Top 5 Road to Glory Teams for FIFA 20 Career Mode (RTG)

In a recent video, I provided a list of five
teams that I had selected that I thought would be the best teams to rebuild ahead of fifa
20 career mode. This time around, we’re going to look at
five teams that I think would provide the best road to glory experience. Teams that you can build up from the bottom
and turn into a formidable force. Similar to the other video, we’re going
to try and make it as varied as possible in terms of the type of teams and location of
teams in the list; so as to try and make something for everyone. As always, make sure that you let me know
in the comments section any teams that you think would make a great road to glory save
ahead of fifa 20 and I’ll do my best to get back to you. With that in mind, let’s get into the list. So first on the list is Leyton Orient of the
English League Two. Having just been promoted from the national
league, you’ll be starting from the bottom with essentially the lowest expectations – and
will have to get promoted through three divisions before being able to participate in the Premier
League. Now, some of you may be wondering why I haven’t
chosen Salford City over Leyton orient, due to them winning the playoffs rather than winning
the league. Well, two reasons. One, Leyton Orient already have a lot of adversity
to overcome even before the season has begun. Manager Justin Edinburgh, who had won promotion
with the team back to League Two. Tragically passed away shortly after the end
of the season. He was well loved at the club having done
a great job in his short time there – and this meant that there was perhaps a period
of turmoil whilst the club tried to recover from this horrible situation. This would only make it all the more impressive
if Orient united and avoided relegation in the forthcoming season. The second reason is that Salford City is
very much a manufactured club. It spends incredible amounts of money compared
to the other teams in its division and spends far, far beyond its means. The model that the club employs isn’t sustainable;
neither in general, but especially now the club is in the football league where every
club will be regulated via fifa’s financial fair play regulations. It’s just not possible to spend the ridiculous
amounts of money that it does spend when it has such a small fanbase and makes such small
amounts of money. Leyton Orient on the other hand, has an established
history and a good size fanbase to establish itself; something which, for me, is far more
appealing than a plastic club. Moving on from Orient now, we switch our focus
to Eintracht Braunschweig of the German third tier. On top of the fact that they are currently
the only other country to have the third division available on FIFA, the reason I have chosen
Braunschweig is due to the clubs recent history. After gaining two promotions in three years
to the Bundesliga, the club suffered relegation from the league in 2014 – and despite almost
returning shortly after, ended up hitting a bit of a free fall; last season finding
itself just a few points above the relegation zone in the third division. With this road to glory save, you have the
expectation to set yourself of returning to the Bundesliga once again, but this time being
able to sustain the clubs presence in the league and avoid relegation; which it was
unable to do last time around. The club has once before won the top league
championship in the 1960s – and of course, your ultimate goal will be to increase that
tally from just the single title to multiple. For most people that generally do the English
leagues for a road to glory save, this could be a really entertaining way to switch it
up for yourself and make it more interesting and last a longer amount of playing time. Third on the list of road to glory teams is
a club that perhaps almost all of you will be unaware of, but really should consider
playing as during career mode this season – and that is Pordenone Calcio. No, not Piemonte Calcio, but Pordenone Calcio;
now of the Italian Serie B. Last season saw the club promoted from the Serie C for the
first time in the entire club’s history against all of the odds. To put it into perspective, Pordenone’s
stadium has a capacity of just 3000. No club in the top four leagues of the English
football pyramid has a ground that is that small. This shows just how impressive this achievement
is for the club – and how you can really call it a project should you decide to start
with them on career mode. The budget will be small; as will the squad. So it will be all about finding very, very
cheap young players who you can develop in order to be competitive and avoid relegation
in the serie B; before trying to advance and press on to even greater things. This is certainly one that I’m going to
think about doing sometime during the fifa 20 lifespan. For the fourth team to make a road to glory
save with, we’re going to go to Holland and the Eredivisie. Sparta Rotterdam won promotion to the top
tier in the Netherlands via the playoffs – and whilst this road to glory save would be quite
different to the others; due to their only being one tier in the country on fifa, it’s
the story itself that makes it appealing. Sparta Rotterdam are the eldest professional
football club in the country – and of course, have to compete with their inner-city rivals
Feyenoord; which has proven to be a very tough task. Not only do you first of all have to avoid
relegation as one of the teams with the lowest expectations in the division, but then you
will have to overcome your city rivals followed by overcoming the newly found dominance of
Ajax and their young team of potential stars. Not only do you have that as a challenge in
the league, but you then of course have the European stage to think about. Both the Europa League and Champions League. This is what we’ll extend your road to glory
save with sparta beyond just the domestic challenge. It’s certainly one worth thinking about. Last but not least on the list, we return
to England and once again to the English League Two; this time with recently relegated Bradford
City. The difference between this one and the Leyton
Orient road to glory that we discussed earlier, is that at Bradford, the expectations are
perhaps far loftier and greater. Unlike recently promoted Orient, Bradford
fans will be expecting an immediate return to League One – and anything short of that
next season will be unacceptable. Bradford is a big club which will attract
attendances that will far surpass any other team in the division – and the fact that
they weren’t able to push on for promotion to the championship during their most promising
recent years came as a surprise to many. Not only would this be an entertaining road
to glory series to start from the bottom, but you would of course have these immediate
expectations to live up to of instant promotion and success; which will make the save all
the more interesting. The chances are that in FIFA, the budget will
be bigger than the rest of the clubs in the league (other than perhaps Salford City);
so you will at the very least have a bit of room to manoeuvre within the transfer market
to bring in your own players. This is certainly one that I’ll look into
starting when the FIFA 20 release finally comes. Well, it’s time for us to call it a day
there guys. Let me know in the comments section down below
what you think of my suggestions – and also if you have any other clubs that you think
would fit the bill nicely for a road to glory save on fifa 20 – and I’ll do my best
to get back to you. If you’ve enjoyed this and want to see more
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