Top Five Teams to Rebuild in FIFA 20 Career Mode

Top Five Teams to Rebuild in FIFA 20 Career Mode

With the fifa 20 release upcoming on the horizon
comes a fresh set of challenges for career mode players. Last year we looked at a different range of
situations in which you could choose a team that would best suit that challenge. In this video, I want to share with you five
teams that I have identified as a project in which you can rebuild that team. Rebuilding can cover quite a few aspects. Maybe it’s a club which has seen success
over many years, but during recent times they have fallen on hard ground and need to rebuild,
or perhaps it’s already a successful club, but has seen the spine of the team ripped
out through players leaving. There is a wide variety available for you
guys to choose from, so let’s take a look. As always, be sure to let me know In the comments
section any clubs that you think would be appropriate for the list and an entertaining
rebuilding challenge and I’ll get back to you as best as I can. With that in mind, let’s get into the list. So first off we start with La Liga and Spanish
giants Atletico Madrid. For years Diego Simeone has moulded the players
at his disposal into a formidable unit; capable of beating anyone and achieving the unexpected. This transfer window, however, has seen a
mass exodus on the cards at the Metropolitano stadium. Three of the defenders that have been part
of the furniture for many years have left on free transfers in Juanfran, Felipe Luis
and perhaps most importantly, club captain, Diego Godin; who joined Inter Milan on a free
transfer. Rodri made the switch to Premier League outfit,
Manchester City. Lucas Hernandez left for Bayern Munich. Gelson martins to Monaco and most noticeably,
Antonine Greizmann to Barcelona. That is essentially the heartbeat of that
talented Madrid squad gone in the space of one transfer window. With countless speculation about Diego Costa,
Saul and Jan Oblak leaving on top of this, there is a clear period of transition now
in place at the Metropolitano. And whilst the club has already begun steps
to fill those holes by signing the likes of Joao Felix from Benfica for an astronomical
120 million – and Kieran Trippier from Tottenham; on top of a couple of other transfers, there
is a lot more that needs to be done to fill those voids. This could be one of the most exciting projects
to play on fifa 20 career mode this year; as you will have a large budget available
and plenty of room to manoeuvre in the transfer market. We can trust diego simeone to rebuild this
Atletico squad and still make them a formidable force in the coming seasons, but will you
be able to achieve this also? Next up on the list we have Manchester United. This one is fairly self-explanatory. It’s clear that Ole Gunnar solskjaer wants
to reform United into the old days of the Sir Alex Ferguson era. Make them the hardest working and fittest
team in the league – and be able to win in a range of different ways; whether that
be playing on the front foot with fast, attacking, entertaining football, or defending well and
being resilient. With that comes a whole new transfer approach
as well. It’s clear that Manchester Untied have a
lot of dead wood around the club and they’re actively pursuing ways to get rid of these
players. In turn, new players come in based on the
new philosophy. Generally younger players who for the most
part will be home grown. Utilising the youth academy and young players
already available to them will also be another part – and the challenge for you guys here
will be to rebuild Manchester united into the force they once were by sticking to this
philosophy. Moving to Italy now, we switch our focus to
AC Milan as the next team to rebuild. Having finished outside of the Champions League
places once again, Milan decided to part ways with club legend Rino Gattuso. Which was followed by a rather strange appointment
in Sampdoria manager, Marco Giampaolo. To make matters worse, due to failure to pass
financial fair play requirements, the Rossoneri were also banned from playing in the Europa
League for one season; which was greeted with approval generally by Milan fans, but is actually
very bad for the club. Not only does it lower revenue for the club
next season, but it also shows just how badly Milan has been managed financially over the
past few years. The club must now stop spending beyond its
means and go in a different direction; whilst also having to rebuild the team in the new
managers image. The shifting out of dead wood has already
began, but there is a lot more to be done. On top of that, you’ll have to try and bring
in talent on a lower budget; perhaps looking to develop younger players from the academy
and purchased for cheaper prices in the transfer market. It could be a tough few years in store for
AC Milan, but a really entertaining challenge for career mode players during fifa 20. One that I’ll certainly be considering doing
for a Youtube series. Fourth on the list for teams to rebuild is
a team that was perhaps the most shocking story of the season last year – and that’s
French Ligue 1 side AS Monaco. Former player Theirry Henry was hired as manager
and things went from bad to worse during his reign. The club then found themselves shockingly
in the relegation zone in January – and it wasn’t too long after that when Henry
found himself on the unemployed list. They then went on to rehire former manager
Leonardo Jardim and scraped avoiding relegation by the skin of their teeth; just two points. After being the considered the team most likely
to challenge the PSG dominance reign, this was a massive failure – and this season
the club will have to stabilise and begin the rebuild to return to the right end of
the league. One thing that you will have to do as Monaco
manager is to cut down the size of the squad. They have one of the biggest squads you’re
going to come across if you play fifa – and whilst this is down to signing a lot of young
players to develop, it just isn’t possible to award them all opportunities in the first
team – and therefore, some of them will haver to go. What’s interesting about Monaco is that,
really, you don’t need to make many transfers, if any at all, to return to being a competitive
team challenging in Europe. You’ve already got youngsters with high
potential; paired in with some top quality veterans like Cesc Fabregas and Radamel Falcao;
so the state of the actual players looks quite healthy. It’s just about trimming down the size of
the squad by finding the players that do and don’t fit your plans – and then just regaining
some all-important stability. Fifth and finally on this list is quite different
to the previous four teams as we switch from first tier to second tier. We go to Germany and Hamburg in the svei Bundesliga. In the 2017-2018 season, Hamburg were disastrously
relegated for the first time in the history of the Bundesliga. Last season, everyone, of course, expected
them to return at the first attempt of trying, but were surprisingly unsuccessful, finishing
one place outside of the playoff spot in 4th. This season coming up certainly seems to be
one where they’re going all out for it. They’ve already lost a few key figures ahead
of the season, including the highly rated 19 year old, Fiete Arp for next to nothing
to Bayern Munich – and have retaliated by signing a whole bunch of players. Can you rebuild Hamburg by returning to the
Bundesliga and once again becoming a competitive outfit; challenging at the top end of the
table? One of the best parts about doing this rebuilding
challenge is that Hamburg’s stadium, the Volksparkstadion, is actually on FIFA – and
will therefore make your experience a whole lot more entertaining and immersive. This one could certainly prove to be the most
challenging and enticing rebuild of the list. Well, that rounds it off for this one guys. Let me know what you think about the teams
I’ve chosen – and feel free to put forward any suggestions that you might also have. There’s lots more content coming along the
road for the likes of fifa 20 and pes 2020, so make sure that you subscribe to the channel
and click on the bell to keep up to date with the videos. Please do leave a like if you’ve enjoyed
this one and I’ll be very grateful for the support. On that note, we’re going to round it off
there. Thanks so much for watching – and I’ll
see you soon.

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  1. Goes without saying arsenal I think. Also Chelsea maybe not as a rebuild but as a good challenge, if you keep the transfer ban and the introduction of many youngsters trying to maintain champions league football should be fun.

  2. I knew AC Milan would be in this video… I am definitely not an AC Milan fan, but without the Li Yonghong drama AC Milan would still have been one of the top 10 teams in Europe.

  3. I want to make Aberdeen a Scottish juggernaut and take over Celtic and rangers and become European beaters by using the youth academy

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