Tranmere 0-6 Liverpool | Reds kick off pre-season with six goals

Tranmere 0-6 Liverpool | Reds kick off pre-season with six goals

Here’s Brewster, opens it up lovely
on that side for Nathaniel Clyne! And he won’t have scored many like that
in his career, pre-season or not. Five minutes gone, and an unlikely
goal-scorer in Nathaniel Clyne. Lallana, through to Brewster,
now Milner over on that left-hand side, brilliant cross, and then at the back post! Really good header from Rhian Brewster,
brilliant work from Harry Wilson. And Rhian Brewster,
with seven minutes remaining, you can see it means a lot to him. Gets that first-team Liverpool goal
he’s been waiting for. Just playing out the last 30 seconds,
is there time for Liverpool to get a third? Milner, good save,
Brewster should finish it off… And a great time to get a third goal,
Rhian Brewster helps himself to two. Monthe is an immovable object
for him at the moment, but gets a ball out to Woodburn anyway,
it’s a really nice cross! And a lovely finish from Curtis Jones. Good ball from Matip, and absolutely
exquisite control from Divock Origi. And it’s the goal of the night,
from the Champions League hero, newly committed to life as a Liverpool player, And that’s just a little shop window as to what he could become
as a Liverpool player this season. What a lovely Liverpool goal. This is a real big opportunity
now for Bobby Duncan! A long time coming, he’s been desperate
to be involved in the first-team picture, and it’s a proper striker’s goal.

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  1. mo salah sadio mane bobby firmino origi virgil fabino alexander arnold andy robbo and now as a young gun BREWSTER

  2. the 6 goals went by so fast that showing goal in different camera angle for each goal would of been better; only for the goals that isn't easy to tell it is actually a goal when the ball hit the nets o

  3. What a complete turnaround it has been for Origi though. From almost being sold last season and from being a fringe player to wearing the captain's armband in this match !! Amazing ???

  4. The youth liverpool makes me jealous as an arsenal fan, woodburn, wilson, brewster all ready to make the step up

  5. Should keep Ryan Kent, Harry Wilson and Ben Woodburn and try n win as many cups as possible this year by player rotation

  6. This lad Brewster record: england u17 apps 23 goals 20. U16 apps 4 scored 4. He is clinical. He is going to be the next harry kane if not better . Hes a 20 goal a season man for sure. What incredible potential at 19.

  7. The hell is the commentator on about? Bobby Duncan, long time coming?! He's a child, who joined the youth academy last summer. Long time coming?! Really????

  8. I know you guys have a great history as a football club but your FUTURE is so bright we all have to wear shades and I know football is a TEAM sport but in this case I feel it is ultimately down to Jurgen Klopp. Your club, players and staff are a perfect representation of Mr. Klopp's character in my opinion.
    May you all have a long and prosperous relationship.
    My bet is already on for your 1st(but by no means last) Premier League Title this season.

  9. 90 percent comments talks about origi
    10 percent omg Liverpool r good and r actually gonna challenge man city for the title.

  10. Y in da name of da kop dont yols put lfc highlights immediately the game. For shanks sakes we r Liverpool, extreme pace & accuracy is lfc's dna

  11. オリギ後ろ向きのボールめっちゃトラップするやん、そんなんできへんやん普通

  12. The kop have some very talented players, hope they get some game time in the prem, my team the wolves should pick some of them up for our campaign ??

  13. I love you Liverpool, I do; I love you Liverpool, I do: I love you Liverpool, I do – oh Liverpool! I love you.

  14. i love how brewester said
    "i came liverpool to win trophies" after chelsea won the league
    he came for play time, and he didnt get it

  15. Liverpool you should get Martin Odegaard, he’s a Norwegian Attacking Midfielder/ Winger who’s on loan at Vitesse from Real Madrid. He could fit well at Attacking Mid if he signs for Liverpool

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