Trademate Sports – A Sports Trading Software

Trademate Sports – A Sports Trading Software

Hi, I’m Marius, the CEO of Trademate Sports. Similar to how poker players use HUDs to make
+EV decisions, Trademate is an analytics tool for sports bettors. Now, sports markets are inefficient because
different bookmakers offer different odds on the same game, let’s say Barcelona winning
this weekend. Value occurs when a bookmaker misprices their
odds so that it significantly deviates from the market leaders. When this happens, our algorithm picks it
up and signals it as a +EV trade. These are also called value bets. Currently, we have two products. Trademate Core, which is a tool for new and
aspiring bettors. It identifies +EV trades on 60 bookmakers
for football, basket, handball, American football, baseball, rugby and tennis. Our second tool is Trademate Pro. It is a tool for professional sports bettors. It includes everything that is in the Core
version, plus the Asian bookmakers SBO, IBC and ISN. It also includes a constructive analysis tool, which gives you an even more detailed breakdown of your stats. So, if you want to plug leaks in your game
or improve your strategy, there you have it. If you want to try Trademate or have any questions,
please send us a message via the chat, we’re happy to help.

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  1. Good service that actually works. I would like however to be able to export completed trades for further analysis 🙂

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