Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, August 6, 2019

Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, August 6, 2019

[MUSIC] The lights are still on but they
are about to get shut off permanently. Black mass.>>Good night.>>Cover.
>>One, two, three.>>Aleister Black [SOUND]
silences San Jose. Here is your winner, Aleister Black. [MUSIC]>>Goldberg. Goldberg. [MUSIC]>>Damn it.>>Looking for the sharp shooter
on the outside of the ring. It’s locked in.>>Look at the tenacity of Natalya.>>Let’s just focus, this is a message. [SOUND]
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>That’s gonna be a count-out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>We got company.>>[NOISE]
>>Bayley probably coming to congratulate Natalya, thank her for
softening up the competition.>>And the SmackDown Women’s Champion, she looks like she’s trying to
pry Natalya off Ember Moon. [NOISE]
>>Watch your back!>>Natalya’s issue between Natalya and
Becky Lynch was that so deeply personal. It’s like short order Natalya
is hell bent on capturing the Raw Women’s Championship this Sunday. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Whoa! And blind sided by Dolph Ziggler. The bell has not even rung in this
match yet and look at Ziggler. Ziggler going after the mask.>>But this is the sort of ruthlessness
Dolph Ziggler is gonna have to have this Sunday at SummerSlam if he wants to
stand any chance at toppling Goldberg.>>And the super kick. [SOUND] Here comes E.>>Spear through the ropes.>>Completely risking his body
in the process did Big E.>>And
tore Daniel Bryan in half in the process. Here comes Woods.>>My god, with the steel stairs.>>[NOISE]
>>That’s going to force a disqualification.>>[NOISE]
>>[SOUND] You can call it Tuning Up the Band. Again, a move that he has stolen from
the Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels. Sweet chin music. Wait a minute now Ali we’re given a cover.>>Nearly put away Ziggler.>>And a head butt.>>Bam, there it is.>>Off the super kick. Ziggler puts away Ali before SummerSlam. [MUSIC]>>Here is your winner, Dolph Ziggler! [SOUND]
>>Welcome to your nightmare, Trish! [SOUND] Because this Sunday I’m going to make you bow down to the Queen.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Woo!>>Does Trish’s disrespect know no bounds? Trish Stratus is game and ready. Whoa. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
No, no, no, no, no.>>God.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Guys, Kevin’s trapped.>>[SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>The possibility is gotta be becoming all too real for Kevin Owens.>>This could very well happened
Sunday at Summerslam, and we’ll never see Kevin in WWE again.>>[NOISE] What is Shane thinking now? No, no, no. [NOISE]
Shane.>>Now Daniel Bryan center of the ring,
Woods is defenseless. Just malicious.>>Daniel Bryan and Roman trying to
send a clear message to the New Day.>>Iron Claw to Big E. Daniel Bryan directing traffic. Enforcer Rowan.>>Xavier Woods can barely stand.>>And now lined up with a running knee.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I don’t know who did it. But if I did,
I still wouldn’t tell you a damn thing. [NOISE]>>Who did it?>>I don’t know who.>>[NOISE] [SOUND] You sure you don’t want to tell me? I’m gonna ask you again.>>[COUGH]
>>Who did it?>>[COUGH]
>>Who did it? Tell me who did it. Who did it? I want a name.>>Rowan. Rowan.>>Who?
>>Rowan did it.>>Who?>>Rowan.
>>Rowan? [SOUND]
>>You talking about Daniel Bryan, and Rowan?>>I didn’t say Daniel Bryan. I just saw Rowan. [MUSIC]

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  2. Random wrestler: does normal kick does +10 damage

    Different random wrestler: does normal kick but calls it his finisher +999

  3. 5:03 this part right when Roman keeps telling this guy who did it, and he doesn't want to tell him, hahaha, Roman reigns kicking but

  4. I rather watch this and see the top 10 things that happen on Raw or SD instead of highlights that are 40 mins long. Cuz if this the case, just watch the full show instead.

  5. Clash of Champions 2019 Card (After Summerslam)

    1. Bayley vs Sasha Banks

    2. Roman Reigns vs Andrade

    3. The O.C (c) vs War Raiders vs Street Profits vs Usos- 4-Way Match, RAW Tag Titles

    4. New Day (c) vs Heavy Machinery- SD Tag Titles

    5. Becky Lynch (c) vs Naomi- RAW Women’s Title

    6. A.J Styles (c) vs Rey Mysterio- U.S Title

    7. Nakamura (c) vs Ali vs Kevin Owens vs Cesaro vs Buddy Murphy vs Ricochet vs Braun Strowman vs Kalisto- Ladder Match, I.C Title

    8. Ember Moon (c) vs Sonya Deville- SD Women’s Title

    9. Randy Orton (c) vs Aleister Black- WWE Title

    10. Brock Lesnar (c) vs Bray Wyatt- Universal Title

  6. Black needs a belt. Sami needs to go. and for the love of wrestling, will someone give ziggler a title opportunity

  7. Sometimes I love how the WWE creative team works. They have turned the most beloved baby-face guy to one of the best heel of all time.

    Last but not the least, Roman you're a pathetic a**hole. There's a doubt in my mind that you weren't affected by Leukaemia, but Leukaemia got affected by the cancer called Roman Reigns. Roman, Cena, Rock, Hogan these 4 should make a stable. The name should be Vince's A**holes or Vince's Blow Jobbers.

  8. We need an easily angered Roman more. If hes just his usual self but then really aggressive when people piss him off thatd be heat

  9. Watch with 0.25 speed… 0:08 Aleister ans 2:05 Dolph slap on their thigh for the kick sound… WWE is so FAKE, but i am still watching… 🙂

  10. Over the last few years, the WWE script has been very boring. But over the last three weeks, Paul Heyman has made the boring Raw quite interesting.
    Bischoff is still behind, not working. Vince's script is boring, but Vince is still working foolishly.
    The reason why the number of viewers continues to decline is because the script of Vince is boring. I want Vince to understand that quickly.

    There is no Intercontinental champion in Summer Slam! It doesn't make sense! Vince die as soon as possible. Vince die as soon as possible…

  11. OMG am addicted to watch WWE …..people around the globe love this ….last night lots of people go to watch WWE here in Toronto ……

  12. I hate how Rey mysterio used to win matches with a broken freaking ankle and now he's losing to Andrade week after wekk

  13. I reckon the Uso's might be behind attacking Roman. Major heel turn whilst Samoa Joe gets two Samoan allies who are tired of Roman's stardom in the spotlight.

  14. my prediction sasha is gonna get involved in trish vs flair
    there will be a betrayal
    corbin will get involved in one of the match

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