Top 10 Xbox One Games for Kids | ESRB Everyone

Top 10 Xbox One Games for Kids |  ESRB Everyone

This ranking is based on the PlayScore, a
standard rating that averages gamer reviews and critic reviews. Number 10 is Forza Motorsport 6 Not to be mistaken with the other Forza series,
Motorsport is an adventure that breathes new life to your gaming racing career. While Horizon makes aims for that irresistible
feeling of freedom through its open-world experience, Motorsport gives you the actual
experience behind the steering wheel. This is the biggest and the finest Forza Motorsport
game to date. It puts you on the pedal against multiple
players… with more than 26 famous race tracks from around the world. The game features a whole new day and night
cycle, weather effects, and a story campaign. Not to be outdone by Horizon, it comes with
a whooping 450 licensed cars to choose from. That’s twice when compared to its predecessor. Critics have praised the visuals, artificial
intelligence, and the quality of its racing mechanics. It’s one of Xbox’s most popular racing
games and it has a PlayScore of 8.10 9: Overcooked If anyone’s wondering what’s the life
behind the counter, then look no further. Overcooked is the perfect game to give meaning
to how fast fast food is. Although it has its own magical touch. It’s not easy but it’s a fun couch co-op
experience for you and your friends. Gather a team of adorable little chefs in
a fast-paced cooking bonanza. Take on a culinary quest of epic proportions
as you travel between kitchens after kitchens in the majestic Onion Kingdom. It’s a very simple game but difficult if
not well-coordinated, so talk to your friends and pick up that frying pan and use the finest
quality of ingredients for that perfect dish! … as long as it’s not overcooked. It has a PlayScore of 8.13 8: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved After a series of publisher issues, Lucid
Games’ gives you the best Geometry Wars to date. This is the sixth installment of the multi-directional
shooting franchise and it never runs out of vibrancy and style. The gameplay remains the same much like its
predecessors. The player controls a small ship that can
move and shoot in every direction. Face off incoming hordes of glowing geometrically
shaped enemies and gain the highest score you can ever collect. The game was praised for its responsive shooting
mechanics, various new modes and a very worthy sequel to Geometry Wars. Most critics even say that this is what a
true videogame looks like. It has a PlayScore of 8.14 7: Unravel Take a peek through the life and times of
an adorable little anthropomorphic creature made of yarn. This physics based puzzle platformer postulates
the power of putting your player in a puny perspective. Travel around its larger than life atmosphere
and use your yarn abilities to manipulate the environment and solve puzzles. The game’s story centralizes on memories. You will be traversing throughout an emotional
adventure of attachment, family and heart. Critics have praised the game due to its visuals,
story and unique level designs. However, some have criticized the game’s
pacing in terms of platforming. One thing’s for sure, it’s a very beautiful
platformer for Microsoft Platforms. It has a PlayScore of 8.18. 6: FIFA 17 Fans of football can enjoy the fun and excitement
of EA’s crowning sports game. In its new story mode, play the life of Alex
Hunter as he climbs his way to the ranks of his dream FIFA Career called “The Journey”. It’s the first of the series to show a campaign
mode, along with dialogue wheels similar to Mass Effect. Aside from this, it’s also the first of
the series to use the Frostbite Engine. With this, the game is smooth in terms of
physics and visuals. The quality of the game’s Premier League
modes is fun and the return of commentary makes it even more better. It’s a fun experience to play with alone
but with friends, it gets ten times better. The game is praised for its gameplay, fluid
animations and presentation. It has a PlayScore of 8.18 5: The Witness This is not your conventional “Go there,
do that” kind of game. Jonathan Blow, the main man responsible for
the classic indie wonder, Braid, makes a return in a new riveting puzzle adventure that speaks
of possibilities and logical awareness. It’s a first-person puzzle experience. Players will explore a huge open world to
discover filled with over 650 different kinds of puzzles. Traverse through its manmade and natural edifices
fueled with deep mystery. The game encourages you to pay attention to
the environment around you and find clues that will help you solve the myriad of puzzles. Over its hundreds of puzzles, players can
finish the game without completing everything. But who wouldn’t want to test their skills
and finish all of them, right? It’s praised for giving players a feeling
of reward and accomplishment after every puzzle, while at the same time criticized for being
too difficult at times. It has a PlayScore of 8.25 4: Kerbal Space Program This is the kind of game that offers you the
gift of simulating a digital controlled environment to test your limits towards space and science! It’s a love letter for aspiring engineers,
astronauts and builders because this game puts the ‘easy’ in Rocket Science. The most alluring feature of this game is
its realistic orbital-physics engine. Making the players feel the nauseating effects
of objects flying around and around. Control cute little creatures known as Kerbals
and slowly construct a working spaceship to ascend into the skies. Once the player achieves the set amount of
tasks, the voyage to outer space begins. The game also has Mod support if you want
some added fun to your journey. The game is a success. It’s been praised for the amount of possibilities
it generates and the creative community behind it. Even notable organizations recommend this
game to everyone including SpaceX and NASA! Give it a try, it’s rocket science. It has a PlayScore of 8.29 3: F1 2016 Developed by Codemasters, step inside the
race track in, by far, the most realistic racing game to date. It’s directly based on the Formula One Season
and it’s the eighth installment of the F1 franchise. It encourages players to delve deeper into
the motorsport scene with over 22 players to race with. The game includes a Career Mode that lasts
for 10 Seasons, a deep multiplayer content, and the introduction of the Virtual Safety
Car which aides players behind the wheel. It feels so real players can actually see
the weather effects popping out on screen. And you don’t have to be a race car fanatic
to enjoy it. Learning curve is pretty low and it delivers
the joy of racing on the get go. Experience Formula One like never before because
it has a PlayScore of 8.31 2: Ori And The Blind Forest: Definite Edition But before anyone gets to play it, be prepared
for a very emotional adventure. Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the finest
platformers of 2015. This Xbox One remaster proves that it can
still be as gorgeous and heartwarming as it has been before. Take control of an adorable guardian spirit
named Ori. This little mix of squirrel and cat is the
game’s central hero. Use his powerful abilities to take down foes
and solve puzzles in its decaying world. The platforming mechanics of the game is gradually
developing. Making it harder and harder the further you
are into the game. Ori can also gain abilities and upgrade them
via a feature called “Soul Link”. The game requires not only skill, but reflexes
to master the art of leaping through the air, escaping exploding volcanoes and defeating
big bosses. The game is lauded for its captivating story
and the tone of its visuals really suits the game. It has a PlayScore of 8.53. And here are the runners-up before we reveal
the number 1. DiRT Rally. This is one of the more authentic racing experiences
on the Xbox. On top of the more realistic simulation of
racing and car management, it also comes with a good variety of cars, racetracks and racing
modes. It’s a good racer for young gamers and it
has a PlayScore of 8.01. FRU. This fun puzzle platformer may be the reason
to plug your Kinect back in. It’s one of the few successful attempts
to making use of Xbox One’s Kinect. Playing it in co-op mode with your kids is
a great way to bond through gaming. A PlayScore of 7.98. Trackmania Turbo. If you’re looking for a flashier racing
game, then this is for you…. A colorful, physics-defying, arcade stunt
racer. It moves away from the grittier aspect of
racing to bring something fun and casual. It receives a PlayScore of 7.95. Farming Simulator 17. The title says it all. Put on the boots of a modern North American
farmer and till hundreds of acres of land. Grow crops like corns and beans…and take
a good care of your livestock — chickens, pigs and cows. It’s one interesting game with a PlayScore
of 7.93. Madden NFL 16. But if you or your kid is into sports, particularly,
American football. Represent one of the NFL teams playing the
Madden Club series and aim for the championship. It’s a big improvement from the previous
releases and it has a PlayScore of 7.92. 1: Forza Horizon 3 Xbox One’s crowning glory when it comes
to racing games. This third entry to the ever improving Horizon
series makes it the best of the series. It boasts a dynamic open world to discover,
tons of customizable features and of course, more licensed cars. Players who require the sweet escape of life
need to grab a copy of this game. Set in a rich Australian region, watch the
sun rise and set because its seamless transition from day and night makes it all the more brilliant. It’s also the first of the series to feature
cross-platform play. Making it convenient to play with other players
on the PC and Xbox. Enjoy its grand festival and play with your
friends or via online play if you want to feel the breeze of the Australian air. It has a PlayScore of 9.15 and it’s a very
recommended game for people looking for a game suited for Everyone.

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  1. Some kids play shooting gmes even though its a 18 or 16 Its annoying because they get violent and I play shooting games but I'm not like that I'm kind though my lil sis has special needs so plz could you do best top kid xbox one games for free becuase my dad can't afford so many games!

  2. The list on the video
    10 forza motorsport 6
    9 Overcooked
    8 Geometry wars 3:dimensions evolved
    7 unravel
    6 fifa 17 or 18
    5 the witness
    4 kerbal space program
    3 f1 2016
    2 ori and the blind forest:definite edition
    Runners up
    Dirt rally
    Trackmania turbo
    Farming simulater
    Madden nfl
    Winner:forza horizon 3
    Boy, that hurt my fingers.

  3. Kerbal space program controls like shit on Xbox one, so it’s better to use a keyboard and mouse or play it on pc

  4. What I am allowed to play:

    EC for Early Childhood: Yes
    E for Everyone: Yes
    E10+ for Everyone 10+: Yes
    T for Teen: Yes
    M for Mature: No
    AO for Adults Only: No

    There’s so many games I heard were great, like Fallout, Dark Souls and Halo. But the ESRB ratings won’t let me slip by that.

  5. Honestly, I asked my dad for halo 5: The guardians and he said no because it has guns and its like PEGI12 and im 11 and it’s not fair other 11 kids play guns like fortnite can’t even play that! So do you have xbox one s games friendly other than these (they can’t be babyish)

  6. Most of this narrators selection are for kids 14+, which would actually b teenagers. Some of his picks are for grown-up kids 20+ heheh.

  7. i was looking something for my kid, but this list is full of shit, am a proud gamer from the 80s ,
    non of this shit will interest me as a kid , especially forza,

  8. Please don't title your video "for Kids" just for click bait. Hardly ANY of these games would be suitable for KIDS. How old are you?

  9. I really want a new game for my Xbox because all I have is minecraft and I've been playing that for about 2 years

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