100 Replies to “Top 5 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2018 To Stream New Movies”

  1. Digefy was the best. 9.99 a month unlimited TV New Movies, but it changed to Gabado and only takes crypto no more card. Sucks that's gone

  2. www.movii.us
    No registration and no limits.
    Best website to watch movies and tv show without popup ads and without any limits.

  3. Do not use any of these sites. This guy is a fraud he doesn't know what he's talking about. If you use the site you'll get a virus or they just don't work. I have tried every site he suggested and none of them work. You either have to register which she claims you don't proving he is either stupid or a liar. You will either have to register get a virus or they don't work. This man does not know what he's talking about if you use any of these sites and listen to this idiot any further then you deserve whatever viruses or whatever happens to your device.

  4. After a long time watching 123movies my ESET anti virus program won't even allow it to open anymore. Blocks it completely.

  5. I trust the comments more than this video lmao im really wanting to watch childhood movies and im wondering where to watch it because im not paying loll, putlocker any good?

  6. hdo is a good one i use as a replacement for 123, just don’t use any of these on computer, use phone instead because you don’t get viruses

  7. 48:00 well I wonder why 123 movies was banned because of religion did they offend anyone

    Im making fun of the robot voice for saying religion instead of reason??

  8. FREE DVD & Online Streaming from Learn Our History! Teaches kids about America’s real-life superheroes!

  9. February 8th 2019. They forgot to mention in this video the most important thing you have to do first before going into any of these movie website is getting an ad blocker put on your web browser if you do not you're going to be asked to pay for registration you're going to be getting annoying ads popping up and you don't want none of that so get yourself a ad blocker. Then you can get enemies movie site your heart desires.

  10. stop lying some of ur sites are fake maybe you're searching through ur head and watch them in your ass

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