Touchdown Celebrations to Come | NFL | Super Bowl LII Commercial

Touchdown Celebrations to Come | NFL | Super Bowl LII Commercial

You wanna work on that thing? Yeah, let’s do it. *Now I’ve* *had the time of my life* *and I owe it all to you* *so we take each other’s hands *because we seem to understand the urgency* *just remember* *you’re the one thing* Just let ’em dance *So I’ll tell you something* *this could be love, because* *I’ve had the time of my life* *no I never felt this way before …*

100 Replies to “Touchdown Celebrations to Come | NFL | Super Bowl LII Commercial”

  1. This makes me really sad. Eli and odell will probably never be as in sync with each other again as they were here. I miss 2014, 2015, and 2016

  2. Mook shut, but that’s my QB and WR.

    Eli has shown more mobility in this commercial than he has in his entire career. Go Big Blue!

  3. that freak!!!! should be castrated  and stoned and every thing else bad that can happen to a person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that hairdo alone he should be put down!!!!

  4. My church recreated this for a Super Bowl event we had this year… 😁

  5. And now Collins and OBJ are gone even though they’re generational talents in the middle of their careers. Good luck with Eli lol

  6. Is anyone looking at this now, looking back at the time where obj and landon collins were still on the team… rip giants…

  7. i'm sorry, Giants fans, but it's kind of funny to sort the comments by "date added" and see the sudden change in comments from '1 month ago' to '3 weeks ago'

  8. When you realize that out of he three players of this commercial, Eli is the one that stays on the team.

  9. As an eagle fan, I can TRULY say… this is the best (most gay and embarrassing) commercial I've ever seen for a rival to participate in while the eagles were winning the lombardi trophy LOL!!!!! HAHAHA!!! NY fans should be pissed at this.

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