Top 10 Underdogs in Sports (10-6, Part 1)

Top 10 Underdogs in Sports (10-6, Part 1)

setup first when we got number ten is for war and i know you like this i’d love this
one for the sole factor i worked for war aside from the whole uh… he’s a wondered unrestricted developing
is the best way to put it because the if he does the egg if he does that he
does that praised you with the witches the
controlling watered down now but what i will but this is that he
didn’t start at northern ireland to a senior year he goes to the indoor football league named anna needs
to go over to nfl europe unanswered as a result of the over he’s going from place
to place and then he s the backup my fellow hoosier trent green not sure if you knew that and uh…
during season ends with an injury and then he takes that team to the super
bowl than they actually win if you recall they beat the tennessee titans in which can lead to a standstill staff
but then mystical and i’d like you are in half so phenomenal story and then of course
he wouldn’t giants didn’t have a lot of success for the cardinals two dozen into
does not took them to the super bowl with an crumbled and larry fitzgerald
won the best why perceiving duas about time that these will be in other
words by the way kurt warner i mean he’s ageless and this
is a true underdog story of a guy who seem like couldn’t catch a break anne
was able to finish up his career really strong with the arizona cardinals yeah
absolutely i think it’s a great great story number nine now this one a
lot of people may not know games at braddock now he was
professional boxer he was boxy during the time of the depression and he had to
actually quit boxing because he had to help his family working and uh… feet and essentially
worked as a longshoreman unhone stream president at especially
around this time i think it’s for anyone boxy during the time of the depression
is probably kind of you know with a hobby but he was a
professional boxer are your way from the sport he comes back to get a chance to
fight uh… on died by the name have are let’s
see next day air and at this time a lot of boxes was sort of using james out brown dr as someone is sort of
practice and kind of getting fights to get to a even bigger fight essentially what happens he wins it unanimously and that is
coming up which have been told well about this guy is that he was a
tender one hundred in the heavyweight in the heavyweight
title bout against max bear uh… adlai t_v_ delights of uh… ahead of your
corn griffin and john henry louis and again these guys view him as elvis is
this is the is a guy who used to steamroll does the
warm up and that’s why not at all and this is by the way the
movie that russell crowe and ron howard put together uh… called cinderella man
that is this guy right here so attended one underdog he ended up losing his next
fight to the great joe lewis uh… but eka misty park by the way in
chicago so it was a member set uh… another heartbreak for me the
nineteen sixty nine miracle mast why their heart rate in the u_s_ you’ve
probably been hell you anyways it because the chicago cubs were nine and a half
day ends up being september on the mass they ended up going i’d believe fifteen
and twenty five over the next thirty games and fifteen and twenty three excuse me
over the next twenty eight teams completely blew it the new york mets
decided to go on a tear down many people and they obviously went on uh… two
when the world series over the baltimore eels four-to-one now one thing that comes associate with are curses in the batter’s box ron santo bless his heart uh… taken some slings
a black cat goes around in the batter’s box it’s a microcosm of the spot again it’s tough for me personally that
you-know-what fuck this story and i let you know what i’m not dignify university whether that’s combat if they
want less scratching it seriously its report rick wants to scratch idea are excellent weiner reports blacks are you skits eight idea of yourself there are they did not talk about the mets immediately that we have really
please get them break uh… it’s actually the two thousand any fresno st
paul dogs baseball team which i actually first of all appreciates they were talking about fresno because
who talks about fresno really anything about it uh… the presidency bulldogs and so that you got any ncaa later an
amends with an overall record of thirty seven and twenty seven uh… you don’t
have to be genius to know that that’s it’s a it’s above it it’s not great thirty-seven an asset
we’d underdogs already going to do it uh… any that being a one of the most successful i
think or routines that we remembered here in
california but overall probably one of the better underdog
stories uh… they went on to defeat the likes
of course of uh… georgia and they were in the last series
three twenty eighteen which i think it’s free number six is the nineteen eighty two
eighty three and c_ states what pacs men’s basketball team this is critical they steamrolled u_n_ ellerbee
steamrolled through you and i’ll be who had the levi s is number three team
the steamrolled through utah on in the steamrolled through virginia now they
want to the final four obviously they’d be
georgia who was a very good team here they beat houston proved to be who had
the king allah’s alone who obviously is one of the best centers
of our arab s centers of all time and lorenzo charles had a game winning dump
when time expired uh… an absolutely unbelievable story
for the nineteen eighty two eighty three insisted will fit

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  1. Seems like the girl doesnt know sports too well. Why use her on this story if she doesnt really follow sports? Also that Houston team that NC state beat also had Clyde Drexler

  2. After Jimmy Braddock beat Max Baer he fought Joe Louis. Knowing he was going to lose to the up and coming 'Brown Bomber' he arranged a deal with Louis that meant that Jimmy Braddock would get a percentage of Joe's agent's earnings in any future boxing matches. Great story and another great segment thanks Ricky.

  3. Douglas was a 42-1 underdog when he beat Tyson. Nice odds for a two horse race. Shortly before the fight his mother died which may have given him some extra motivation. He never fought as well as in the night he beat Tyson and lost the title on his very first defense against Evander Holyfield. But I heard that he has managed to keep his money in contrast to so many former champions.

  4. Speaking of an underdog, my team Galatasaray of Istanbul is playing at Old Trafford with Manchester United this wednesday (Champiaons League), and I just checked 'SKYbet' and they listed Manchester win as (1/4), Draw (9/2) and Galatasaray win as (11/1). Man. U. message board consensus is 3-0 or 4-0! Here we go, watch that game and witness history, because in my opinion Galatasaray will win that game! History in the making! Don't tell me that I didn't warn you!

  5. I dunno man, in my opinion, nothing more annoying than an anchor who lacks knowledge and enthusiasm. (Unless she is Ana Kasparian, the goddess:)

  6. 1) I answered the comment "hot girls= more viewers" in general with my reply, it wasn't actually for her. In general, if you want an audience, you have to know what you are talking about.
    2) Being a "Courtside reporter for tennis channel" is great. Then I am sure she will do well. However, unfortunately tennis is more than likely is not one of the 5 most talked sports, neither in TYT, nor in youtube in general. (Tennis can't compete with baseball, football, soccer, basketball)

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