Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, September 3, 2019

Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, September 3, 2019

[MUSIC] My god.>>That knee.>>That was spectacular, but
Ali might have just destroyed his knee.>>Yeah, but in the meantime,
we’ll watch Elias!>>Look out!>>Elias coming with a super kick by Ali.>>Wow!>>[INAUDIBLE] Rose on the outside.>>Man.>>Rose able to take out but
in the meantime. Couldn’t hit Twisted Bliss. Sonya Deville got the knees up,
and there’s the tag.>>A distraction from the outside
caused Alexa Bliss to hesitate.>>And Rose and Deville take advantage. Cover.>>One, two, three! [SOUND]
>>Fire and desire have claimed the women
tag team champions.>>Here are your winners,
Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose!>>Al went for the right.>>Black mess! Just too quick, just too switft! Aleister Black puts down Benjamin.>>Here is your winner, Aleister Black.>>Come on, Shinsuke, come on, Kinshasa. One, two, three. [SOUND] That’s how it’s done.>>Thank you. Thank you.>>[LAUGH]
>>Look who it is.>>Is that a lamp shade?>>No, that’s R-Truth, stupid.>>Be quiet, guys.>>Hey, wait a minute. Truth is a 14 time 24/7 champion.>>The greatest 24/7 champion of all time. R-Truth, get it, Truth!>>[LAUGH]
>>All right, setting him up for Drift Away. Cover, hook to the inside leg,
Elias beats Ali. [SOUND] Elias is moving on.>>Here is your winner, Elias.>>[NOISE]
>>Went for the Hammerlock DDT.>>No! Wait a minute, cover, cover. Gable beat him, Gable beat him,
Gable advances.>>Here is your winner, Chad Gable.>>At Clash of Champions,
I’m gonna beat you once and for all. I’m going to do it in front of your fans,
your friends, your family, your brothers E and Woods, and
I’m gonna do it with the three most devastatingly destructive
letters in sports entertainment, RKO.>>Kofi! Kofi’s still fighting!>>Kofi kicks and breaks free of
Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, but only for a moment.>>Now the vipers irate.>>Again, the odds are just too much for
Kofi to fend off. Listen, Kofi Kingston
should’ve known better. This isn’t the first time
we’ve seen this happen.>>Kofi, just take your punishment and-
>>Super RKO!>>Go home.>>No love lost between
Sasha Banks [CROSSTALK]>>A steel chair to the back. Second night in a row, this is becoming
the MO, Sasha Banks and Bayley.>>Banks to flail. Bayley giving Sasha the opportunity.>>If this is about self-preservation for
Bayley and Sasha Banks, I understand it.>>Just handing the steel chair
off like it’s play time here. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.>>[INAUDIBLE] nobody’s playing right now. Bayley and
the Boss are laying waste to the Queen.>>Erick Rowan taking great pride
in the punishment he’s inflicting->>My God.>>On Roman Reigns. The pain, the suffering, the agony.>>Rowan, this colossal human being. He just launched Roman Reigns
out of the ring. He’s got the steel stairs in hand. Don’t do this! The face of Reigns.>>Erick Rowan has snapped. Erick Rowan’s completely snapped.>>No one, not Daniel Bryan, not a man
walking the earth can control him.>>What are you doing? I’m your friend. I’m your friend.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>What are you doing?>>You trying to tell me what to do,
Daniel?>>My God.>>No, no, no, no.>>My God. [INAUDIBLE] Bryan! [MUSIC]

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  1. 00:24 was alexa looking for ground then she think "BTW i will win" then alexa was down in for mandy rose But me i love bayley because she protect sasha when charls fight sasha bayley protective thats why i love sasha and bayley

  2. Please stop with all of the "Why Bayley Why?" among other things. Here are the answers to all the questions.. the ones you don't want to hear, marks!

    1. Bayley and Sasha, unlike Alexa, Lacey, and many others, busted their butts to get their spots. They deserved better than to lose to the Iiconics. Also, Charlotte used her father to get more opportunities than she deserved, and Becky (though I love her…) is using her relationship with Seth as well.
    2. Randy doesn't deserve to win the WWE Championship again. He should have to work his way up the later on Raw.. as that is where he has to prove himself.
    3. Chad won because someone had to deserve it. Elias is as much a joke now as Baron Corbin.
    4. Erick Rowan needs the push. There needs to be someone on Roman's level physically.

    However.. I would not be surprised if the Four Horsewomen are playing a mind game with the rest of the Women's roster. It would be PERFECT to sell the authenticity of the Women's Revolution if they had the four of them have a year or longer strangle hold on the Women's titles!

  3. i just watched see you again tribute to wwe legends and stars i think that every stardom comes a fall but dont worry wwe i'll be falling with you❤?????

  4. Dear WWE why do you have Shelton Benjamin you have never put match effort in pushing him but why? You have had some many recent floos trying to push new guys and they suck. now oh let's push ricochet. you only use like the same people to make the too billing every like 10 years

  5. Acc. to me
    WWE is planning to bring back the Four Horsewomen of WWE ( Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch ) back together.

    I hope that they are doing it.
    It would be a great move by WWE

  6. For hitting Charlotte I don’t like bailey and Bailey is so nice but I can’t. Like Bailey and Sasha is so evil I liked with her purple hair because she was normal how she is and now she is rude and bully

  7. Its confirmed.Bayley lose the title because Flairs hometown.And HIAC: Sasha helping Bayley and Bayley regain the title at HIAC.

  8. I feel old! I remember when they used to have the big TV monitors that they have to pull out of the table to make room! And now all they have are just these little tablet that they just swapped away.

  9. Fire and Desire (Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille) deserve a SmackDown Divas Tag Team Championship match against Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

  10. Charlotte: I am close to beating my Father's tittle record!
    Truth: (with a smug) listen here you Kelly Trish McCool I already did it ??

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