Top 5 Retro Racing Games

Top 5 Retro Racing Games

Yo yo yo, what’s good game world? Well in
this video we’re going to take a look at what I consider the top 5 retro racing games of
all time. My list will be more focused around the 16 bit generation, so classics that appeared
on the Super Nintendo or Sega Mega-Drive mainly. So, if you’re thinking anything before that
generation, I’m really sorry to disappoint you, but they just didn’t make the cut. When
it comes to gaming you’ll sooner or later get to realize that someone like myself is
a major fan of the 16 bit era and some might just argue that the choices that I’ve put
on this list are extremely biased. But hey let’s face it guys, this is my list and just a reflection
of the games that I personally had the most fun playing back in the days. In my opinion,
most of the games on the list have become the basis and foundation of some of the top
racing games of today and it’s only right we pay proper homage to these classic racing
games. So let’s kick back and reminisce over some extremely classic racing games that have
been so impactful to so many of us old school gamers back in the days, and they all probably
still provide the same joy and excitement that they did 20 years ago. So let’s do this,
look at my top 5 retro racing games. Okay. Straight at number 5 is my game Micro Machines
released back in 1991 micro machines is one of those fun towers from back in the days
that used to keep you playing for hours upon end. If you’ve not payed the game or even
familiar with the title majority of the tracks in Micro Machines are based on house hold
settings, so for examples yo race across kitchen tables, or desktops or even in the famous
bath tub. Personally, I am extremely surprised that this game didn’t even feature on the
PS3 or even on the Xbox 360. Who knows it might appear on the next gen, I’m still hopeful,
but anyway, this game will be amazing to play online in full HD, but that’s just my opinion. Occupying the number 4 position is street racer. Street racer is what I like to describe
as a go-cart themed game that successfully combines racing with comedy and beat-em-up
influence violence. So in other words, Mario Kart meets Road Rash, this to me is one of
the most underrated games on the Super Nintendo, I love the fact that you can punch the hell
out of someone trying to overtake you, street racer is was packed with great race tracks
and awesome battle games which just had great amount of replay value, there were amazing
characters to choose from and if you were fortunate enough to own a multi-top for the
Super Nintendo, you and three other mates could go head to head four player style. Bang
in at number 3 spot is F-Zero. Now this is what I consider a revolutionary racing game
which has defined racing games period. Since F-Zero’s release in Japan, back in 1990, the impact
that it had was just remarkable. I was amazed at F-Zero’s fast pace and challenging game
play and also the variety of racing tracks that they had to choose from, what impressed
me the most was the extensive use of the graphical mode, which was called mode 7. This graphics
rendering technique was an innovative technological achievement at the time that made racing games
more realistic and just stunning to look at. And the first of which was F-Zero. Occupying position 2 is Rock and Roll Racing.
All I can say is Rock and Roll Racing is the game! Even though I’m not your typical rock
and roller the soundtrack of this game was just epic with classic rock and roll tracks
from back in the day, the cheesy commentating just added so much enjoyable play to this
game, customizing your cars is just so fun and every race is just so competitive against
either a computer or a friend, to me, trust me, this game is just so sick, it’s definitely
a game that should be remade for the PS4 and for the Xbox 1 and go online and just have
hours of fun. Okay before we get to number 1 it’s always right to just do a few honorable
mentions, so let’s look at some of the games that should have made the top 5 but just didn’t,
because yo know what as I said before it is my list. Surprise, surprise when you talk about
retro racing games, how can you not mention Super Mario Kart, that obviously takes number
1 spot and I suppose most of you guys already knew this anyway. Without question, no one
can deny the fact that super Mario kart has defined the racing game genre and will give
most of the biggest racing games of today a great run for their money. In my personal
opinion even if we disregard the word retro, Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo is
possibly one of the best racing games, period. But hey, lets leave that for another debate or
even another list. I remember when I first played this game, I was thinking: Wow the
character selections are awesome! The racetracks are awesome! and even the battle modes is
extremely fun. To me this game goes down definitely as what we call a classic considering the
fact that this game is way over 20 years old and is still as fun as ever, it just amazes
me, if you never played this game before, then I’d definitely suggest: download
it if you own a Wii or a Wii U and definitely play it now. Obviously graphics might have
moved on from this point, but trust me this does not avoid the fact that this game is
just still so fun. Anyway peeps thanks for taking the time out to watch my top 5 retro
racing games of all time, hope you had fun watching the video. Please leave your comments
below or subscribe to the channel. Until next video, peace out.

8 Replies to “Top 5 Retro Racing Games”

  1. oh man! F-zero! :O I used to love it on SNES it was really fun, but when you were hitting walls it was kind of annoying πŸ˜› And of course the number 1 is so epic used to play with my brothers πŸ˜€ Then after some years we went to Crash Team Racing! Awesome list man you must put lots of time in editing, keep it up!

  2. Dude this list is awesome. I never played Street Racer, though. Micro Machines was a great game. Road Rash was really fun; I'd actually like to see that game remade. Super Mario Kart was the only choice for #1 πŸ™‚

  3. Son here, Oh you are right UG I saw no.1 a mile a way. The Mario Kart franchise is still badass with Mario Kart 8. So GOOD.

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