Top 5 Best Racing Games on Android 2013

This is Asphalt 7: Heat at Number 5 one of the better racing games available on Android but still feels a little un-optimized on some of the multi-core more advanced smartphones that have come onto the market in the last year. It’s not a bad game but it’s not as good as some of the games that will be coming up in
our top 5. It’s certainly passable, and certainly well worth a download if you’re looking for a pick up and play title this weekend but don’t expect too much. At Number 4 it’s Steampunk Racing 3D a really fantastic title beautiful 3D graphics and a steampunk vibe going on that is just glorious to see in a computer game. Build your car, race get points and win. All the time in this glorious steampunk style universe. The gameplay is absolutely great, real fast and
furious. There’s a real Mario Kart vibe going on with this particular game and certainly it’s well worth picking up. Our next game at Number 3 is Repulze, a really nice title, let’s not call it a Wipeout clone. It’s very similar to Wipeout, you’ve got the usual kind of race very quickly. Beautiful 3D sort of courses that loop and twist and everything like that. But it’s not quite Wipeout. It’s just a very fast racing game really but well executed and it certainly makes me feel like you know… I’m going very very very very fast! At Number 2 is probably one of the best racing games ever made Need for Speed Most Wanted. Glorious graphics, incredible speed,
brilliant levels and a loose story that will actually keep you playing. There’s a good six to seven hours worth of
gameplay I find in Need for Speed Most Wanted and it’s worth every hour you spend on it. It is a glorious game. As you can see, great graphics brilliant interactivity and loads and loads of speed. And our champion racer is Real Racing 3 from Electronic Arts. Has a game ever appeared on a mobile
platform this feature packed before and free to play? The inapp purchases are a
little bit irritating but there’s a lot of really good game play here and quite literally hundreds of races that you
can take part in, loads and loads of cars. This is the best racing game currently available on Android. As you can see, beautiful frame rate and
great gameplay. What a cracking game. Real Racing 3, our Number 1.

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