Top 10 WWE Wrestlers Who Took Up Surprising Jobs Recently (2018)

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers Who Took Up Surprising Jobs Recently (2018)

Today we present you
Top 10 WWE Wrestlers Who Took Up Surprising Jobs Recently (2018) 10.Scott Steiner – Restaurateur Known for his incredibly bizarre
promos and bulging muscles, it’s hard to imagine Scott Steiner
trading in his signature chainmail
for a chef’s hat. But if you ever find yourself in
Acworth, Georgia, be sure to look on Shoney’s on
Highway 92, which is run by Big Poppa
Pump himself. Opening in April 2016, Shoney’s
offers a casual, family-friendly dining experience,
known for its diner style menu. The restaurant gained some fame though, when Steiner speaking on the news
as a witness to a road rage incident though Freakzilla’s wrestling past was never mentioned during the
interview, with Steiner being
referred to as just a restaurant owner. While it seems like a great place
to eat, I’d avoid complaining about a
cold main though or you might just end up on the
receiving end of a Frankensteiner. 9. Shad Gaspard – Stage Actor The muscle of Cryme Tyme, Shad Gaspard was a part of the
WWE from 2006 2010 where he teamed with JTG. Gaspard’s size and natural charisma
made him one of the most must-see Tag Team stars of the time, with the big man using that same
charisma to become a stage actor. Gaspard performed Shakespeare
in 2011 in Tampa, and portrayed the first Black World Boxing Champion Jack Johnson in a stage version of the pugilist, two years later. Not only performing on stage, Gaspard
has made some big waves in cinema, appearing in films like Think Like
a Man Too, and Get Hard. In 2018, Gaspard found himself
in his biggest film role yet, doing stunt work for the colossal
man-ape in Marvel Studios’
Black Panther. So next time you think drama club
is for wimps, think again. 8. Muhammad Hassan – School Administrator When Hassan’s controversial
WWE career came to an end in 2005 it seemed to spell the end of the
Detroit-native’s wrestling career. Before entering the WWE, Hassan,
real name Mark Copani was studying at SUNY Buffalo,
studying history, but left the course to become
a wrestler. Once out of the sport, Copani returned to his studies,
earning a masters degree. With a wealth of knowledge
from education, Copani decided to give something back working as a social studies teacher,
and later becoming a high school
assistant principal in the Syracuse
area. Shockingly, Hassan returned to
wrestling this year, after 13 years out of the ring, and told reporters that he would
be open to a return to the WWE. I know I wouldn’t want to be
late to class if being tardy meant a trip to Assistant Principal Copani’s office. 7. Brodus Clay – Political Pundit When you think of a political pundit
on cable news, you probably think of some rich
talking heads with perfectly coiffed hair and
designer suits, somehow thinking they can talk about
the problems of the common man. You probably don’t think of a man who has worked as a wrestler and bodyguard, but I guess that’s what makes
Brodus Clay such a unique voice on Fox News. The superheavyweight
ex-Funkasaurus appears regularly on the network’s Greg
Gutfeld Show, using his TNA name Tyrus, and is the opposite of the
stereotypical pundit, dressed down with a backwards
baseball cap and hooded sweatshirt. The former bodyguard for Snoop Dogg often jokes around with his
fellow panellists about key issues in politics
and the media, proving that there is plenty of brain,
to match his brawn. 6. Chavo Guerrero – Fight Coordinator With hit Netflix series GLOW recently
being renewed for a third season it’s clear that the Gorgeous Ladies
of Wresting certainly bring it when it comes to drama, comedy
and action. The latter of that list comes thanks
to Chavo Guerrero, who not only appears on the show
as El Mayordomo, but also works on the show as a
consultant, co-ordinating the
stunts of the show. Interestingly, Guerrero isn’t even the
first of his family involved with GLOW, as the former ECW Champion’s
uncle Mando served as a trainer for the original
GLOW cast back in the day. While Chavo trains the women
for specific sequences, he has mentioned in interviews
that the training the actresses receive is just like full-time wrestlers. Ouch! 5. Kane – Insurer When Glenn Jacobs announced that
he was running for political office, people were quick to judge
the 7-footer. It’s not that Kane is dumb, but it’s just that the idea of an evil, charbroiled demon running for the
role of Knox County Mayor was a very amusing idea. Perhaps if Jacobs had been known
for any other career other than being a WWE Superstar people wouldn’t have batted an eye
at his political ambition. But when he’s not focussed on
destroying his opponents or tombstoning priests (remember that?!) Jacobs and his wife Crystal run their own insurance agency in
Knoxville, Tennessee. Working as Jacobs Insurance Associates, the company offers quotes for both
homes and automobiles, though
be suspicious if he ever offers you a policy for
fire damage… 4. CM Punk – Comic Book Writer There’s an old saying: If you do what
you love, you’ll never have to work
a day in your life. This is especially true for the life
of CM Punk Growing up loving wrestling, the
young Phil Brooks became a wrestler, and transitioned to the Octagon upon leaving the WWE, having his debut fight in September 2016. An avid Comic Book fan, it was only a matter of time before
the Best in the World ended up writing for Marvel Comics
in 2015. Amongst his works include the
February 2015 Thor Annual #1, the Drax the Destroyer series
from that same year, and turned his attention from
Superheroes to horror when he wrote ‘the Most Cursed’
for Vertigo Comic’s Strange Sports
Stories #3, released May that same year. After two years away, Punk
returned to the comic book scene with the one-shot Master of Kung-Fu, with Punk aiming to be the Best
comic creator, in the World. 3. Asuka – Video Game Journalist Not only a formidable hand inside
the squared circle, Asuka is one of the busiest
superstars outside the ring. In her native Japan, she owns the
salon ‘Another Heaven’, in Yokohama which was famously praised by
New Japan star Kenny Omega. As if that wasn’t enough, the
Empress previously worked on graphic designs for
video games, including titles for the Nintendo DS as well as mobile apps. Not tied down to just Nintendo, Asuka was a writer for Xbox Magazine early in her wrestling career, with Microsoft allowing the then-Kana to wear Xbox 360 themed attire
during matches When you mix this with her
wrestling skills, it’s clear that the former NXT
Women’s Champion is a constant success in and
out of the ring. After all, how many other Royal
Rumble winners can say they worked for Xbox
AND Nintendo?! 2. Dolph Ziggler – Stand Up Comedian When you think of Superstars
who were able to get genuine laughs from the crowd, you might think of stars The Rock, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Bobby Hennan or Santino Marella. One name you probably won’t
think of is the Show Off Dolph Ziggler, who’s confident and cocksure attitude has led to many victories in the
company, including two World Championship
reigns. But Ziggler is a known fan of comedy, and has gained notoriety as
a stand-up comic, performing sets at clubs like
Caroline’s in New York and Pack Theater in LA. Never one to shy away from
the cameras, Dolph has also appeared on
Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, and for a brief time, dated comedic
actress Amy Schumer. Not bad for a guy who used to
be a male cheerleader. 1.The Undertaker – Real Estate Investor. Much like his demonic not-so-little
brother there’s something funny about
imaging the Undertaker having a normal job. And although Mark Calaway has
become a success as a real
estate investor, fans can’t help but wonder what demonic forces the Deadman would use as an investor All jokes aside however, the Phenom alongside business
partner Scott Everhart have
tagged together in real estate ventures across the US, including an upscale office building
in Colorado worth nearly three million dollars! Dubbed The Calahart, a fusion
of their surnames, Taker has admitted that his status
as WWE’s Lord of Darkness has helped draw the interest of
plenty of potential business partners. With all this success both in and
out of the ring, there’s no doubt that his job as a
Real Estate Investor allows Calaway to rest… in… peace… Well guys, that’s our list. Can you
think of any other WWE Superstars
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  1. Dolph is actually a pretty funny comedian, and he won that one roast battle he did, despite being voted the loser. He "roasted" that chick…I think his wwe schedule would've gotten in the way if he moved on, so he did the job to her lol

  2. MsChif (Rachel Frobel) works at a Microbiology lab who graduated as a genetics scientist from college she was even featured in a PBS series called"The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers" in 2010 . Another restaurant owner that could get a mention is Abdulah The Butcher who at one point owned two restaurants one in Atlanta Georga (that was featured in the music video for the song"Damn!" by rap group The YoungBloodz.) As well as another restaurant in Japan

  3. I'm happy that kane is the mayor of Knox county, Tennessee. The undertaker is a successful business of being estate investor

  4. Chuck Pulumbo ownd a bike Shop here in San Diego CA. Also I think for a while Rey Mysterio and his family owned a Godfather's pizza here in town too before they closed (or I heard from friends)

  5. Muhammad Hassan planning to come back to wwe even after he was a planting in that stupid concussion lawsuit which didn’t make any sense and he plans to go back to them well I think he’ll be a draw in wwe even though he’s in his late 37 now but the guy could be a manager of a wrestler to get that wrestler over

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