alistair, who’s had major
Achilles problems over the last few years, just coming back from Achilles surgery in
December, established himself, as I’ve said before, the single best one day triathlon
racer ever running away from Jonny, seemingly in easy fashion. Going into the last of the 4-lap run, Alistair
had a 15-second lead on his brother, Jonny, and a 38-second lead on South African Schoeman,
and that gap didn’t change in the last lap. Alistair actually grew it, having enough time
to coast into his second gold medal finish, soaking it in all the way down the finishing
shoot and basically wait for his brother, Jonny, to cross the finish line just in behind
him. Alistair finally crossed the finish line in
a winning time of an hour, 45 minutes and 1 second. Jonny was 7 seconds in behind him nabbing
the silver medal, and Henri Schoeman grabbed the bronze 42 seconds later. Notables like Richard Murray managed to run
his way all the way up to 4th place. Vincent Luis fell back finishing in 7th, and
Mario Mola was just behind him in 8th. It was an excellent day for Great Britain,
but great job to all the athletes out there, and a particular congratulations to my buddy,
fellow Canadian, Tyler Mislawchuk, who finished the race in 15th place. The women’s race happens two days from now
on Saturday. If you don’t want to miss the video summing
up that race, make sure to hit the subscribe button to this channel, but as always, triathletes,
happy and hard training out there, and good luck in your next triathlon.

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  1. Interesting race to watch although, some of my favorites just couldn't quite hold on in the swim today. Can't wait to watch the women's race with Gwen crushing it out there!

  2. Had no doubt's that the Brownlee's would bring home the metal…just cant help think how much the race would have differed if Gomez was in it to, very surprised at how far down the pack Mola finished though !!Its said that Ali Brownlee is moving to the long course TRI's now that he has won everything in his distance, it'll be good to see him push for longer distances.I'd like to see the GB girls do the same as the Brownlee's but Jorgensen is unstoppable on a bad day, her run is awesome.

  3. Awesome vid! I was watching the live stream and had to take my son to soccer practice so I rushed home to see Alistair and Johnny laying down at the finish line, dangit!!

  4. I watched it last night after recording it on the DVR. As a "newbie" to the sport, I have a question: Why did they ride road bikes and not TT bikes with aero bars, etc.?

  5. absolutely amazing performance. Let's just emphasise on the pace those triathletes can smash the 10k run! Back in London 2012 Allistair was only 90 seconds slower than Mo Farah who won gold!!! I think this time the fastest pace was by the South African in a bit more than 30 minutes… still absolutely insane!

  6. Hey Taren this guy is ripping off your content:
    YouTube doesn't let other people report this stuff, so I thought you should know

  7. You forgot to mention the fantastic race segment done by the portuguese João Perereia, who recovered from 17th place at the end of the cycling segment (at 1'23'' from the leaders), finishing 5th, just 9' from the silver medal (and owning 1 of the fastest laps and 2 of the second fastest laps on the running segment).

  8. Tyler mislawchuk could have placed higher if he hadn't stopped for some Tim Horton's hot chocolate. can't blame him tho, that stuff is delicious

  9. Oh yeah folks, it's that time of year! Here's your annual Ironman Kona World Championship preview for 2016

  10. Why are there not more long distance triathletes like Jan Frodeno doing this? Are they more long distance or are they preparing for the world championships or what?

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