Top 10 Sports Rants

Top 10 Sports Rants

[Narrator]: In sports, in the heat of the moment, it can be hard not to be emotional. Unfortunately for some people, those emotions can be a bit over the top. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten rants in sports. For this list, we’re looking at rants, outbursts and tirades from athletes and coaches both professionally and at the college level. Oklahoma Stake Cowboys football coach Mike Gundy was less than happy after hearing about an article that critiqued one of his players, accusing QB Bobby Reid of being soft, a momma’s boy, and of losing the confidence of his coaches. Gundy loudly defended his player, saying he’d done nothing wrong, that the article was primarily fiction, and that the editor was garbage. Gundy continued to rant in rave, saying it wasn’t fair to target a non-professional, and that perhaps the media should target a real adult like himself, prompting the line … [Mike Gundy]: Come after me! I’m a man! I’m forty! [Narrator]: Despite being one of the best tennis players of all-time, Johnny Mac may be better known for his temper and tirades than his play. Unlike the other entries on this list, McEnroe didn’t have one particular moment where he seemed to lose his cool. Instead, he had a string of famous outbursts over the course of decades. McEnroe may have been one of the all-time bests at yelling at officials, with classic lines like … [McEnroe]: Answer my question! The question, jerk! [Narrator]: … and of course … [McEnroe]: You can’t be serious, man. You cannot be serious! At the height of the Cold War, and in an era when NHL players were still banned from competing at the Olympics, the question on everyone’s mind was: who’s really better, the Canadians or the Soviets? The Summit Series sought to answer that, with a head-to-head competition comprised of four games in each country. When the heavily favored Team Canada was booed following a game four at-home loss, team leader Phil Esposito had some choice words for the fans. Esposito spoke with a sense of brevity, implying that the series was about much more than hockey, and many credit his speech with helping the Canadians turn the series around. [Hal McRae]: I’m sick and tired of all of this bull****. At first, there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary in a post-game interview with Royals manager Hal McRae following a loss. However, apparently, after his team had had a rough season the previous year and was off to a slow start in the current season, asking if he considered using a pinch hitter crossed the line. McRae immediately went into a frenzy, spewing profanities and throwing anything he could get his hands on across the room, even injuring one reporter with a gash to the face. After he’d expelled all the reporters from the room, he ended his rant with a classic line: [Hal McRae]: Put that in your f****** pipe and smoke it! [Herm Edwards]: You play to win the game. [Narrator]: Things did not look good for coach Herm Edwards’ 2-5 New York Jets in 2002, but Herm never was one to give up. A few days after one loss, when asked about the team’s motivation to win, he delivered one of the most intense and motivational answers of all time. [You play to win the game] quickly became Herm’s catchphrase, and he went on to write a book bearing that title. Perhaps more importantly for Herm and the ‘02 Jets: the speech sparked a turnaround that saw them win eight of their next ten games, including a 41-0 playoff game. If Herm Edwards was a motivational leader, Colts coach Jim Mora was anything but. It was 2001, and his team was 4-6, having just lost their latest to the 49ers. Mora began by discussing his disappointment with the Colts’ play, and that they’d turned the ball over five times. [Jim Mora]: You can’t turn the ball over five times like that. Holy s***. I don’t know who the hell we think we are. [Narrator]: Actually, he didn’t have a lot of positive things to say about the team’s performance, calling it pitiful, and saying that it sucked. When asked about the team’s odds of making it into the playoffs, it’s safe to say that Mora was less than optimistic. In fact, he seemed doubtful his team could even pull off another victory during the regular season. P.S. They finished 6-10. [Richard Sherman]: Don’t you ever talk about me. [Narrator]: When two divisional rivals met in the 2013 NFC Championship game, things were bound to get heated – especially when one of the league’s best receivers, Michael Crabtree, went up against one of the best corners, Richard Sherman. After Sherman’s Seattle Seahawks defeated the defending NFC champion 49ers with a game-saving move by Sherman himself – dubbed the Immaculate Deflection – he had some choice things to say to Crabtree or any other doubters, shouting next to a clearly disturbed Erin Andrews. Love him or hate him, Sherman’s attitude seemed to work for him and his team, as the Seahawks went on to win Super Bowl XLVIII that season. Iron Mike was one of the most unpredictable boxers ever to step into the ring, and he always had a particular way with words. However, his erratic behavior when giving speeches reached an all-time high when he was hyping his much-anticipated match with Lennox Lewis. In one moment, Tyson compared himself to historical figures and the greatest boxers of all time, the next he described his skill with a flurry of adjectives, before finally making one of the most bizarre statements in the history of sports speeches. [Mike Tyson]: I want to eat his children. [Narrator]: He finished with a prayer. A lot of coaches like to build up their rage during a rant, but Michigan Wolverines women’s basketball coach Kevin Borseth came in with a furious entrance unlike anyone else. Borseth was understandably upset after his team had just blown a 20-point lead that fateful day in 2008, and according to Borseth there was one thing to blame: offensive rebounds. Citing either his team’s lack of blocking skills or unfair refs as aggravating factors, Borseth went on for several minutes, before he seemed to run out of steam and finally apologized. Before we reveal our top pick, here are some honorable mentions. Allen Iverson has always been a, let’s call it, “charismatic” player. Notorious for saying and doing what he wanted on and off the court, Iverson was questioned one day after a loss in 2002 about his tendency to miss practices, and his response was one for the ages. He seemed skeptical about the importance of missing a few practices, and failed to see how his attendance would really impact his fellow players. But most importantly, A.I. wanted to make it explicitly clear that they were, in fact, talking about practice and not the game, so much so that he repeated the word “practice” in his rant over 20 times. Not the game… practice. Do you agree with our list? Which rants got you all fired up? For more emotional top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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  1. Alan Iverson's best friend was gunned down earlier that week, his practice rant wasn't diminishing the importance of practice, his rant was addressing the audacity of the question with all that he is going through right now and still drops 40 a game consistently.

  2. I don't understand why watch mojo or anyone bleeps out half the cuss words. You know what they're gonna say so what's the point???

  3. That number 1 was bullshit, if you would have showed the whole clip it would have shown that a reporter asked him about practice when the press conference was for his friend who had just passed away

  4. once saw a great interview with john mcenroe where he explained that it wasn't a tennis match he lost cause of a bad call it was million of dollars in prise money and when you look at it like that, you can empathise with him

  5. OK, how the fuck did Dennis Green not make the list, it was too god damn hilarious to have not. Also, I'm the best corner in the game, no fucking doubts

  6. The back story behind the iverson is inaccurate. The issue wasnt him MISSING practices… Larry brown wanted to discuss PLAYS he made at practice and mistakes.. and iverson thought it was rediculious to take time to talk abotu palys he made during PRACTICE. Had zero to do with attendence…

  7. absolutely misquoted and incorrect about Iverson. he was upset the media was asking about practice after just losing a close friend. moments before the clip he's discussing I just loss my friend and you guys are harping about practice.

  8. I actually got MORE respect for Mike Gundy after his "rant" .. at least the man will stand up for his boys!

  9. The allen iverson practice rant was to me the most twisted media interview in sports …watch his movie and you'll learn there was a whole section the media didn't release

  10. This list is bullshit. #5 should've been number 1. Some of the honorabke mentions were ten times better than what was on it.

  11. I like the Michigan women's basketball coach. Immediately walks up and shoves the podium. That was hilarious!

  12. All I know is, Crabtree is not a sorry receiver, he's been excellent in the red zone for the last 3 years and aside from a couple scuffles with Talib, he's been a model player! Sherman's a shell of what he used to be after his injuries. Besides he really only had a couple good years, while Crabtree has been much more consistent. Leave Crabtree alone he just wants to show up and do his work >:(

  13. Hahaha you should call this stupid US sports rants…

    Where is Alberto Malesani's rant and Giovanni Trapattoni's rant…? those should be n1 and n2 not this "THIS IS PRACTICE MAN" bullshit that's not even a fucking rant lol

  14. All these ignorant inbreds aren't worth a tenth of what they get paid, and all they do is abuse women, take drugs, and show how fucking stupid they are. People who watch and support these sports are equally as stupid. Waste of time. They're all big cry babies.

  15. Mike Tyson and Luis Suarez should have a BiteOff! LOL
    Who's got the greatest Choppers of them all!
    If you can't Beat them, Bite them!

  16. I would have been happy to see one for Don Cherry in there, even if he doesn't belong in it. Every time I see a sport rant I always think about him.

  17. I can't believe that you did not include Drogba's rant when Chelsea played against Barcelona in 2009. Then again this list is very American centred.

  18. Lmao ? where’s the Jim mora rant about the fans at Wade Wilson ????”id like to start off by saying this, and I mean this in all sincere fashion. I’ve been coaching for 34 years and tn I saw and heard one of the rudest, most disturbing, sick things in my entire career, probably the worst. When Wade Wilson got hurt I looked up in the stands and saw people standing, clapping, and cheering when he was laying down with a knee injury, and I say this these are some sick sick sick people. Absolutely freaking sick. I thought it was horrible, disgusting, it stunk. People are sick when they do something like that. Absolutely freaking sick. They need to have their ass thrown right out of the stadium.” Lmao ?

  19. "I'm a man, I'm 40!"

    Hey Mike Gundy, try telling that to the mainstream media who poked fun at MJ, RDJ, Paris, Nicole, Mischa, Tonya Harding, Britney, Lindsay, Amanda, the Olsen twins, etc.

  20. I was a little disappointed to see that mike singletary’s rant “I want winners” didn’t even make it as an honorable mention

  21. At fewer than 0.5% of the world population, it is impressive to note that Canada manages to post 20% of the amount of top ranters.

  22. Dennis Green should should be in top ten over Michigan basketball coach. Ile Nastasie should make honorable mention. Coach Knight should get on here like McEnroe for lifetime achievement.

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