Top 5 Best Android Racing Games Galaxy S4

Top 5 Best Android Racing Games Galaxy S4

best android racing games These are the best racing games available on Android and the Galaxy S4. First up Pocket Rally, a game that’s come on in leaps and bounds since it was first released phenomenal graphics really fast gameplay
and they’ve tweaked things as they’ve been going along based on feedback from purchasers. Well worth getting as you can see the gameplay is really nice and the cars handle beautifully. It feels like rallying but in your android racing games At number 4 we have Need for Speed Most
Wanted probably one of the most wanted racing games that you’ll find on any platform on Android certainly on the Galaxy S4 it flies along easily some of the best frame rates you’ll see phenomenal graphics best android racing games and really solid gameplay a little bit limited at times but overall this is one of the best racing games you’ll be able to buy with the added bonus of no inapp purchases adverts or annoying nag screens Need for Speed Most Wanted is a fantastic title. At Number 3 is Riptide GP a faster game on water has never
been made in my opinion with great graphics and this is some of the most beautiful water effects that you will ever see in a computer game, let alone a mobile game. best android racing games Fast furious action and even better it supports the Moga controller as well so you can utilize this game just like you would a full console experience. Plug your Galaxy S4 into a television
set and off you go, absolutely fantastic. At Number 2 is Real Racing 3 the third part
of the Real Racing series from Electronic Arts it really sets the bar high for what graphics on a mobile platform should look like and most certainly it is the most gorgeous
looking racing game that we’ve ever played best android racing games The gameplay is on par with that of Gran Turismo or Forza series although the inapp purchases do mar the experience somewhat it is nice that this is a free to play title. And our Number 1 racing game on Android and Galaxy S4 is Carmageddon maybe not the most graphically beautiful game but
certainly the game play is second to none. This is a remake as it were or port of the original title from 16 years ago now and it looks fantastic
it plays fantastic and you will not find a game with more fun packed in for your couple of pounds with tons of levels crazy cars and absolutely bonkers power ups Carmageddon is our Number One racing game. best android racing games

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  1. in app purchases ruin a game for me personally. Much rather pay a sensible price for a full game.

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