Tower Racing Game

Tower Racing Game

Hi Hi Hi! Slayer’s here! And Welcome
in my next fun video Today I’d like to present you,
my new idea for group game It’s a game based on different blocks physics Some blocks can slow you down If we run on typical blocks,
we have 100% speed Soul Sand, is one of block,
that slows us down Also Water slows us down,
when we running against current It takes some time to get through Cobwebs are similar, the more cobweb,
the more time you need to get through And that’s the basics of our game And how game looks like? .. simply, it’s a Race! Time race with obstacles, that you have just seen. We have our beautiful Tower ! And on that tower we will hava
a Tournament ~! 😀 Here is a ending room, First person
to get here is the winner. Let’s get upstairs And we will start our race Lucky I’m on creative… quickly get back… With us is Test Subcject no.1 DADA And with Dada we will have a race Game looks like this: On each floor we have to choose 1 of 5 Holes we can’t see what’s inside of hole In each hole is a corridor with obstacle
that we have to get through There are corridors without obstacles,
and those are so called Lucy Gates Test Subject Dada, get ready to race! so… 3…2…1… Start ! Here we have soulsand and cobweb,
so not that hard What now, what now, what no…. 4 Same trap, Lucky ~! Quick, Quick… 1… Yes ! Beautiful. now now.. here…. Damn ! Water… Oh no.. it’s Dada.. Aghhhh good..good… where did he go ? And i lost… damnnn We’re gonna have one more race
So see you at the top K! All Set, next match Ready Steady GO ! If i’ll bump into bunch of cobweb
I’ll be screwed Oh Ice, it’s also appears somewhere Crap, that’s the most worse
Come on, Come On ! And lost again… damnn whatever.. he won fair Thank you for watching, and thanks
for scary tower of destiny Hope you liked it.
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  1. cóż za zabawa, wspaniała na zabawę z przyjaciółmi zabawa. Rozbudujcie może to na większe szerokości i długości, a może nawet labirynt. I dajcie linka

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