Top 15 Horrific Moments Caught On Live Stream (Twitch, Facebook Live, YouNow)

Top 15 Horrific Moments Caught On Live Stream (Twitch, Facebook Live, YouNow)

From Twitch, Periscope and Younow, to Facebook
& Instagram live – it is becoming easier and easier for someone to livestream any moment
of their day. While most streams only involve a late night
gamer killing time, or a random celebrity communicating with fans, every once in awhile
something extraordinary and horrifying happens. Here are 15 of the creepiest things to happen
during a livestream. Keep in mind that some are much worse than
others. 15. Cat Scratch If you get squeamish at the sight of blood,
this next video will give you chills. This Youtuber and online gamer, Sara Kate,
was livestreaming on Twitch late at night when things got out of hand. Sara was sitting in front of her computer,
in a dark room. Her cat was perched on the chair behind her. While taking a break from the game and chatting
with a few followers Sara leaned back to play with her cat. Sara talked cutesy, saying “give me kisses”
and even rubbed her face on the adorable feline. Apparently the cat wasn’t having it, or
perhaps wanted to play a bit too rough because it quickly clawed at Sara’s eye. The motion was quick and didn’t seem too
damaging. Sara immediately threw her head down in pain,
though, and it was clear the cat had caused some harm. After a moment or so Sara finally looked up
and showed that blood was pouring from her left eye. It looked almost as though she was crying
blood. She sobbed and asked followers “What should
I do?” as the blood continued to trickle down her face. For the most part this video is just unsettling
because the amount of blood it contains, but it’s also a bit terrifying to wonder what
damage this may cause. 14. Anthony Cumia This popular radio personality is best known
for his work on the Opie and Anthony radio show, which ran from 1995 to 2014. Those that don’t know him from his radio
spot, may know him from a domestic abuse incident that went viral. In December 2015 Anthony Cumia was arrested
and charged for domestic abuse, a disturbing evening that was apparently live streamed
by Cumia’s 26-year-old girlfriend Dani Golightly. After the video was streamed via periscope,
clips began circulating the web. Most of the clips began with Dani showing
viewers her swollen and allegedly broken hand. “I’m waiting for police right now!” Dani said to the audience. Off camera Cumia was mostly trying to play
cool and brush everything off by saying she was being silly, and inviting her to sing
karaoke. Dani called Cumia a psycho and laughed at
the fact he acted so differently on camera. For several months this was the only footage
most knew about, but later an extended version was uploaded. In this longer video of the broadcast, Cumia
is seen searching through his home for a handgun he lost. As he rummages through the house Dani whispers
to periscope viewers that Cumia threatened he would lie to police and get her in trouble. She also warns that she has to go soon so
she won’t get hurt. Not long after this, two police officers show
up. Dani whispers “we’re in trouble now”. Dani and Cumia both convince police that everything
was an accident, and the officers leave without hesitation. Dani complains that the officers are horrible
for leaving her, clearly covered in bruises while her intoxicated boyfriend searches for
a firearm. The pair are both clearly drunk in this video,
and their relationship is an abusive and unhealthy one. This video gives an alarming look into an
abusive relationship with someone who admits to being dependent on alcohol. This should serve as a lesson to anyone stuck
in an unhealthy relationship to get out before you “get both hands broken in one year”
according to Dani. 13. Cockroaches Yet another chilling entry for viewers who
fear bugs, specifically roaches. This livestreamer known as Battle Athlete
got quite the scare while playing “fighting vipers” while online. As he was focused on his game, you can barely
make out a roach crawling onto his shoulder. The roach moves toward his back, and that’s
when he notices. He jumps forward and shakes, asking the girl
behind him “Was that you? Is something on my back?” She immediately notices that a large roach
his on his back and she runs out of the room, as he follows quickly behind. The rest of this video is just Battle Athlete
screaming in the background. You can almost feel the six-legged creepy
crawly sneaking up on your shoulder as you watch. 12. Marina Joyce It’s fair to say that anything Marina Joyce
posts now-a-days is unsettling or concerning in some manner. Who could forget the infamous publicity stunt
that Marina pulled to convince her fans that she had been kidnapped. During a livestream in July 2016 Marina attempted
to put the rumors to rest. Unfortunately, her strange behavior only fueled
the fire. From her usual paranoid glances and fidgety
movement, to the way she seems to whisper at random points – Marina unsettled her fans
even further. When asked about bruises seen all over her
body she said “I was not okay, and it’s a sad story but I can’t tell the story because
it’s personal” and she then goes on to tell her fans that she loves them and they
need to know that. Some believe this is her hinting at an abusive
relationship or even self harm. Later she reads a comment aloud that says
“if you’re not okay, say hi to everyone in the chat”. She immediately goes on to yell hello at everyone
viewing her. Most can brush this off as a misunderstanding
but others grip their concern and search for a cry for help. Whether it’s drug abuse, a mental illness,
or an actual abusive situation it’s clear that Marina Joyce is going through something
pretty heavy and her adoring fans are scared for her safety. 11. Chicago Kidnapping In January 2017 a Chicago teen was kidnapped
and tortured on Facebook live. The victim was an 18-year-old male with special
needs. He had been reported missing by family just
a few hours before the stream began. During the livestream a few other teens were
laughing and eating while they talked about what to do next. The victim was burned the cigarettes, his
clothes were cut off and his hair was cut in a violent way that caused his scalp to
bleed. Aside from the cruel laughing the suspects
also made remarks about Donald Trump, president elect at the time. According to some that viewed the stream,
they forced their victim to also make negative remarks about Trump. 2 males and 2 females were later arrested
for this sick crime. While they did seem to show remorse, it’s
hard to believe that anyone twisted enough to do this to someone with special needs feels
any kind of guilt. This case caused a lot of controversy as some
claimed it was not a hate crime, though it’s clear that hate is what fueled the attack. There are clips of the stream available online,
but be warned it isn’t easy to watch. 10. Live Robbery Though at the time having something horrible
happen to you on a live stream may seem like your worst nightmare, it can often come in
handy. For one, if something serious happens you’ve
got immediate evidence without putting in any work. Furthermore, you’ve got a whole audience
there for you through a scarring event. That’s exactly what happened to this gamer. Sajedene is a female gamer who posts videos
to YouTube and streams live on Twitch. One night around 4 a.m when she was streaming
she heard a loud bang outside. She asked her boyfriend to go check and see
if one of her cats had knocked something over. He goes in and investigates the area, to find
the cat sitting on the counter staring at the door. Of course, he checks through the peephole
but apparently sees nothing and heads back toward the room where Sajedene is still streaming. Just then the intruders kicked down their
door and run in yelling with guns pointed. As soon as this happens Sajedene jumps out
of her seat, leaving the stream going. She runs into their living room and more shouting
can be heard. The intruders start asking where the narcotics
are and proceed to steal their money, luggage, jewelry and credit cards. Apparently during this robbery they explained
that they originally came to the apartment complex to rob a drug dealer, but found out
they would be unable and chose a random apartment instead. At one point during the livestream one of
the intruders can even be seen walking in front of the webcam with a gun in hand. While this break-in was terrifying and likely
upsetting for Sajedene, she was able to find comfort through her followers who reached
out to her. One follower even helped her provide the stream
video to police for evidence. 9. 4Chan Fire Some of you may have heard this one before,
as it is quite popular. In 2013 a 20-year-old college student, identified
only as Stephen, posted to 4chan that he wanted to commit suicide. While Stephen did not give any direct reasons
as to why he wanted to end his life, he did explain that he had been on the site for nearly
10 years and he wanted to “give back to the community” persay, by live streaming
his suicide. 4chan users, sadly, encouraged Stephen to
go through with his suicide and his plan to livestream it. Stephen quickly set up a stream to a website
called Chateen. Just before setting things up he allegedly
took a handful of pills and drank a generous amount of vodka to wash them down. Once the stream was set and going, Stephen
started a small fire in the corner of his dorm room and crawled under his bed. Followers in the stream encourage his death,
expressed their shock and concern, or watched silently in fear or awe. On the original 4chan post, commenters complained
about not being able to view the stream because the chat had reached maximum capacity. About 200 users were watching this young man
kill himself, and not a single viewer tried contacting emergency services. While still under the bed and likely passing
out from the combination of pills, vodka and smoke – Stephen commented things such as “I’m
fucked” and “I’m on fire”. Later in the stream, before the fire spread
fatally, firefighters busted down the door and carried Stephen out. Reports were made by university officials
that claimed Stephen had been going through tough family issues, but did survive the incident
and was getting help. Not much has been heard about Stephen since,
and most traces of the video have either been wiped or simply lost from the web. 8. Live Car Crash Facebook live is a fun and convenient way
to connect with friends and family on the spot. It’s useful for family gatherings, company
events, and just reducing boredom. For this teen, though, the fun exciting Facebook
feature led to her death. In December 2016, an 18-year-old Pennsylvania
teen was driving with a friend sometime after midnight, on a busy local highway. Brooke Hughes grabbed her phone and started
a live video. Less than one minute into the livestream Hughes
passenger and friend asked “Are you going live?” A split second after the question a tractor-truck
rear ended their vehicle. After the sounds of tires screeching and glass
breaking, the stream went black and silent for 7 minutes. A man was later heard talking but it’s not
clear if this man was an emergency responder on the scene or the truck driver. The video then ended and was posted to Facebook. Hughes clearly did not post the video as she
and her passenger died in the crash. Many believe it had to do with her phone dying
or closing, when a Facebook live video ends it automatically posts to the users page. Pennsylvania police stated that the video
was removed, but it’s impossible to know if viewers caught a copy first. As for the fault of the crash, the damage
was too serious to tell if it was the fault of Hughes for driving distracted or something
on the truck drivers part, but it’s a good note to not use your phone while driving. Even if it isn’t the cause of the crash,
having the phone in your hand can greatly delay your reaction time. 7. Live Standoff For the world, and especially America, 2016
was a wild year. Despite crazy elections there were also mass
controversies and technological advances. This incident brings those two together. In August 2016, a 23-year-old African American
woman was fatally shot by police. An intense standoff prior to the shooting
was recorded on two Facebook live videos. In the first video an officer shows up to
the home of Korryn Shandawn Gaines, he stands in the doorway and tries to talk to Gaines,
but according to reports of those that witnessed the video, she either ignored him or didn’t
understand him as she never spoke directly to him. This video was removed shortly after the shooting. The second video, which stayed up, shows Gaines
telling a 5-year-old boy that the cops are there to kill them. Officers showed up originally to arrest Gaines
and a man named Kareem Courtney for outstanding warrants. Gaines warrant was over not appearing in court
for a prior charge. Kareem Courtney fled the apartment with a
1-year-old child, leaving Gaines and the older child home. Courtney was caught and arrested without struggle. Gaines, on the other hand, allegedly aimed
a 12-gauge shot gun at officers during the standoff and refused to cooperate. Reports also claim that viewers of the livestream
encouraged Gaines to not comply with the officers demands. After a seven hour standoff, Gaines pointed
her shotgun at officers and threatened to kill them. One officer, for reasons unexplained, fired
a shot at her. In response she fired two shots back at the
crowd of officers and SWAT members. After this she was quickly shot down, and
the 5-year-old boy was injured in the process. Gaines of course, died from the incident and
the child was treated for minor injuries. This occurred during a time of high tension
between officers and the Black Lives Matter movement. While some saw this as another unfair and
sketchy killing by police, others believed that Gaines had ample opportunity to avoid
conflict. It is unclear if the live video was ever removed,
or if Gaines’ account was deactivated after the conflict. 6. Chicago Shooting 28-year-old Anthony Perkins was fatally shot
in 2016 and Facebook was able to witness it all. Perkins was walking around his neighborhood
while live streaming to his Facebook friends. He spoke to neighbors outside and directly
to the camera. At one point he seems to just stare off into
the camera right before 12 shots are heard. Witnesses scream in the background has the
shots ring out and Perkins falls to the ground. The phone shifts around before going completely
black. The phone abruptly stops moving but people
can still be heard yelling in the video, which continues for 30 minutes before ending and
automatically posting to the young man’s page. He was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced
dead 2 hours later, as his wounds were too fatal. He was a father of 3 and while police reported
that he had gang ties, friends and family claimed that he was no longer affiliated with
gang activity. 5. Mother of Two Keiana Herndon, a 26-year-old mother of two,
died while chatting with thousands of Facebook friends. Herndon was holding her 1-year-old son and
talking to friends while streaming a live video. She was chatting about going back to school
to complete her education. Herndon had over 3,000 friends on facebook
so it’s uncertain just how many people were viewing. As she spoke she began to sweat and wipe her
face. After this she shook her head and fell backward,
her aunt who was watching the video, was immediately concerned for her niece and knew something
was horribly wrong. Her son then began to play with the phone
as she can be heard gasping for air in the background. Herndons’ friend burst into the room to
try and help her, and ultimately called 911. The mother was rushed to the hospital but
died later that same day. Her cause of death was a heart issue triggered
by thyroid problems. Friends and family said the young, hard working
mom loved to showcase her life on Facebook, but no one suspected that social media would
record her death as well. The video was later removed. 4. Frederick Jay Bowdy Things went tragically downhill for this aspiring
actor after he was charged with sexual assault. The 33-year-old father of six had been arrested
on suspicion of sexual assault. He was let go after posting a 100,000 dollar
bond. No formal charges were filed but Bowdy was
expected to show up to a court date after being released. A few days after being let out of jail, officers
were called by a relative of Bowdy. The relative explained that they were worried
about his well being because he seemed distraught on a live stream. The video began around 5:30 a.m in early January
2017. Bowdy had been crying and expressing a desire
to die while on facebook live, despite the call from police – they were just too late. He had shot himself in the head while on Facebook
live and was announced dead at 6:30 a.m that same day, in the driver’s seat of his car. This grisly death came just a few weeks after
another live suicide was posted. As a result Facebook gave the option for viewers
to immediately report a video that violates their community guidelines. If a report is sent the stream will be ended
immediately, but what does this feature do to save the lives of those on the verge of
suicide? 3. Nakia Venant Just after Frederick Jay Bowdy committed suicide
on Facebook Live, so did a young teen from Miami. The 14-year-old, Nakia Venant, began a livestream
to friends on Facebook where she expressed that she had been suffering from depression
and feelings of paranoia. The livestream lasted for 2 hours in which
Venant cried and explained her emotions to few viewers. A friend watching the stream called local
officers, but there were several misunderstandings on Venant exact address of residence and the
officers arrived too late. They busted in around 3 a.m to find Venant
hanging from a noose in her bathroom, as her foster parents slept in a room just down the
hall. There were countless efforts to resuscitate
the teen but she was already deceased. Some reports claim that the video ended before
the teen killed herself, while others say they witnessed her hanging. Either way the tragic video was immediately
removed from Facebook. 2. Philando Castile In July 2016 Philando Castile, and his girlfriend
and child were pulled over in St. Paul, Minnesota. The officer asked for Castiles I.D and registration. Before reaching for his information Castile
told officers that he was licensed to carry a weapon and had one in his pants pocket. He likely said this to prevent the officer
from seeing the weapon as he leaned over and becoming concerned. Despite this effort to prevent conflict, a
massive and tragic conflict ensued. Castile reached toward the glove box for his
registration and the officer immediately shot Castile 7 times without question or a second
though. Seconds after the shooting Castiles girlfriend,
Diamond Reynolds, began lives streaming to facebook as her boyfriend lay slumped in the
driver seat, spilling blood and gasping for air. As she explained to the livestream audience
what was happened she pleaded with officers to hurry and get an ambulance to the scene. As she explains the situation to potential
Facebook viewers, the officer that shot Castile screams in the background for Diamond to stay
in the car. The officer is clearly distraught at the scene
of his own actions. Even worse is that when emergency responders
finally arrived officers removed Diamond from the car and took her four-year-old daughter
in another direction. After seeing a man be shot and killed right
before them the mother and child were separated, allegedly for hours after the incident. The video is available online, but please
be aware that it is gruesome and heartbreaking to watch. The officer that killed Castile, identified
as Jeronimo Yanez, was charged with second degree manslaughter and two counts of dangerous
discharge of
a firearm. 1. Nicole Davis On December 30th, 2016 12-year-old Katelyn
Nicole Davis from Silver Creek Georgia killed herself in a live stream. Nicole had a very active online presence. She ran a blog where she talked about her
bipolar disorder and family issues, she posted vlog style videos to YouTube and she streamed
live very often. She was known online as Dolly or Its Dolly. In many of her livestreams she talked about
the discourse in her family and admitted that her stepfather tried to rape her and told
her to kill herself. Throughout several other videos she has heated
arguments with her mom over her stepfather’s drug use, men her mother brings home, and
Nicoles’ self harm. From the writing on her blog, and from the
several times she cried out her emotions in livestreams, it was clear to see this young
girl was not in a healthy mindset and was having trouble coping with her home life. In one video just before her suicide, she
cried on camera and explained she was trying her hardest to be happy but just couldn’t
handle the emotional pain anymore. She said that no one wanted her to live, and
she had no reason to go on. She also stated “No one wants me, and if
they do it’s for sexual reasons, no one cares about me.” The trauma of sexual assault and a broken
family life had taken it’s toll on Nicole and she could no longer cope. Shortly after this video, which is described
as her “Last Cry for Help” Nicole live streamed her suicide. The first few minutes of the video are of
Nicole apologizing and explaining that she can’t deal with the burden of life anymore,
almost like a digital suicide note. Then she hangs herself from a tree in her
backyard. She struggles a bit at first and then just
sways from the tree. Family can be heard in the distance looking
for her, although when they found her it was not caught on video. This case is a truly harrowing story, a young
girl was facing mental struggles and basically crying to the world for help. As you may have noticed, many entries were
related to suicide and abuse. If you are a victim of a abuse, or are considering
suicide please know that you aren’t alone. There are people and sources willing to help
you through this tough time. Some resources will be listed in the description
below. Thanks for watching

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