TOP 5 Sports Cars 2017

TOP 5 Sports Cars 2017

hey everyone test all new Porsche 911 Turbo S one of the fastest sports cars ever this one is the new model two faced it with new headlights taillights and interior upgrades just beautiful keyless go frameless horse this one has a carbon package beautiful carp indoors with the eliminate turbo S logo Burmaster sound system full leather door panels and – it has also two cupholders stopwatch boner Amazon with darker entire headliner power adjustable seats with leg extensions there are two seats in the back for children the door handles are also reshaped on this new it has the power adjustable steering loop rev counter in the middle trip computer navigation screen top speed says 350 km/h beautiful new three hundred and sixty millimeter steering view with the sport response button Sport Sport+ in the video and normal this steering view is the same as the 918 Spyder I also filmed that one check my channel 1961 new types the navigation screen with Wi-Fi possibilities right hey everyone here is the brand new era pant spider this color is called oratio borealis for layer the frame is aluminium a carbon-fiber carbon ceramic brakes it has front and rear aluminium double wishbone suspension over Alcantara interior with the orange like the exterior color navigation screen the start button is cool LCD speedometer beautiful interior glossy black trim on the one this is the only Ferrari 488 GTB designed by Flavio morning okay even the door handle is shaped in this way due to a ton of air into the air intakes this month rev counter in the middle to LCD screens one for the trip computer one for the speedometer flat-bottom steering wheel flat ball flat top steering you with the XR lights so you know when to change here the weight distribution is 41.5 at the front 58.5 inter AR 1 this is the all-new zo6 comfortable or fat in this video I will do a startup and show all the futures it’s just a beautiful car glossy black rims zo6 supercharger logo at the site beautiful for exhaust with a great sound leather interior zo6 logo and Corvette logo that’s also the magnetic selective ride control everything is wrapped in leather door panels – it has the pose a sound system that’s the bottom force with the Corvette logo and perforation flat-bottom steering view carbon-fiber LCD screen touchscreen navigation today we have the brand new Mercedes bass AMG GTS this is the more powerful version of the AMG GT in this video I will do a start up and show you every feature of this beautiful car supercar hey everyone thanks for watching a latte 61 today we have a special sports car from mercedes-benz down from FL Toback Germany it is a great-looking car with the hand-built sports engine with 510 horsepower power adjustable steering view with the beautiful shift paddles mounted on steering view it has a great sound I will leave it in race mode and the sports exhaust button off so you can hear that beautiful AMG engine thanks for watching again with the carbon I love the carbon immediately The Blind Spot Assist turns up storge area chrome details power adjustable seats side post rings to keep you in place the more seat three person setting down here special AMG seats dark headliner let’s take a look at the interior I love the steering view feed for air fans Alcantara steering you special to the AMG models leather top leather – beautiful AMG of auto back logo

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  1. Alaattin kardeşim hızına yetişemiyoruz vallahi..Maaşallah nerdeyse her gün bir video yayınlıyorsun.Emeklerine sağlık kardeşim..

  2. 1.porshe/2.amg gts/3.huracan/4.488 gtb/5.corvett…………………………………..

  3. Vay arkadas. Uzun zamandir takip ederim seni ama Turk oldugunu bilmiyordum 😀
    Cok iyi is cikariyorsun hocam. Devamini bekleriz

  4. güzel kardeşim tşk ederim çalışmalarında başarılar dilerim senden ricam türkçeye ağalık ver

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  6. Ferrari forever is the King 😍 😍 😍
    1 ferrari
    2 lamborghini
    3 maserati
    4 alfaromeo Giulia 🍀
    5 new Ford gt
    6 Nissan gtr and corvette
    7 Mercedes
    8 porsche, is the car not supercar

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