Top 10 WWE Wrestlers Who Almost Died As A Result Of A Wrestling Injury

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers Who Almost Died As A Result Of A Wrestling Injury

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers Who Almost
Died As A Result Of A Wrestling
Injury 10. Mass Transit (1996) Remaining in ECW, the Mass Transit incident now lives
in infamy as one of the most
disgusting moments in the company’s hardcore history. When 17-year old Erik Klaus
wanted to become a wrestler, he wouldn’t let anything stop him,
not even his age. Telling officials he was 23 and trained by Killer Kowalski, the
same man who trained Triple H, Kulas worked as Mass Transit, a heel, who despite his villainous
acts, did not deserve what
happened to him. Facing off against New Jack, the
kid told Jack cut him for drama,
though the Gangsta went too deep, severing an artery, with Kulas
bleeding profusely. As fans, including Kulas’ own father
begged for the match to stop, New Jack took things further, in a
hate-filled racist promo, saying he didn’t care if Kulas died because Jack hated all white people. The incident led to ECW temporarily
losing their first pay per view, Barely Legal, which was pushed
to April 1997. Whilst New Jack was acquitted
of any wrong-doing, since Kulas had asked him to cut him, the moment nearly cost the young
man his life, who died in 2002 due to surgery complications. 9. Marty Garner (1996) Many fans will never have heard
of Marty Garner, , but they’ll certainly know of his
opponent in the match that nearly took Garner’s life:
Triple H. In May 1996, Garner faced Helmsley, still working as a snobby blue-blood, during a taping of WWF Superstars. During the match, the future-King
of Kings attempted a Pedigree. Unfortunately, Garner had never
taken the move before, and thinking it was some kind of
powerbomb or suplex, jumped far too
high, with Garner crashing on the top
of his head, suffering neck damage. To make the injury more shocking, the botched move was not edited out
of any broadcast of Superstars, and was even featured as the
WWF’s Slam of the Week. After close examination, doctors concluded that Garner had
nearly been paralysed by the move, but much like many stars on this
list, returned to wrestling not
long after. 8. Ken Shamrock (1997) Whilst the WWF career of Ken
Shamrock may have been brief, the UFC star left a lasting impression. One of the toughest men to step
into the squared circle, Shamrock was known for his
erratic style, with the former Intercontinental
Champion often foaming stage blood from
the mouth. But Shamrock’s most unforgettable
bout of internal bleending was legit, and could nearly have taken the
Superstar’s life. Appearing with fellow-WWF
Superstar Vader as part of
Japan’s FMW, Shamrock worked the show with
both a lung infection and a bad rib. These were made all the more worse
after he was powerbombed by Vader
twice during a brutal cage match, which saw the UFC star’s lungs to
fill with blood. Telling Vader not to do the proposed
third powerbomb, Shamrock has said that brief
message saved his life, as his lung had ripped open,
and doctors told him that that any more hard bumps could cause his lungs to fill
with blood, potentially drowning the Superstar
from the inside. 7. Buff Bagwell (1998) On the April 22nd 1998 edition of
WCW Thunder, Buff Bagwell faced off against Rick
Steiner, in what should’ve been a
fine-but-forgettable match. Instead, Bagwell suffered a horrible
injury, after taking a running Bulldog
from the Michigan-native, with
Bagwell’s head striking Steiner’s back. The botch left Buff unable to move
his limbs, with the 5-time WCW Tag Team Champion wheelchair-bound for several months, as his spine had taken the brunt
of the damage. Amazingly, Bagwell was able to ‘
come back from the brink, returning to WCW just a few months
later, in July that same year. Whilst this miraculous return could
have led to a huge turning point
for Bagwell, who would no doubt be seen as
a babyface from fans, Bagwell returned to be insulted
by Hulk Hogan, and quickly turned heel himself
not long after. The heel turned halted any future
face-run Bagwell would have,
and in hindsight, was a stupid decision by WCW, but that’s a story for another day… 6. Gangrel (1999) In folklore, there are only a handful
of items that can harm a vampire, namely Holy Water, Garlic, Silver and sunlight. But in a February 1999 edition
of RAW is War, Gangrel nearly lost his life on
live Television, in the most horrific of ways. After crossing The Undertaker’s
Ministry of Darkness, Gangrel was to be hanged over the top
rope with a noose, though the
company erroneously tried to save face
by calling It a bull rope instead. Speaking on Sean Waltman’s
podcast in 2016, Gangrel revealed that after bouncing of
the ring-apron, the noose tightened,
with the Vampire certain he was going
to die, as the noose continued to crush
his neck. Thankfully, it was Mideon , who
thankfully wasn’t Naked Mideon
at the time, who saved the day, noticing the
real danger Gangrel was in, and allieved some of the pressure,
saving his life in the process. 5. Darren Drozdov (1999) When NFL star Darren Drozdov
vomited on a football during a game, he did not know how much his
life would change. Joining the WWF in 1998, Drozdov became ‘Puke’, who was
the unofficial member of the
Legion of Doom. Whilst his first year in the company
was okay at best, things went bad quickly in 1999,
during an October taping of
Smackdown. When his opponent D-Lo Brown
went for his running powerbomb, Droz’s loose t-shirt caused things to
go wrong, as neither man could
get the proper grip, Paralyzed from the waist down, Droz’s in-ring career instantly came to
an end, with the match being pulled
from the show. According to Mick Foley who was
at the arena that night, D-Lo Brown was distraught at
the disaster, though Droz told him not to blame
himself, saying accidents happen. Whilst his in-ring career has ended Droz is now a permanent employee of
WWE, and has regained mobility in most
of his upper body. To this day, he still considers the move
that changed his life, and still holds no ill-will towards Brown, in a true
show of class. 4. Hayabusa (2001) A legend of Japanese wrestling, the
death of Hayabusa in March 2016 sent shockwaves through the
community, even though the FMW star nearly died
over a decade earlier. Facing Mammoth Sasaki in October
2001 the match had a big fight feel to it,
with the stipulation being that if Hayabusa won, his friend Shoichi Arai would be
re-instated as FMW president. Attempting a manoeuvre off the middle
rope, Hayabusa lost his footing, crocking two of his vertebrae, and leaving the legend wheelchair-
bound for years. Shockingly, Hayabusa was able to
stand on his feet in 2015, with the
help of a cane, which sadly makes it all the more tragic when he passed away a year
later, at age 47. 3. Scott Steiner (2007) After leaving WWE in 2004, it was only a matter of time before
Scott Steiner brought his unique
physique and even more unique promos to
TNA Wrestling. Appearing at a house show in
San Juan, Big Poppa Pump teamed with
James Storm, to take on Jeff Jarrett and loca star, Apollo. During the match, Apollo caught
Freakzilla off-guard with a quick
kick to the throat, which led to Steiner coughing up blood. He was quickly rushed to hospital, where the situation looked grim, as he was diagnosed with a
torn trachea, and reportedly given less than six
hours to live. Over the next month, Steiner would
face all sort of procedures to repair
his body, including doctors having to cut through
his ribs and lungs to repair the wound. As if that wasn’t enough, Steiner
wasn’t allowed to fly back to the
mainland, as the cabin pressure could’ve
caused his lung to collapse, meaning the former WCW star
travelled back on boat, on a trip that took a gruelling, painful
week for Big Poppa Pump. 2. Tyson Kidd (2015) Tyson Kidd was one of WWE’s most
reliable workhorses, debuting in the company’s ECW
brand in 2009. After a resurgence of his career
in NXT in 2014, the Canadian star faced off against
a relatively new Samoa Joe, who had used his signature muscle
buster for over a decade. Unfortunately, in this dark match,
the move fractured Kidd’s neck, sadly ending his in-ring career just as Kidd was becoming a big
star once again. The only upside to all this, if there
is one, is that Kidd’s injury could’ve been
much worse. He underwent surgery that required
16 stapes, four scores and the insertion of a
rod into a neck, an operation that according to Kidd, only 5% of people survive. In an interview, Dave Meltzer compared the injury to the horse-riding accident actor Christopher Reeve suffered
in 1995, which led the former Superman paralyzed for life. Nowadays, Kidd has transitioned
to a backstage role, and appears regularly on Total Divas alongside wife Natalya. 12. Sean Waltman (1992) Whether it be as the 123-Kid in
the WWF, Syxx in WCW or X-Pac during the Attitude Era, Sean Waltman has sustained his
share of notable injuries, from neck issues in the 90s, to a torn anus during Jerry Lyn’s
retirement show. But in November 1992, the
46-year-old’s life nearly came to an untimely end, at
a show in New Jersey. Waltman was outside of the ring, where he was supposed to catch
his opponent’s suicide dive, but the un-named star overshot him,
causing a collision, with Waltman’s head crashing into the concrete floor.
Instantly knocked out, Waltman later suffered a blood
clot near his brain, and ended up in hospital for several
days after. The former Intercontinental Champion
was even advised to retire, but clearly did not take doctor’s
advice, and won the Tag Team Champions
with Marty Jannetty just over a
year later. 11. Tazz (1995) In the original ECW, Tazz was presented as the ultimate fighting machine,
who mowed down each and every opponent. A former football star and Judo fighter, the New Yorker was a huge
favourite of the ECW crowd, who respected his in-ring style,
persona and toughness. But on July 15th 1995, that toughness
was pushed to the limit, as Taz teamed with Eddie Guerrero
to face Dean Malenko and 2 Cold Scorpio. Mid-match, the FTW Champion was hoisted up for a spike piledriver,
but failed to properly brace for the
move, coming down on his forehead
at a slanted angle. After the match, Tazz somehow
walked to the hospital, to the amazement of the medical staff, given the severity of the damage
to his neck. Whilst he would return several months
later, the submission machine would abruptly retire in 2002, due
to this and other injuries. Like he’d say on commentary,
this ain’t ballet. 1.Dean Ambrose (2017) n an interview with the Monitor, Dean Ambrose recently revealed that
he was very close to death due to a recent incident during
his recovery. After going under the knife for a
triceps injury in December 2017, a Staph infection was detected, one that could’ve ended the former
WWE Champion’s life. Ambrose said: “I ended up having two different
surgeries. I had this MRSA, Staph
infection. I nearly died. I was in the
hospital for a week, plugged up to this antibiotic drip thing,
and I was on all these antibiotics for
months, that make you puke and crap
your pants… To go from not being able to eat my
Froot Loops, to being able to get back
in the ring and throw people around and throw punches and do everything
back to normal, it was a very
gratifying feeling.” Thankfully, Ambrose has been
able to return, teaming with his Shield brother
Seth Rollins, before betraying him in one of the
greatest heel turns in recent memory. Well guys that’s our list, can you think of
any other wrestlers who almost died in the
ring? Please share your comments below
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  1. I love Dean Ambrose I can't believe you turn this back on Seth Rollins I was so surprised when Dean Ambrose return

  2. MRSA sucks. I feel for Dean Ambrose. I had MRSA in my leg. It started off looking like a spider bite. Next thing I know my leg was completely red. Felt like it was on fire. It tripled in size and i could barely walk. I had to have it cut open everyday for 4 weeks to get it drained. There's only certain antibiotics that work for getting rid of it. I was allergic to 3 of them. It is a very painful experience. I'm glad Dean survived it. I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone.

  3. I can name plenty of wrestlers who almost died doing what they love all the ones who were in the original ECW roster

  4. Did everyone forget CM Punks Staph infection. He had almost baseball sized infection on his lower back. When he finally had enough out of the BS doc for WWE, he was told he was lucky to be alive cause he was getting slammed on the infection.

  5. still amazes me that his worst injury was as dean ambrose at wwe rather than his beath matches in czw as jon moxley

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  8. Come on, how could Eddie Guerrero match with JBL not be in here, man nearly left his life with everyone's attentively remembering how he was about to die with the chair shot

  9. Brock Lesnar screwing up his shooting star press against Angle and when Cena broke his neck due to a piledriver

  10. Shane McMahon almost by getting tossed of steal cage by the undertaker and almost snapped his neck if he hit the floor he would of died but then he survived

  11. King Kong Bundy top rope incident in England??? A newbie was crushed to death??? Has anyone heard of that one or was it a rumor???

  12. me : see's dean ambrose in thumb nail
    also me : is concerned
    but like me: even though i know he is fine and it happened like two years ago and he is AEW now

  13. Kalisto almost died in the ring in CZW when he tried to do a move of the top rope and landed on his neck

  14. Love how these dumb fucks concentrate on their 'visual' muscles (i.e. the biceps, chest, triceps) during working out and then wonder why they're hurt when they never did a Goddamned thing to strenghen their spine. You need to do that shit BEFORE you get hurt. Yoga, my brothers and sisters, yoga.

  15. You could've made this list all the times Mick foley almost died from many different matches most involving the undertaker same with Shane McMahon in hell in the cell matches

  16. I'm a wrestling I'm a 1fan I like all the wrestling superstars but I'm not a Brock lesner fan he likes to hurt other wrestling superstars very bad and almost ended there career

  17. Ok mass transit.didn't deserve it.but he did lie about his age so he was wrong to not innocent at the doc about him.your with new jack,u knew he was gonna get a fight.still that surgery in 2000 had nothing to do with all of it,he had bypass surgery.I don't feel bad for a lied at all.still officials show have done background checks.some idiots idea,almost ruined it all for us ECW fans.:(

  18. man, it's seriously sad about my boy big van Vader. the guy was my hero as a kid. I met him at an event near my hometown. for some odd reason my 10yr old self explained how I had a tough time with my father smacking me around drunk. I started to cry as I told us him. Turns out that he behemoth of a man known as The Mastodon is really a giant teddy bear. I could see him getting teary as i told him how much Monday Night Raw meant to me. It let me escape my reality for a couple hours and was my Savior. Vader hugged me me, & thanked me for being a fan as he choked back tears. After I got my autograph and was walking away, Vader yelled for me to come back because he forgot something. He put his gigantic arm around me and said something that still chokes me up 23yrs later. He looked down at me and said "if your father comes home drunk again and tries hitting you. look him square in his eyes and u tell him if he EVER hits u again, he'll be getting a visit from The Mastodon. and it won't be for coffee."

    R.I.P Van "The Mastodon" Vader. You may be gone, but you're not forgotten. You were, are, & always will be one of the greats, and my favorite wrestler of all time. You are a hero to many, and a legend to all….

  19. Mick Foley being thrown through the top of the steel cage, the fence on top gave way and he plummeted to the mat. Undertaker looks shook, same match he gets tossed off the top and his friggin tooth is sticking through his lip, legends!

  20. Fun fact. The exact moment I was born Kane stormed hell in a cell for the first time. During my second birthday Darren was paralyzed. I few months before that (May 23rd) my parents went to see Over the Edge and were there when Owen Hart passed on. (We live an hour or so south of Kansas City MO.)

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