Top 5 Best Racing Games on Android Galaxy S3 & Note 2 – Androidizen

Top 5 Best Racing Games on Android Galaxy S3 & Note 2 – Androidizen

Speed Moto is not exactly a traditional racing game
it’s more of an endless runner, but the graphics are pretty good and
the gameplay is engaging enough for a while. Whilst you’re not going to find yourself throwing yourself into every bend as you turn the corners it’s certainly a game that will keep you engaged for a short while. Speed Moto, well worth downloading and playing on those shorter journeys. Asphalt 7 is probably one of the better games out on Android although on some devices it can feel a little bit laggy. Certainly on some of the latest devices that have come out it feels rather unoptimized though the unlocking of levels, new cars, upgrades and boosts are pretty cool on this game It does feel just a little unpolished on
some of the newer titles but still if you’re looking for a fast paced arcade
action racing game this is not going to do too badly for you. Asphalt 7 certainly well worth picking up from the Play Store. Real Racing 2 is probably the king of
races certainly for those looking for the Gran Turismo or style of real racing. Lots of cars, lots of tracks very realistic car physics and handling. This is a game that is going to make you
go wow on the replays, it really is a stunningly beautiful game. The game is fast, the graphics are fantastic and playing on pretty much any modern device it really really flies. If there’s one thing we would really like then that is Real Racing 3 as soon as possible please. Steampunk Racing 3D is probably
one of the craziest ideas for a racing game I’ve ever seen since Mario Kart. But it works beautifully very Mario Kart style game play, fast and furious, lots of beautiful 3D graphics wrapped up in a Steampunk universe. You’ve got power-ups, you’ve got unlocks you can boost up your car to ridiculous kind of Steampunk levels and it just works beautifully. You’re looking at one of the fastest
racing games I’ve played on any device so far and on the newest devices this game really really flies. Steampunk Racing 3D certainly belongs in the top five racing games on Android. Need for Speed Most Wanted is the best racing game on Android currently. The graphics are stunning, absolutely beautiful and the gameplay,
well if you’re interested in burnout style games, you know, arcade races with absolute blistering speed then Need for Speed Most Wanted has it. You play, well, a guy trying to escape and evade the police, you are the most wanted and the levels are gorgeous. Absolutely fantastic car unlocks, lots and lots of really really interesting tracks and levels and just fantastic gameplay. If you
haven’t got this game yet for your Android device, go grab it now.

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  1. yes made the video the day before cracking sands hit the playstore it would definitely bump Speed moto off the list.

  2. I agree that NFS MW is the best racing game, its unbelievable. Other racing games I like (not mentioned in your video) include Fast Five, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Raging Thunder 2, Riptide GP, NFS Hot Pursuit, and 4×4 Offroad Racing.

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