Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, September 24, 2019

Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, September 24, 2019

[MUSIC] Hold on a second,
now Ali looking pretty dangerous,>>My God.>>In this match and
he does bounced off the announce desk and that didn’t stop him.>>Right to the jaw.>>To not to go from bad to worse,
Kairi Sane up to the top. The insane elbow.>>One, two, three.>>Our Kabuki Warriors
are beaten by Fire and Desire.>>Here are your winners,
the Kabuki Warriors. [MUSIC]>>What, is this just the new trend, everyone make fun of
the stature of Chad Gable?>>[LAUGH] It’s not a trend,
its a fact, Saxton. It doesn’t take away from Gable’s
incredible ability and look at this, the ankle lock, ankle lock by Chad Gable
and a tap out immediately by Kanellis.>>That didnt take long.>>You gotta respect the effort we’ve
seen from Carmela and Charlotte.>>Here we go.>>Beautiful pinning
combination by Carmela.>>By Carmella, no!>>No.
>>And a turn around by Sasha Banks, into the Bank Statement.>>Carmella would stand. [SOUND]
>>Carmella no choice, [SOUND] Tapped out to Banks. Banks laughing as she does it.>>Here are your winners by submission, the SmackDown Women’s Champion,
Bayley and Sasha Banks.>>You can see that Carmella and
Charlotte putting a heck of a fight.>>Wait a minute.>>The chase is on.>>The women’s locker room
coming out to Carmella, the 24/7 titles are in effect again.>>[SOUND]
>>Bayley is legal, Bo Dallas is in trouble.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Midnight hour.>>See ya.>>One, two, three.>>[SOUND]
>>Here are your winners, The New Day!>>What a great outing for The New Day! It was funny, and it was fun. Look at this.>>[LAUGH]
>>Kofi is hugging George Kittle, so is Xavier Woods, that’s awesome.>>[SOUND]
>>And Sami Zayn, all he can do is watch, he’s gotta be careful.>>[NOISE]
>>Ali’s had enough of Sami Zayne, rightfully so.>>Kinshasa!>>One, two, three.>>Goodnight, Ali.>>[APPLAUSE]
[SOUND]>>A familiar scene for Charlotte, she knows she’s got to fight for her life.>>Right now, again, it’s two on one. [NOISE] Backstabber by Banks.>>Hold on a second.>>We got company. The Man is here, another Hell in a Cell
opponent just ducked out of the ring, and now tying up with Bayley.>>Here comes Banks.>>Eats a couple of strikes from The Man.>>And now it’s Becky Lynch
fending off the Connection.>>Backsploder! And look at The Man go,
tearing apart Bayley and Banks!>>Just when the Women’s Division
can’t get any more bizarre!>>A pull, and disarm her!>>And
it’s Bayley who pulls Banks to safety! [SOUND]
>>Look at Harper, inside the ring.>>Bryan, out of the way! Daniel with the knee!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And now, Roman! Roman going after his former ally. Looking for a third Iron Claw!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Man Spear!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Just at the right time.>>Do you want to see me and Roman kick that disrespecting [BLEEP]?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You and I, one final match. You win, you get what you want,
I drop the law suit, I stay fired and you never see me again. But I win, you’re gone from WWE, and let’s have ourselves a Ladder Match.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Wow!>>You’re on, Kevin! You’re on! [SOUND]
>>What is she without her steel chair, honey? The way that I look->>[SOUND]>>You’re a nobody, Becky. That’s it, nobody! [NOISE]
[SOUND]>>This is my? I’m the star around here! [SOUND]
[CROSSTALK]>>Enough! That’s enough, Sasha!>>Come on, Sasha, that’s enough!>>That’s enough!>>Let’s go. [MUSIC]

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  1. Wait…….. shouldn’t Sasha be the 24/7 champion because Carmella lost by submission just like how Alundra Blayze had wonnit

  2. Everyone go listen to Lil Uzi vert Ronda Rousey (winners) song. Since wwe might bring her back to some time if the can edit that song and make it still cool but a way that's not bad for kids to hear her return could be epic.

  3. Big e is moving really suspect from 1:54 to 1:56 he literally grinded on thay guy tongue out play on 0.5x and see for your self

  4. Ec3 samao Joe sami zyan ceasro Braun strowman big e deserves to won the world heavy weight championship or universal championship

  5. Becky lynch is terrible… Charlotte flair the 2 best women on the roster next 2 bayley… perfect example of the machine behind u because her and seth have zero charisma …. n after seein her wash sasha and bayley like that I'm legit upset

  6. Aww. Did Sasha get butt hurt cuz things didn't go her way. She could always use her new signature (Go on hiatus for 5 months) smh, calling Becky a nobody when Becky is the hardest working woman (man) in the industry? She's actually been around even through injuries and what does Sasha do? Get a title shot even though she's been gone when there are other women who deserve it more

  7. Another great episode of SmackDown. A good farewell to the USA Network. I'm really excited for SD's premiere on FOX next week.

  8. Smack down is nothing without Randy. Poor Randy. He didn’t got the title run and is pushing other superstars everytime, wwe is wasting Randy Orton like they always do, poor legend. He should break the ric flair’s record

  9. Sasha and Becky in a hell in the cell steel cage and only one way to you got to climb out side and to the top of the cage and get your contract and the other person is gone if these women want to settle the score ONCE AND FOR ALL

  10. The fact that Sammi helps Nakamura to win matches makes him look weak not Strong he's good enough to win without help from the Ginger Cheerleader

  11. I hate these angles where the guy who is "Fired" is still able to get in the ring, NOT have his mic cut off, and the whole stupid, "If I win, I get my job back!!!" What if he gets hurt in the match? That's on WWE, since he doesn't work for them. I know it's wrestling but at least make it somewhat realistic, lol.

  12. Sasha completely destroyed becky Lynch. If it's a no disqualification match then no one can beat sasha. Also she is really sexy and heats up me. ????

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