Top 10 Xbox One Racing Games of All Time

Top 10  Xbox One Racing Games of All Time

10. Opening our list of Top 10 Xbox One Racing
Games is MXGP 3: The Official Motocross Videogame After being by hounded by delay after delay,
the third installment of the official Motorcross game finally made it out of development hell
with its release last 2017. Dive into the extreme, adrenaline pumping
action, and compete side by side with the superstar lineup of the 2016 FIM Motocross
World Championship. As the official adaptation, it comes with
all the juicy licensed content, from tracks, rosters, and customizations. There’s also various bikes on offer. Take your pick from the 2 strokes and 4 strokes
of manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, and Kawaski. Feel the rush of pumping and melting tires
as you fly over slopes and drive over muddy tracks–all rendered with high quality textures. MXGP 3 makes great use of the Unreal Engine
4, maximizing the level of of immersion in terms of graphics and physics to keep you
in the heat of the action. With the addition of reconfigured weather
effects, staying at the top of your game becomes harder than ever before. It has a PlayScore of 7.54. 9. Project Cars 2 For a franchise birthed from the fires of
the crowdfunding forge, Project Cars has come a long way. Developed by Slightly Mad Studios, they sought
to bring one of the most realistic motorsport simulators in the market, taking notes from
both professional racers and enthusaists all over the world. With this second installment, the developers
held nothing back with a collection of tweaks and enhancements to improve the already exhilarating
experience. Back with over 182 cars from 38 different
manufacturers, buckle up your seatbelts as you take the driver seats of Porsches, Ferraris,
Lamborghini’s and so much more. Working closely with these manufacturers,
it even captures the quirks of each racecar, giving them the performance characteristics
of their real-life counterparts. Prepare to deal with changing temperatures
and slick terrains with the game’s new dynamic weather system. Not only does it take you closer to the tracks
with their stunning graphics, but also the many obstacles that come with it. An ambitious project, it receives a PlayScore
of 7.57. 8. Need for Speed: Rivals The twentieth title in the long running Need
for Speed series. Criterion Games decides to take cues from
their previous hits, giving players a new spin on their signature cop car chases. In Rivals, we’re not just limited to the well-known
role of fugitive. Instead, we also get a peak of the lives of
the boys in blue, giving chase to the rowdy streetracers of their world. Choose between the two sides of the coin,
and explore their varying playstyles in the game’s exciting open world setting. Play as the street racer Zephyr, renowned
for his ability to evade capture, or sign up for the Police Department and beat them
at their own game. With individual storylines for each of society’s
opposing forces, we get to see from their unique perspectives and watch their narratives
collide in the heat of the chase. Whether you’re for good or bad, fair play
isn’t at all necessary. Make use of an arsenal traps to put a stop
on your rivals, or beat them to the finish line with your favorite shortcuts. Two different stories, all with the same fire
and fuel of the franchise. It has a PlayScore of 7.66. 7. Trackmania Turbo Drop into a frenetic and gravity defying formula
racer that puts a modern twist on classic arcade racing. Nadeo’s Trackmania combines 90’s arcade aesthetics
with impressive sound design and smooth visuals. Every one of its 200 tracks is riddled with
urban signages fit for the country of your choosing. There’s four different environments and four
different gameplays. Ride the physics-defying loop the loops of
Rollercoaster Lagoon, and prepare your stunts for the rough rides around country valleys. And, if you’ve finished all tracks, you
can always head onto the trackbuilder for handcrafted or randomized tracks to fill the
rest of your days. There’s another challenge to overcome with
its innovative double-driver mode where two players have to work together to steer a single
racecar to the finish line. But, it’s all made easy with its simple
and intuitive controls. It’s has a PlayScore of 7.78. 6. Cars 3: Driven to Win For a racing game based on a Disney movie
about anthropomorphic cars, it definitely takes itself seriously in terms of satisfying
gameplay. Tying in with the latest Cars title, it’s
story is set immediately after the events of the film, expanding on the rivalry between
protagonist Lightning McQueen and the smooth-talking Cruz Ramirez. In this game, you’ll get the chance to visit
the iconic locations from the film franchise. Cruise through the quiet Radiator Springs,
or zip past opponents in the Florida International Speedway. Other than the two main players, you’ll also
get to choose from over 20 characters from the movie and customize them to your liking. Work together in coop made, or race against
friends in their new local-splitscreen multiplayer mode. Even as a disney game, competition is still
at its stiffest. Collect weapons along the way, and take your
opponents one by one. It has a PlayScore of 7.8. 5. RIDE 2 A self-proclaimed temple for motorcycles,
Ride 2 will make you bend your knees in worship of their exceptional bike extravaganza. Enter a digital garage of today’s fastest
and most iconic wheels and take them all out for a spin. With 12 different game modes to try out, it
offers a heaping variety that most racing games don’t have. In Ride 2, the bikes become more than just
a vehicle, turning them into valuable partners you can tweak and customize. Create your personal garage using the 170
bikes on offer from 22 of the world’s motomanufacturers. Boost your chances with personalized modifications
on engines, wheels, brakes, and more. Conquer the deepest bends, zoom through the
toughest roads, and ride past unforgiving terrain using the 20 mods at your disposal. An ambitious mecca for motor-powered wheels,
it’s definitely a must have for all motor enthusiasts. It has a PlayScore of 7.81. 4. DiRT 4
Following the massive success of Dirt Rally, Codemasters continues their epic streak with
this latest venture into the world of rally racing. This twelfth entry in their Colin McCrae Rally
series features an even deeper focus on rallying. It marks the introduction of a brand-new game
mode that changes the way you play. Unlike the set tracks of their previous titles,
Dirt 4 will let you create hundreds of unique stages with a click of a button. With Your Stage, you’ll be able to test your
skills with longer and technical routes and challenge your friends to do the same. But, of course, it also has it’s own collection
of majestic locations, from the mediterranean, to the land down under. Not only is it the most beautiful and realistic
Dirt title to date, it also ups the challenge with new weather conditions to overcome. umpstart your career, tweak your vehicles
to your liking, and partake in exciting weekly challenges. It has a PlayScore of 8.32. 3. F1 2017 Speed is the name in the every racing game,
but none more essential than the world of Formula One where every tick in the clock
could decide who wins or who loses. With this 2017 edition of the official F1
World Championship game, you’ll be able to witness it all unfold, whether it’s the rush
of the driver’s seat, or the drama of the backlines. This iteration comes with a host improvements
in career mode amd multiplayer, as well as the introduction of new Championship mode. Explore an expanded career mode that allows
players to make history with every track victory. Aim for the best of the season by developing
your cars, recruiting the best pit stop team, and honing your own skills. Race with other players online, and experience
the deep thrills of the full 20-grid. Along with all these new features is the return
of their classic lineup of McLarens, Ferrari’s and so much more. A racing enthusiast’s dream, it has a PlayScore
of 8.44. 2. Forza Motorsport 6 The absolute gold standard of Microsoft racing,
Turn 10 Studio’s Forza series has never failed to deliver the class and elegance we’ve come
to expect. One of two running Forza titles, this sixth
installment of the Motorsport series continues to stand tall despite the more recent Motorsport
7. Unlike their Horizon titles, Motorsport puts
a heavier focus on arcade racing. Experience the breadth of their legendary
run with all new tracks, shinier cars, and an immersive 70 hours story more. Bringing more surprises to the forefront is
the introduction of new track conditions that add a whole new layer of excitement. Conquer the slippery slopes of rain-slicked
roads, and drive through the paralyzing darkness of night racing. Pair that with the lush hyperrealism that
the series is known for, and you’ll enjoy a full delights of breathtaking yet challenging
drives. A highly respected Microsoft Exclusive, it
receives a PlayScore of 8.76. 1. And the best Racing game on the Xbox One is
Forza Horizon 3 Of course, the best games are those that combine
two highly marketable genres into one stunning title. And that’s exactly what Forza’s Horizon offers–a
pure haven of open world fun for racing enthusiasts around the globe. Stealing the show with brand new tracks and
gorgeous cars is this third installment of the Horizon series. There’s a bigger world to discover as you
set foot in the vast Australian landscapes that’s twice larger than their previous hubs. Prepare to dive into its liberating environments,
and discover the sights and secrets of the lush location. Exploration, like misery, loves company. So bring around up to 11 of your friends and
race around the four corners of the land down in under in their free roam mode. Boost your fanbase with the Horizon festivals,
and drool over their collection of 350 dazzling cars. Forza Horizon 3 trumps other open world racers
with its polished gameplay, excellent netcode and eye-popping visuals. A haven for high-octane fun, it has a PlayScore
of 8.88.

85 Replies to “Top 10 Xbox One Racing Games of All Time”

  1. Does anyone else agree that NFS Payback is a much better game than Rivals? If you don't agree, let me remind you that NFS Payback has extreme visual customization, a bigger car list, a much better PC Port (Rivals had a locked 30FPS on PC), do I need to go on?

  2. Id love an indepth game where your upgrades are factual parts like 2.2l twin turbo or 3.5l v6 or 5.0l intake manifolds et etc etc with after market performance parts in which each part changes the characteristics of that vehicle performances of that specific vehicle.

  3. I bought need for speed rivals and loved it,but after my first day playing,the game wouldn’t load.DONT BUY IT

  4. Want to Have Hacks For Your Games? Then simply Vist Google For "Crustygames4u". There You Will Find Many Cheats For Games.

  5. I'm honestly not a fan of Forza Horizon 3.
    Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful and I completely get why someone else might like it but for me there's just no challenge. I played for ten minutes and had like twenty cars just gifted to me!!

  6. 6:34 shows game timer 1:47. There are 147+147 seconds left in the youtube video:
    (11*60+28)-(6*60+34) = 294 = 147+147. The 47th triangle is 1128.

  7. I got forza horizon 3,but it was a sale,the sale was forza horizon 3 decreased its price from 49.99 USD to 24.99 USD,I'm sooo happy dat I got an almost 50 dollar game on an almost 25 dollar game ?

  8. the best racing title is assetto corsa & dirt rally (not 4) for sim racing insiders my friend hate to dissapoint . I don;t say i am not liking most of the games (l agree with pc2 being no 9) on your list in fact if i had to pick one up from the list that would be forza horizon 3 & that's because it offers cool driving relaxation as a good break from the serious tiltes as AC & dirt rally with its amazing open world layout ..

  9. Let me fix your list.
    10: NFS2015
    9: Project Cars 2
    8: Dirt 4
    7: F1 2017
    6: Forza Horizon 2
    5: Ride 2
    4: The Crew 2
    3: NFS Payback
    2: Forza Motorsport 7
    1: Forza Horizon 3 (About to be FH4)
    Oi bruv it’s 2018

  10. Horizon 4 sucks bad. The interior of the cars suck. Not like Forza 6 or 7. Microsoft did not improve on Horizon 3 sloppy driving dynamics and horrible interior inside those cars

  11. IMO Forza Horizon 2 is the best racing game on Xbox One; however, some would beg to differ and I can understand why. But if you’re talking best racing game of all time, that’s a completely different story. Personally it would be either Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012 edition or Forza Motorsport Three because the pre-Xbox one/PS4 racing games were so goddamn better!

  12. I wish we had more racing games where everything isn't handed to us from the get go. I would much rather prefer building my car from the ground up instead of just being able to fully upgrade it in a matter of seconds because the game gave me 1 million at the start

  13. [̲̅Y̲̅][̲̅a̲̅][̲̅B̲̅][̲̅o̲̅][̲̅i̲̅] [J̲̅][̲̅o̲̅][̲̅r̲̅][̲̅d̲̅][̲̅a̲̅][̲̅n̲̅] says:

    Where the drift community at?


    Just me?


  14. Do any of y'all know the game where you can control every car you see in the street? I've been searching for it for ages

  15. Car games now a days ain’t very good just my honest option…just seem slow & boring just don’t excited for them anymore :/ I’m nearly 30 though lol

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