TOP ZWIFT ALTERNATIVES (2019): 9 FREE and PAID Indoor Cycling Apps For Your Indoor Training

TOP ZWIFT ALTERNATIVES  (2019): 9 FREE and PAID Indoor Cycling Apps For Your Indoor Training

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  1. I use Xert and Zwif like my main tools, and sometimes when I get bored of zwift I switch to RGT.

    P/s. I like your hat. Do you have for sale?

  2. I am a keen zwifter, however really like rouvy, particularly AR on real life routes like Alp D'Huez etc. Great summary…

  3. currently using RGT for cycling and zwiftrunning for the run since im not going to pay in summer for a indoor platform when the weather outside is beuatiufull

  4. VirtuGO is Bluetooth compatible. I remember pairing all my sensors (PM, HR, controllable trainer) through BT when I tested the app briefly few weeks ago. It worked pretty well.

  5. Thank you. Very helpful. I'm currently on Zwift and Fullgaz (to mix it up), but didn't know about 2 of them. I'll give them a try. Keep up the good work…it's helping to make fat guys like me…."skinny" (emphasis on the quotes). Lol

  6. Kinomap is another option for those that want to ride IRL videos and routes. Been around for a long time. They even have an option for a lifetime subscription.

  7. Thanks for the quality content. I can't understand why I haven't found your channel sooner nor why you have so few subscribers (compared to other cycling channels). A hidden gem 🙂

    To answer your question. I currently don't cycle indoors but I'm looking to get into it. I knew about the big three cycling apps, but thanks for mentioning the more unknown ones. Xert certainly seems very nice and I like that you can take the workout offline with the garmin app.

  8. Very very good review. I was just looking at the indoor training space and your clip gave me so much info and help. I still have a question though:
    Which of these apps support group training (with a coach) that could give indications real time for the people on how hard they should go, etc. Also if it supports some video/ audio conference would be awesome. I’m really curious if there is such thing out there!


  9. Zwift, Trainerroad and CVRcade for me. Trainreroad for their training plans and Zwift for some entertainment. Also tinkering with CVRcade which is making great progress however it's more suited to racing at this stage.

  10. I currently use TrainerRoad and Rouvy. TrainerRoad’s workout definitely help me get the most out of the limited time I have to ride. I also like riding real courses, particularly ones I have seen the pros ride so I also use Rouvy. Sometimes I do the TrainerRoad workouts with the app minimized to the bottom of the screen while I watch the Rouvy video (TrainerRoad controlling the trainer while the Rouvy video moves based on its calculated speed) Given people’s comments I am going to check out BigRingVR for its videos. Anyone have comments on why they like BigRingVR over Rouvy or visa-versa?

  11. Thanks for the reviews. I recently cancelled my Zwift subscription since the weather now permits outdoor cycling, but when it gets cold again I think I'll try RGT Cycling. You can't beat free. Thanks again!

  12. Stumbled upon this and great video……I especially love the feedback for triathletes, what do you think about VeloPro for triathletes? Maybe I missed that in the video…

  13. I ride on Zwift. Happy with it. Huge variety. Not only courses but also social, training and racing.

  14. Thanks so much for including us in your list! For anyone interested in world-class workouts tailored to your full power profile (not just FTP), we have a 7-day free trial. You can learn more about us here: Happy to answer any questions anyone might have about our 4DP technology, workouts, training plans, etc.

  15. I do treadmill and trainer. Trainer, I use Rouvy which I like very much. Treadmill, I use TickrX and Wahoo Fitness App. I upload the FIT file to Rouvy which consolidates my total workout statistics and history. For both, I use "live" videos from YouTube. I easily convert them to mp4's for my big screen. Thousands of great videos are available. Much better than artificial zwift video.

  16. I looked at the other options but Zwift is miles better. More roads, people, races, group rides and community.

  17. I like Bkool real routes in 3D mode as well as RGTours for the real routes and excellent Graphics. Rouvy is also excellent content snd value. Zwift is over priced and TRoad is boring and their podcast is full of outdated nutritional advice.

  18. I switched from zwift to rouvy because of the AR routes and i think its the best of both worlds since it has AR routes, real video routes and structured training. The only thing lacking is a big community but you won't miss that if you didn't come from zwift

  19. I put on an XCO race and then I run the TrainerRoad app on the pc. I'm a big user of the workout creator because I can import my coaches workouts from tainingpeaks. Simple drag-n-drop.

  20. Which is the best app/s to use with an apple tv which has good structured workouts for triathletes? Instead of Zwift

  21. I just downloaded and have tried the Apple TV Rouvey app. WOW, it is great! Easy to setup and I have little issue with the interface. The Apple 4K remote is a bit tricky but this is true with all apps on the device.
    I had been planning on subscribing to Zwift this winter, that is why I bought my Apple TV 4K. Now I may pay for Rouvey once they go “live” instead. Rouvey for Apple TV is free as of oct. 2019 because they are in beta.
    I hope they can add more routes and finish the other loose ends. Looking good.

    I really like the AR real life videos, These are not as flashy as Zwift but they keep the ride interesting enough for me.
    BTW, I have messed around with Zwift on my Apple TV just a little and find it tricky to control with the Apple TV remote. I have not tried the iOS companion app though.

  22. Now Trainerroad hike up their prices once again this year and its 20 dollars a month or 200 dollars a year. Crazy….

  23. Don't use APPs. I use Tacx TTS4 Program that I bought years ago. This gives me the option to ride many VR courses or Real Life Videos which I have a large library of videos I purchased over the years. Next is Veloreality free program you can use but you have to purchase the videos, also they offer videos in 4K which are the best. That's enough for me. No need to subscribe to anybodies monthly wallet rape.

  24. mostly been using rouvy and fairly happy with it. mostly because has real courses, some that I have been on many times. I do like the virtual partner and how it can use the stats of someone else who actually rode the course. setting it to someone just a little bit better in stats than you can quite motivating.

  25. Both Fulgaz and Virtugo don't have an auto pause function .so not for me Trainer road to expensive,Rouvy the hills are a lot harder than they would be in real life . I like zwft and kinomap though the hills are like Rouvy not compatible with real life

  26. The RGT app instantly connected my H3, ipad, and PC painlessly, but it won't let me pedal more than half a stroke, then it's as if someone slams on the brakes. It lets up for a few seconds, then brakes again. Can't find an option to make adjustments. Acts the same regardless of what gear I'm in.

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