Top 10 WWE Stars Who Were Bullied Out Of The Company

Top 10 WWE Stars Who Were Bullied Out Of The Company

Today we present you
Top 10 WWE Stars Who Were Bullied
Out Of The Company 10. Daniel Puder The Tough Enough competition has provided some of WWE’s next top stars, including Maven, Ryback and The Miz, but few winners have done well. One winner who amounted to very
little is 2004’s Daniel Puder, who defeated the future WWE
A-lister in the finals, but ticked off a lot of Superstars
along the way. On the November fourth episode
of SmackDown, Kurt Angle challenged contestant
Chris Nawrocki to an amateur-style match, and after defeating Nawrocki,
breaking his ribs in the process, the Olympain was challenged
by Puder. Putting his MMA experience to use,
Puder caught Angle in a keylock,
a hold that would’ve broken the
former WWE Champion’s arm, if referee Jimmy Korderas hadn’t
fast-counted Puder’s shoulders
to the mat. Trying to make a name for himself
quickly made Puder one of the most hated men in WWE, and despite winning the competition,
was not booked well. Appearing in the 2005 Royal Rumble, Puder was subjected to very
stiff chops from Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Hardcore Holly before
his elimination. Spending his one-year contract in OVW, Puder rejected a lowball offer to
move to Deep South Wrestling, and ended his WWE career. 9. Ivelisse Vélez Now a star of Lucha Underground, Ivelisse Vélez is another Tough Enough star to not make it in WWE. However, this wasn’t her fault, and she certainly can’t be blamed
for having a bad attitude. Instead, Vélez only spent a year
in developmental before being
released, though revealed the controversy
behind her release in a 2015 interview. In said interview, Vélez claimed that WWE trainer Bill DeMott was the
reason for her release, after she spoke up against the
former WWE star’s bullying ways. DeMott, who resigned from WWE
in March 2015, reportedly used sexist, racist and homophobic slurs as part of his so-called training, and The former Hugh Morrus also allegedly promoted a culture
of sexual harassment, and was physically abusive to
the rookies. Whilst these allegations were
nothing new, and had even led to DeMott getting
fired from the WWE in 2007, before being rehired in 2011, Vélez wasn’t the only Superstar
to speak up against DeMott, who to this day continues to
deny any wrongdoing. Whilst this was a huge victory for Vélez as well as countless other Superstars, we do have to wonder just how her career in WWE could’ve been if WWE had taken action sooner. 8.Vader Standing at 6 foot 11 and weighing
nearly 500lbs, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could push around Big Van Vader. One of the most respected stars
from his time in Japan, Vader hoped to be a big star in
WWE, though things quickly went south. Entering his first feud with then
WWE Champion Shawn Michaels the pair were set to face off for the title at Summerslam 1996. Michaels, who was at his most petty, was no fan of Vader, and berated the super-heavyweight
backstage, telling Vader he could get him fired
at any time, and would, if he was too stiff
in the ring. Brought to tears by HBK, Vader’s time
got worse, as it became clear he was not going
to become the company’s next
monster heel. Instead, Vader was forced to refer
to himself as a “fat piece of you-know-what” on RAW by the writers, and even Vince McMahon joined in, complaining about his employee’s odour during a live AOL chat. Leaving the WWF in 1998, Vader thankfully found himself
back in Japan, where he once again proved
his greatness. 6.Sable The original Diva, it’s hard to express just how over Sable was with fans during the Attitude Era. One of the biggest stars of the time, Sable’s 1999 Playboy magazine
went on to become one of the best-selling issues ever, at a time where wrestling was at
it’s most popular in the mainstream. Not long after her issue was published, Sable abruptly left the WWE, and filed a lawsuit against WWE for over $100 million. Alleging that she was subjected
to sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions, the future Mrs. Lesnar claimed that she was demanded to appear
topless on TV, and that male Superstars would
spy on the women, either by ‘accidentally’ walking
into the female locker-room, or by cutting holes in the walls. These claims seemed a lot more
believable after Sean Waltman admitted to putting faeces in
Sable’s bag, though she and WWE would settle for an undisclosed amount out of court. Returning to WWE years later, Sable would once again pose for
Playboy with the company, and hopefully had a better experience
with the company the second time around. 5.Rene Dupree In 2003, Rene Dupree made history, as the youngest man to ever win a
championship at WWE, aged just
19 years old, a record that he would hold
for 15 years before being beaten by 10-year-old
Nicholas. But despite winning the World
Tag Team Championships with La Resistance as a teenager, this was not the start of a long,
fruitful WWE career. Whilst the young man’s battle with
addiction did harm his career, it was ultimately bullying, led by notorious bully JBL that caused him to exit the WWE. Berated by the Texan with
homophobic slurs, Dupree would also have his
wrestling gear destroyed, and the French flag he used shoved in the toilet. Hardcore Holly also victimized Dupree, after a confusion with a car
rental led to a traffic ticket meant for Dupree
ended up in Holly’s name. Settling this in the ring, Holly
battered the young Superstar at a house show in Syracuse, which included several unprotected
chairshots to Dupree’s head. With friends in the right places,
Holly received no punishment
for his actions, as the Undertaker defended it, and Dupree left the company
in 2007, miserable, and after reportedly
suffering dozens of concussions. 4.Amy Weber Amy Weber’s time with WWE may have been unremarkable, but her departure from the
company was anything but. Coming in fourth place in the
2004 Diva Search, Weber was later signed and joined SmackDown, where she could’ve had a good
career in the right environment. The problem is that she wasn’t
in the right environment after being assigned to the
Cabinet of JBL. A known Bully, Bradshaw made her life miserable,
with a tour overseas being the
final straw. During this tour, a group of wrestlers, including JBL began circulating flyers
for a strip cub Weber had reportedly
appeared at, in what was nothing more than
vicious hazing. Though JBL allegedly apologised
for this clear unprofessional conduct, things got worse for Weber, as she suffered an injury overseas, making many in the locker-room
feel she was weak, despite them all having their own
injuries in the past. Flying from Japan to Alaska, Weber was in so much pain that she laid across empty seats, which was fine as there were
plenty spare. Whilst relaxing and trying to
nurse her injury though, a group of un-named wrestlers
poured an un-identifiable liquid on her, prompting Weber to leave the
company for good. 3.Jim Ross There have sadly been plenty of
bullying in WWE behind the scenes but few stars have been bullied as
much on-screen as Jim Ross. A true legend of the industry, it’s
amazing that Good Ol’ JR remained so loyal to the company after being
treated so poorly by the Chairman himself. Among the long list of mis-treatments
of the Oklahoma-native, McMahon mocked Ross’ Bell’s Palsy
attack on TV, , and inducted JR into the Kiss My
Ass club in his hometown of Oklahoma City. Even when Ross wasn’t present on RAW,
this didn’t stop the Chairman, who embarrassed the iconic commentator
with the infamous Dr. Hiney sketch, not long
after JR underwent surgery for colon cancer. In 2012, JR’s career with WWE came to an
end, after he was blamed for the behaviour
of Ric Flair, who appeared drunk during a WWE
2K13 panel Ross was moderating. Whilst his career was spun as a
retirement by the company, and JR has made the odd return for big
shows, fans can’t help but wonder just
how loyal the man can be to a company that mocked him,
his health and his life for years. 2.The Hart Foundation Whilst this wasn’t necessarily bullying
by the WWE, the treatment of the Hart Foundation in
1997 showed just how little the company
valued their employees. In the fallout of the Montreal Screwjob,
everyone was worried. Bret Hart had been screwed over by
Vince McMahon after years of dedicated service something that clearly ticked off the
remaining foundation. Feeling powerless and expendable
because of this, Owen Hart the British Bulldog and Jim ‘The Anvil’
Neidhart all requested their releases no-doubt hoping to jump to WCW to
reunite with the Hitman. no-doubt hoping to jump to WCW to
reunite with the Hitman. Things didn’t quite pan out as planned, as whilst Bulldog was allowed to leave,
Neidhart only got to leave after being
embarrassed by DX on RAW, the same DX that had been the victors
in the Montreal Screwjob. This left Owen, the youngest of the group
on his own, and despite requesting his release,
had it denied every time. Now on his own, the Blackhart tried to make
the best of the situation, though fans couldn’t
help but be reminded of the 1997 Survivor Series whenever he
appeared on TV, before his tragic, untimely
death at Over the Edge 1999. 1.Mauro Ranallo Whilst past infractions of JBL’s bullying
on the list happened a long time ago, the former WWE Champion proved how
little he had changed in 2017. Shortly before WrestleMania 33, Bradshaw’s
commentary partner Mauro Ranallo left his post behind the commentary desk,
citing symptons of his lifelong battle with
Bipolar disorder. Not long after though, news emerged of
harassment from JBL that contributed to
Ranallo’s relapse, with Mauro’s friend Bas Rutten practically
confirming the allegations on Twitter. The final straw came when JBL chastised
Ranallo for acknowledging his Best TV Announcer award from the
Wrestling Observer, an award that any
one will tell you, Ranallo deserved. Fortunately, the WWE Universe refused
to let JBL get away with bullying someone
out of the company again, with loud ‘Fire Bradshaw’ chants echoing
arenas during SmackDown Live tapings. The story thankfully has a happy ending,
as Ranallo has since returned, though now in NXT, where he appears
to be much happier. And as for Bradshaw, whilst he was taken
away from the commentary desk, the company spun this as JBL leaving to
focus on charity work, helping to maintain the Texan’s image
whilst sweeping countless examples of bullying
under the rug. Well guys that’s our list, can you think of any
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