Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, September 17, 2019

Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, September 17, 2019

>>And the compactor.>>Good night.>>One, two, three!>>Heavy Machinery wins again. [SOUND]>>Here are your winners, Heavy Machinery!>>How can you not be
impressed by Heavy Machinery? [SOUND]
>>It sure feels good to be home. But I’m here for
one reason and one reason only, to bring out the nine-time champion,
Queen, woo! Flair! Let’s go!>>That’s pretty good! That be hyped.>>I don’t think Hampton’s gonna
worry about his job anytime soon.>>It was his first time, he did great.>>Offset on his Rick Flair tribute here
in Atlanta as he introduces the queen. [SOUND]
>>Big E!>>About to RKO to Sheen. And it said it,
Biggie sending Orton in to the post.>>Goodness Biggie just-
>>[CROSSTALK]>>DDT.>>Wow, Woods perched up top.>>Bad knee and all.>>There’s no way. Nobody’s in.>>Woods with the elbow!>>Almost the entire distance of the ring.>>Unreal. So paralyzed, down goes Dawson, cover.>>One, two, three!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Kofi Kingston in win. [SOUND]
>>I think you’re super inspiring, but the one thing you are not my friend,
and that you never will be is a champion. [NOISE]
>>And Nakamura is putting his hands on Ali. I mean, look at Sami,
setting up Ali for Nakamura.>>Sami fell down, he lost his balance. He´s going-
>>This is a joke! God, there was no joke about that. Face first, goes Ali.>>Big mistake, big mistake, Ali! Shinsuke! Shinsuke, give this man what
he’s got coming to him. Give him what he’s got coming to him. Kinshasa.>>And the old saw takes out Baily and
Banks.>>Come on! [NOISE]
>>I have a legitimate case, but I guess you didn’t read those
papers very thoroughly because it’s not just about taking millions
dollars away from you which is going to feel great, but
there’s another clause in there. And that’s when I win. I get to come back here,
stand in the middle of this ring, and look at you dead in the eyes and say, Shane McMahon, you’re fired!>>[APPLAUSE]
[SOUND]>>Carmella’s here.>>Carmella coming out of the ring,
Carmella’s long time friend of Bayley’s.>>You’re absolutely right, Bayley is
one of Carmella’s closest friends. [NOISE]>>Super kick dropped off the boss.>>Men, down goes Bayley.>>No matter how big you dream and
how hard you work, well, in the end, you just come up short!>>[LAUGH]
>>Why are you laughing?>>Cuz the king is,
>>Wait a minute, down goes the king!>>Now, that’s funny.>>The throne, the terrible!>>The [INAUDIBLE] cost a throne,
what’s gonna have, no! And they always tear the robe sewn for
thousands of dollars. But the scepter is [INAUDIBLE]
>>Corbin Asport, I think Corbin got hit by the scepter.>>The scepter just went
flying into the WWE universe.>>That is a [INAUDIBLE] to treat royalty.>>Corbin brought Chad Gate what
to publically embarass him?>>Send in the king’s guard. Send Gable to the Gallows.>>Do something.>>My God. Roman just kicked down the barricade
from the timekeeper’s area.>>Roman’s gonna use
the barricade as a weapon.>>At this point our
officials just stay away. To stay away from and Rowan. No.
>>No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!>>No, no.>>[APPLAUSE]
[SOUND]>>Kofi.>>My client, Brock Lesnar, hereby challenges you to a match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship
of the world on Friday night, October 4th at the Friday Night SmackDown
premier on Fox.>>[NOISE]>>I accept.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God, my God! Lesnar add five to Kofi.>>Not a wise decision, Kofi. [MUSIC]

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  1. Brock has to come up according to the positure, he has to come serial by serial for the Champions, why He used to come directly for the championship match???? I am a big fan of Brock but this isn't fair…… Brock can't challenge for championship match… He has to start again

  2. HEY WWE ???


  3. Well, the old beast is back on Smackdown. he has a cool beard, now all he need is to get rid of his ufc shorts and get back to his old black trunks then the old Brock will be back and he needs to speak more, he needs to get his pyro back, tazz as one of the color commentator for his catchphrase "Well, here comes the pain!", Brock for the win baby!

  4. What a joke looses the universal title not seen for weeks shows up smackdown and gets title match sooner brock goes the better

  5. So he's back to make this title prestigious than it is__! Just like universal title Damn he looks good man Brock is back_!

  6. Brock returns to Smackdown…
    Bludgeon brother are together again…
    Corbin's ridiculous costume and throne got smackdown…
    And that wonderful view @2:22 from Bayley and Flair…
    Smackdown was really great thos week.

  7. I'm so sick and tired of Brock getting title shots after title shots. He hasn't earned a single one. If he wins he'll end up defending it only at PPVs once more

  8. Chad Gable looks like the most basic generic pre-made character in any WWE 2K game. Even the name as well. Give this guy a run man!

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