Toyota Auris Touring Sports estate 2013 review – CarBuyer

Toyota Auris Touring Sports estate 2013 review – CarBuyer

Toyota is very good at making incredibly reliable
cars, so if you liked the new Auris but need a little more space, the Touring Sports or
estate version should suit you well. The only difference between the hatchback
and this version is from the rear wheels resulting in a very large boot, perfect for lugging
around all your hobby equipment – fishing rods or the kids football kit maybe? The back
seats fold down really easily to create a flat floor and there is virtually no load
lip, which makes placing heavier items in a doddle! Use these seats for passengers and even taller
people will find there is sufficient head room and leg room. being 5 foot 4 and a half
I don’t normally have to worry. all cars are good value offering climate control,
USB interface, 7 airbags and LED daytime running lights. As well as plenty of storage places
including cup holders, large glove box and door bin and a few other smaller places to
hide everyday clutter dotted around the cabin. The most impressive quality the Auris Touring
Sports has is its low emissions and therefore cheap company car tax. Go for the hybrid on
15″ wheels and it woos us with 87g/km of CO2 and it’s still sub 100g/km for the larger
17″ wheels that means road tax is free and those storing moths in their purses can continue
to do so thanks to combined fuel economy of more than 70 miles to the gallon. since the hybrid has fewer moving parts, maintenance
costs are expected to be half those of the petrol or diesel powered models – but it is
much, much more expensive to buy. We’d save the money and go for the economical
diesel, which actually feels just as quick on the move. What is your car like for running
costs? Do tell us at or by clicking on this button here. If you remember earlier I mentioned extra
sound proofing, this is an improvement over the hatchback and especially good on long
motorway journeys. This adds to the car’s overall comfort, but the slightly improved
handling compromises ride comfort and although the steering is light for town driving, it
seems a bit vague when you push on. That makes it not particularly fun to drive and some
way off the brilliant Ford Focus estate. I also think the interior is a tad dated when
compared to the likes of the VW Golf – or even the Hyundai i30 Tourer. having said that, it’s really reliable and
is backed up with an 5 year/100,000 miles warranty, The interior will stand the test
of time well, which combined with the low running costs and lower purchase price, makes
it rather good value. Now you’ve seen what we think of the Toyota,
why not take a look at what I thought of the brilliant Skoda Octavia here or the Kia Cee’d,
here. Finally, don’t forget to subscribe to our
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  1. pretty much every straight guy here has, she a good reviewer, a good driver and she's easy on the eyes, what's not to like?

  2. I remember how everybody complained when Rebecca did her first reviews instead of Matt. Now everybody loves her. The whole team makes incredibly good reviews, so thank you CarBuyer Crew! 🙂 Regards from Slovenia!

  3. i have a boxster, boxster boxster, boxster and my boxster, because my boxster and I have a boxster, my boxter is better, bla bla bla, I like you stuff but stop saying you have a boxster

  4. The interior outdated? it's design is the same as the Golf 7 and that interior is more outdated. Even the Citreon DS3 has a much more modern interior!

  5. Oh puh-lease. Lay off with the tired trollspeak.

    And it's not "butthurt" to voice an opinion, it's only "butthurt" when you respond to one with a comment like yours.

    Bet you feel silly now.

  6. Pointing out LED DRL's as a feature is a bit of a stretch given it's mandated by European Union Directive 2008/89/EC. You cannot get a new car type approved without them.

  7. we do! there's a golf wagon (not sure if it's still sold), and the i30 wagon. I think the "Auris" is sold as the new corolla, it looks a lot like it.

  8. Fight over opinions? That makes no sense. I look at the dashboard and what I see is a car from the past, look at many pother cars, clean dashboard and clean design and the ergonomics are not great for everyone in a VW brand car either.

  9. We've added it to the list – but in terms of practicality, value for money and standard features it's not a lot different to the old one!

  10. Why don't you make clickable video links in the review?
    It does not make any sense that she is pointing to them when they do not work!

  11. Thank you for your reply. Surely there are more differences than on the 2013 5-Series you recently reviewed – I presume the fact that BMW are sponsors gives you more of an incentive to review 'em?

  12. How come there are fewer moving parts on the hybrid? Its a much more complicated construction, so I would expect just the opposite to be the case?

  13. I don't think Toyota is capable of making a sexy car anymore.

    The most boring car on the road must be a white Toyota Corolla – and this one is not far behind.

  14. you were complaning about the outdated parts in renault clio 4. some parts werent even visible when driving. like the radio controls behind the steering wheel…
    but no one complains about the goddamn digital clock at the center console. its from toyotas of 90's.

  15. The only thing I like is behind the rear wheels lol

    Only because It's a wagon. The front end still looks like a monster and the interior looks to be from 2002.

  16. i wish north america wasn't so enamored with chunky minivans and big suvs… because of this estates like this will never see our shores =(

  17. Toyota Australia take note! This is a car you should bring to Australia. It has been years since you sold a corolla wagon and the market has overtaken you. Bring a hybrid wagon and retake the lead!


  19. driving it temporary, i like the seats, driving constant it will be quiet. materials used are hard plastic, feels cheap. One really big disappointment is the nav screen is very wrongly placed, you need to look down to the side to be able to read it, very dangerous!

    Also as Rebecca mentions, steering is very indirect, not connected to the road so to speak, also i am unable to see the nose so i have no good way of placing it in corners etc. Overall, not bad but could have been better with some simple changes.

  20. Excuse me, english is not my native langage but it's usually OK when I watch a video, With this one it's harder though 😀 Is this a particular accent from somewhere ? Thanks !

  21. "since the hybrid has fewer moving parts, maintenance costs are expected to be half those of the petrol or diesel powered models"

    how does a hybrid (having a petrol engine AND electric motor) end up having fewer moving parts than a normal petrol version?

  22. I build these at the factory. Cracking motor…and a lot better than the reviews give them credit for!
    Suprisingly rapid in Hybrid form….and get 60 mpg plus on run without trying or hanging about! Well built by us lads in Burnaston, and incredibly reliable…easy to drive…great in traffic…and look the part too!!
    Test drive one….you won't look back!!
    Love my Hybrid!! ???

  23. Why you say for the japanese cars hard plastic?I have vw golf and there has flake off the bottons my wheel steering.I think hard plastic its much more better because all the cars its exposide in the weather heat or cold.I saw japanese cars 20 years old and look like brand new

  24. I have got a Toyota Auris touring sports 1.3 petrol VVTI 2014 make which has got starting fault. She sometimes needs the second attempt to start, or the third. It happened when she needed six attempts to start in the wet and cold morning!
    Took it to Lister's Toyota in Lincoln ( 5 years warranty still is on 35.000 miles on the clock)
    They cannot find the fault! Or don't want to find and fix it! They say every time we start your Auris she starts at first attempt! And the computer tells nothing! It's a lie, of course!
    A big disappointment that Toyota Auris touring sports 1.3 petrol VVTI is for me! Bought it on finance from John Peate Motors in Sleaford.
    Absolutely gutted!

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